Our Top 50 February Blog Post Topic Ideas (With Guides)

Blog Post Ideas

Featuring topical themes on your company blog is a great way to stay relevant online and in your follower’s newsfeeds! From your company’s favorite Super Bowl ads to must-have winter products, here’s a look at 50 blog ideas you can plan to publish in the month of February.

Top Blog Post Ideas for February

  1. Highlight must-have products for winter

Does your business sell winter tires? Cozy scarves? Hot cocoa mugs? Whatever it is, early February is a great time to push these items that are perfect for the cold weather!

  1. Create a list of the coziest pubs/bars/restaurants/coffee shops in your area this winter

If your business is in the lifestyle or hospitality sector, a list of the coziest bars, restaurants, or coffee shops in your local area is a great way to not only promote what you do, but also promote others in the community.

  1. Share a list of your local community’s Black History Month events, activities, and specials

February is Black History Month, which is something that any business can participate in. To show your support for local initiatives, create a list of all the Black History Month events that are taking place in your area. This is a great opportunity to not only campaign for a good cause, but also build your company’s goodwill within the community.

  1. Create a list of recommended films/books/music/blogs for Black History Month

This is another great topic idea that could work if your company is in the film, entertainment, or arts industries. Share with your readers your curated list of informative and inspiring films, books, or blogs that are relevant for Black History Month.

  1. Create a list of your favorite recipes that use canned food (Canned Food Month)

February is also known as Canned Food Month. If you are in the food or lifestyle industry, this is a great opportunity to share a list of your company’s recommended recipes that utilize canned food.

  1. Create a wedding preparation checklist

In addition to Black History Month and Canned Food Month, February is also National Wedding Month. There are a ton of opportunities to promote a variety of products related to weddings – and one way to do that is by publishing a wedding preparation checklist. You can use the opportunity to plug not only your products/services, but also any products or services provided by your partners.

  1. Highlight the top wedding venues/caterers/florists/photographers in your local area

This is a great article idea if you offer wedding planning services. Create an article that features your top recommended wedding venues, florists, caterers, or photographers. This is a great way to build relationships with other local businesses and establish yourself as an authority figure in the wedding niche.

  1. Create a list with the top 10 wedding trends in the current year

This is another great article idea if your business is involved in the wedding industry. Whether you’re a photographer or you own a wedding dress shop, you can share your insights on the wedding trends for the upcoming year.

  1. Write an informative article about how your product/service can improve heart health (National Heart Month)

February is also National Heart Month. If your business is in the healthcare, food, or fitness industry, February is a great month to share a bit more about how your product or service can improve heart health.

  1. Write an article about your favorite food/drink recipes that use grapefruit

One of the most interesting facts about February is that it is also Grapefruit Month. Use this unique opportunity to catch your reader’s attention with your company’s favorite food or drink recipes that use grapefruit. If you own a bar or restaurant, this is also a great opportunity to promote any deserts or cocktails on offer that feature grapefruit!

  1. Highlight the health and wellness benefits of grapefruits

This is a great topic idea if your company is in the beauty, health, or wellness sectors. Do some research and create a list of the health benefits of grapefruits. If your company sells cosmetics, this is also a great opportunity to promote any grapefruit-infused or flavored lotions, makeup, or soap.

  1. Write a review of the year’s best Super Bowl ads

The Super Bowl also takes place in February, which offers many companies the opportunity to create interesting content. If you own a marketing or advertising agency, publish an article the day after the Super Bowl featuring the best and worst ads from that year.

  1. Create a list of your company’s all-time favorite Super Bowl ads

This is another article that you can create in the days leading up to the Super Bowl. Share your company’s favorite Super Bowl ads of all time. Your readers will enjoy the blast from the past!

  1. Share your Oscar-worthy products on sale

February is also the month where the Oscars are typically held, making it a great opportunity to promote any of your glammed-up products. From jewelery to bedazzled handbags, create an article featuring Oscar-inspired products on offer.

  1. Recommend high-quality popcorn brands worthy of the Oscars

This is a quirky idea suitable for any company in the food or lifestyle industry. Create a list of the top popcorn brands and flavors worthy of the Oscars. You could even use the opportunity to promote local gourmet popcorn shops, or, share a recipe for making the perfect popcorn at home.

  1. Write an informative piece about children’s mental health

Children’s Mental Health Week is also held each year in early February. If you offer products or services for children, this might be a good time to write an informative piece about children’s mental health and provide helpful links for parents.

  1. Share insight on what your company/industry is doing for children’s mental health

If your company is actively involved in charitable work for children’s mental health, Children’s Mental Health Week is a great time to showcase what your company has accomplished. Interview any staff involved in the project, and make sure to link readers to relevant resources.

  1. Share advice on how your readers can better look after their children’s mental health

If your company is in the health, wellness, or lifestyle sector, Children’s Mental Health Week is also a great time to assert your authority on the topic by giving expert advice. Create a piece with top mental health tips for parents.

  1. Create a list featuring the top 10 best local pizza spots (National Pizza Day)

February 9th of each year is also National Pizza Day! This day can work with pretty much any brand or company. If you’re strapped for ideas, create a list with your team’s top 10 favorite local pizza joints. This is a great way to showcase your fun office culture, while also showing your support for other local businesses.

  1. Ask your team members to share their top tips for making pizza at home

Do you have a team that loves to cook? Ask them to share their top tips for making pizza at home. This idea would work well for any company in the food, lifestyle, or hospitality industry. As a bonus, it’s also a great way to get your staff engaged in your blog.

  1. Share breakfast recipes that can incorporate ice cream

An interesting day in February is February 3, which is ‘Ice Cream for Breakfast Day’. If your company is in the culinary, lifestyle, or hospitality industry, celebrate this unique day by sharing common breakfast recipes that could incorporate ice cream. Or, you could promote your team’s favorite ice cream flavors that they plan to eat on that special day.

  1. Shed light on what your company is doing to stop cancer (World Cancer Day)

February 4 is a more somber awareness day that your business can blog about. If you are involved in any charitable activities that help cancer research or support those with cancer, this would be an appropriate time to share what your business is doing.

  1. Create a list of fun Galentine’s Day cocktail recipes

February 13 is a holiday in popular culture known as ‘Galentine’s Day’ – or a day for women to celebrate love and friendship with their female buddies. If you have a cooking or lifestyle brand, you could use this opportunity to create a list with your favorite Galentine’s Day-inspired cocktails.

  1. Create a list of Galentine’s Day activities

Galentine’s day also poses many opportunities for businesses in the tourism or hospitality industry. Create a list with fun activities or itineraries perfect for a group of women celebrating Galentine’s Day. Feel free to promote any of your relevant products or partners within your guide!

  1. Create a Valentine’s Day gift guide for him/her

Men and women worldwide are always on the hunt for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift in weeks leading up to the 14th of February. In early February, publish a list featuring your recommended Valentine’s Day gifts for either him or her. You can also tailor these lists based on your product type, price points, or age of your target audience.

  1. Share a list of products you love

Valentine’s Day is also a wonderful opportunity for your company to shed some insight into what products that you love. Readers always enjoy getting the inside scoop from your team, and they may even be tempted to make a purchase!

  1. Share ideas for how your product/services can help readers be kind

February 17 is also known as International Random Acts of Kindness Day, which is a great opportunity to write something positive about your product and how it is used. Try creating a piece with different ways readers can use your product to make the world a better place. Whether you sell cupcakes, flowers, or stationary – there is a ton of opportunity to get creative on this special day!

  1. Create an article highlighting your employees and their pets

February 20th of each year is also known as ‘Love Your Pet Day’. If your company has a bring your pet to work policy, take this day as your chance to spotlight your employees with their pets.

  1. Share the top products to look out for in Spring

As the month of February comes to an end, Spring really is just around the corner. Readers are always looking for what’s next, so share an article featuring the top products that they should be looking out for in Spring.

  1. Create a list of upcoming events in Spring

The end of February is also a good time to let your readers know about any upcoming events that they should be on the lookout for in Spring. Lists with important dates are super helpful for your readers and ensures that they have your important events penciled in on their calendars.

Other Ideas

Still looking for inspiration? Here are 20 more blog topics that your business can publish in February!

  1. Share a list of the best cold-weather recipes
  2. Share your recommendations for winter retreats/getaways
  3. Create a list of your team’s favorite ways to stay warm
  4. Write a piece debunking common misconceptions surrounding canned food (Canned Food Month)
  5. Create a list of the best wedding bloggers in your area (National Wedding Month)
  6. Create an ‘Ultimate Guide’ for brides/grooms (National Wedding Month)
  7. Create an article about how to host the perfect Super Bowl party
  8. Share your team’s favorite Super Bowl treats
  9. Create an Oscar party shopping list
  10. Create an article highlighting unique facts about Groundhog Day
  11. Create a Galentine’s Day gift guide
  12. Share a story about a team member who has beat cancer (World Cancer Day)
  13. Highlight local restaurants and bars offering Valentine’s Day deals
  14. Create an article spotlighting what your employees are doing for Random Acts of Kindness Day
  15. Share ideas for simple ways to be kind to each other (Random Acts of Kindness Day)
  16. Share what your team is looking forward to the most in Spring
  17. Share the best ways to prepare for Spring
  18. Interview your team members about their favorite pizza toppings (National Pizza Day)
  19. Create a guide to the perfect at-home Valentine’s Day date
  20. Create a list of the best products to buy for pets to show them love (Love Your Pet Day)