Our Top 50 October Blog Post Topic Ideas (With Guides)

Blog Post Ideas

Adding content to your blog is a fantastic way to drive traffic to your business’s website and convert sales. October is a great time of the year to write content because there are plenty of things to write about, like holidays, the turning of the seasons, and fun national days to celebrate. But even with the abundance of inspiration, coming up with blog ideas for your business can be challenging. That’s why we put together this list of October blog ideas for your business.

Blog Ideas for October

  1. Announce a Halloween Sale.

Encourage your customers to buy your products or services this month by offering a discount.

  1. Post weekly staff introductions. 

Throughout October, introduce each of your employees on the blog. Ask them to answer a few fun questions.

  1. Have a Halloween costume contest.

Take pictures of your employees in their costumes. Post them on the blog and ask your readers to vote on their favorite.

  1. Do a Fall roundup post. 

Talk about the main topics that you’ve seen floating around on other blogs and websites in your industry.

  1. Create a how-to post. 

Find a fall-related project that your readers are likely to be doing this month. Write up some instructions on how they can do it.

  1. Host a fall webinar. 

Put the webinar on your blog and if you charge for it, offer your audience a discount in October.

  1. Get to Know Your Customers Day.

This day falls on the third Thursday of every quarter, meaning it typically happens in October. Make a post asking your users to introduce themselves in the comments. Be sure to interact with each one.

  1. Address a problem that’s common in your industry in the fall.

Go over the ways your readers can avoid or resolve these issues.

  1. Our Top October Products.

List out your favorite products in your industry this month and tell your readers why they might benefit from buying them. 

  1. Blog about the trends you see happening in your industry so far in the fall. 

Predict where you think they’re going to go as you head into winter. 

  1. Add a few customer testimonials to your blog. 

Gather some recent positive reviews and highlight them this month.

  1. Discuss some statistics that you found in October.

Ask your readers their opinion on the information.

  1. Do an October giveaway.

Offer a few freebies to your readers this month. Ask them to subscribe or comment to be added to the prize pool.

  1. Do an October guest post. 

Have someone you respect in your industry write a guest post for your blog to add credibility to your website.

  1. Introduce a brand new feature. 

Create a useful new element to your product or service and post about it on your blog in October.

  1. Create a list of fall events in your industry.

Tell your readers why they should check the events out.

  1. Post about how your readers should be preparing for winter. 

Make this about how your business can help them in some way.

  1. Celebrate National Chocolate Day on the 27th.

Bring in assorted chocolates to share with your employees and make a blog about them.

  1. Post an open letter to your readers.

Make the letter about fall or October and update your readers about what your business is doing this fall.

  1. Celebrate National Make a Difference Day on the 23rd.

This is a great time for you to do some community service with your staff and blog about your experience.

  1. Celebrate National Cat Day on the 29th. 

Have your employees take photos of their pets and post them on your blog.

  1. Pay for your employees’ lunch on National Food Day on the 24th. 

Take a photo of the meals you bought and post about how much you appreciate both food and your staff.

  1. Do Something Nice Day on the 5th. 

Surprise your employees with a little treat or gift and write about it on your blog. 

  1. National Grouch Day on the 15th.

Post about the office grouch and why you love them on the blog.

  1. Celebrate National Pharmacy Technician Day on the 19th.

If your business is pharma-related, show your appreciation for pharmacy techs on your blog.

  1. Hero Day on the 8th.

Write about your biggest hero in your industry and why you look up to them so much.

  1. National Kick Butt Day on the 11th. 

This is a great time to highlight all the ways that your business has been kicking butt this month.

  1. National Boss’s Day on the 16th. 

Show some appreciation for your boss and post about what makes a great boss in your industry. 

  1. National Train Your Brain Day on the 13th.

Post some industry-related brain games for your readers to try. 

  1. Make a fall cheat sheet. 

Explain to your readers how they can do well this fall with advice related to your industry.

20 More October Blog Post Ideas

  1. Post an October case study.
  2. Compare two fall products.
  3. Start a Weekly series in October.
  4. Post a video blog for October.
  5. Make a blog about your favorite influencer in your industry at the moment.
  6. Post about sharing your favorite desserts with your staff on National Dessert Day on the 14th.
  7. Write about how your readers can save money in your industry on national Savings Day on the 12th.
  8. Discuss a recent news story related to your industry. 
  9. Give your readers a Halloween virtual tour of your office space.
  10. Blog about some big changes that are happening in your business this fall.
  11. Create a fall poll for your readers.
  12. Celebrate National Techies Day on the 3rd by blogging about your favorite tech that helps you succeed in your business. 
  13. Participate in a Fall Q & A.
  14. Post some tips on how to avoid common October mistakes in your industry. 
  15. Show your appreciation for the Navy on Navy Day on the 27th.
  16. Celebrate National Pasta Day on the 17th. 
  17. Share your love of pumpkin on National Pumpkin Day on the 26th. 
  18. Create an interactive quiz and ask your readers to take it.
  19. Do an October FAQ.
  20. Celebrate National Taco Day with your staff on the 4th.