Our Ultimate List: 101 Life Coaching Blog Post Ideas

Blog Post Ideas

If you are a life coach, having a blog on your website is an absolute must.

It’s not only a great way for you to express your thoughts and insights on the life coaching industry, but it is can also be a resource for your clients to refer back to. Not only that, potential clients may stumble upon your blog online and use it as a way to get to know you first before booking a session. In some cases, potential leads may read your blog for months before they make that initial contact!

If you don’t have a blog yet but you’re looking to get started, here are 100 blog topics for life coaches that you may want to try!

Top Life Coach Blog Topics

  1. The Ultimate Guide for Setting Personal Goals

Part of your job as a life coach is to help your clients with setting personal goals. Create an article that can act as your ‘ultimate guide’ for how individuals can set personal goals for themselves.

  1. How to Be More Optimistic

Helping people be more optimistic about their lives is another key part of your role as a life coach. Use this topic opportunity as a way to share how people can become more optimistic in their daily lives.

  1. The Importance of Small Actions

What small, specific actions can people take to improve their lives – and why are they important? Discuss all about it in this article – your clients and audience will thank you for it.

  1. How to Get Out of a Funk

This is another great article that can be very helpful for your readers. Give them actionable steps that they can take to get out of a funk. You can also suggest the benefits of hiring a life coach.

  1. Ten Ways to Shift Your Mindset

This topic is a great way to assert yourself as a thought leader in your field. Drawing from your own experiences and client-work, write ten ways that your readers can shift their mindset.

  1. How to Open Your Mind to More Possibilities

People are often their own worst enemies. Share with readers how they can benefit from opening their minds to new ideas, possibilities, and opportunities. Who knows, this article might be the inspiration they need to hire a life coach!

  1. The Importance of Exercise and Mental Health

Many people do not realize that exercise can drastically improve mental health and personal wellbeing. Share your expert advice and insights on this topic, and you may even want point readers to one of your partners who offers yoga, dance, or Pilates classes.

  1. How to Define What Success Looks Like for Yourself

Success looks very different for many different people, and sometimes it can be hard to explain that to clients who feel pressure to be perfect. Use this article to show that you care about each of your client’s personal hopes and dreams, and elaborate on how you help them get there.

  1. How to Find – and Keep – Inner Peace

Finding inner peace is one thing, but maintaining it is an entirely different challenge. Share your unique perspective on what works, what doesn’t work, and how readers can sustain their inner peace when working with a life coach.

  1. 10 Science-backed Ways to Fight Depression/Anxiety/Eating Disorders/Substance Abuse

Many potential clients may be hesitant to hire a life coach because they don’t believe they use science-backed methods. Combat this skepticism by showing that you know what you are talking about, and that you are in tune with scientific research.

  1. Managing Your Wellbeing as a Working Parent

It is likely that many of your readers have to wear a lot of hats – mom/dad, sister/brother, friend, grandparent, employee, cousin, the list goes on! Share with them a few tips for managing their personal wellbeing while balancing life as a working parent.

  1. 5 Practical Tips for Being More Present in the Moment

Being present in the moment is one of the best ways to find happiness and inner peace. Share with your readers how they can become more present throughout the day.

  1. How to Create a Winning Mindset

Helping clients find the right mindset for success can be a huge challenge. Share with your potential clients and readers how they can create a winning mindset for themselves. You can also share how working with a life coach can help with that process.

  1. 5 Ways to Help You Tune In To Your Spirituality

If your life coaching business is on the spiritual side, you may want to share tips for tuning in to spirituality. It’s also a good idea to share how your life coaching method helps clients do that.

  1. How to Turn Your Weaknesses into Your Strength

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, and it’s a life coach’s job to help clients find ways to overcome their weaknesses. Create an article with a few actionable steps for how readers can do just that.

  1. The Importance of Continuous Learning in Adulthood

Sometimes adults may not think that they need a life coach because they feel that they already know everything. Use your position as a life coach to share with them that they can actually benefit from continuing to learn into adulthood.

  1. 10 Top Tips for Building Mental Resilience

Everyone experiences failure, and you’ve probably already coached many of your clients through some of the hardest times in their lives. Build from those experiences and learnings and create a list of the top ten ways your readers can build mental resilience.

  1. How to Create the Right Mindset for Financial Freedom

Dealing with finances is oftentimes a huge stressor – and it often holds many people back from reaching their true potential. Create an article all about how they can create the right mindset for achieving financial freedom.

  1. 3 Ways to Move on from Childhood Trauma

In some cases, life coaching clients have suffered from some sort of childhood trauma. Moving past this trauma can be difficult – share your expert tips for how your clients and readers can overcome any past issues to live their best life in the present.

  1. 5 Ways to Challenge Yourself in [Current Year]

This is a great article to launch in January, since the start of the year is always a good time for acquiring new life coaching clients. Give your readers 5 ways that they can challenge themselves, you may even want to make ‘Hiring a Life Coach’ as one of the challenges!

  1. 20 Ways to Live a More Purposeful Life

Many people go through the motions of life without really living. Share 20 ways that people can make their lives more intentional and purposeful.

  1. The Benefits of Mind-mapping

Mind-mapping is a great exercise that many life coaches use in their sessions. Share your own techniques for mind-mapping, and elaborate on how it can benefit mental health and well-being.

  1. Recognizing Your Weaknesses – And How to Overcome Them

Sometimes it can be hard for people to recognize their own weaknesses, so create an article that explains how individuals can assess this at home. You can also share a bit about how a life coach can help them overcome these weaknesses!

  1. How to Develop Emotional Intelligence

Having emotional intelligence is helpful with all different kinds of relationships – at home, work, and within the community. Share your insights on how individuals can develop emotional intelligence by working with a life coach.

  1. The Importance of Limiting Your Screen Time

Screens have taken over everyone’s lives, and too much screen time can cause anxiety, depression, and even feelings of inadequacy. As a life coach, share your thoughts on this trending topic and how you help clients cope with screen time.

  1. 10 Ways to Create a Sense of Calm Amidst Chaos

This is a great topic idea to release during busy times like the beginning of the school year or around the holidays. Using your experience with previous clients, create an article with ten ways for readers to find calm in their lives.

  1. How to Ace Your Next Job Interview

Many life coaches help clients switch careers or find a new job. If this is you, write an article aimed to help readers perform their best at an upcoming interview. It may even help you attract similar clients with career-based life coaching needs.

  1. Letting Go of a Grudge – The Five Step Method

Holding grudges is a huge barrier to personal development. Provide readers with your own five step method for how they can let go of any grudges they may have in their life.

  1. How to Practice Active Listening

Knowing how to actively listen is a valuable skill to have in your personal and professional life. And as a life coach, you are perfectly poised to teach others how to do it. Create an article with your own top tips for how readers can be better active listeners.

  1. 20 Ways to Self-Care Over the Weekend

Self-care is one of the hottest topics in life coaching and counseling, and as a life coach, you are in a great position to help your clients and readers learn more about it. On a Friday or Saturday, publish an article with 20 different ways readers can practice self-care over the weekend.

  1. 10 Positive Podcasts for a Perfect Morning

A great life starts with good mornings, and podcasts can help massively with that! Suggest ten podcasts that readers can listen to in the morning to get their day off to a great start!

  1. 5 Things to Do on Sunday to Prepare for a Perfect Monday

Mondays can be hard for anyone. Share with your clients and readers ways that they can prepare for Monday so that they can start their week feeling confident, purposeful, and fulfilled.

  1. Meditation: What is it and How Can it Help?

It is common for life coaches to suggest mindful meditation exercises for clients. However, many people are still a bit unsure about what exactly meditation is and what it involves. Make things easy for them by writing an article covering everything about it!

  1. How to Practice Mindfulness

This article is for people who know what mindfulness is, but they’re not quite sure how to actively practice it in real life. Create a how-to guide for them explaining ways they can be more mindful at home and at work.

  1. Five Yoga Poses to Help you Focus

Yoga is a great tool for improving overall mental health and well-being. In an article, suggest a few yoga poses that may help your readers focus more on their purpose and what they want to achieve.

  1. How to Brainstorm Effectively

Many people know what brainstorming is, but they don’t necessarily know the best practices for how to do it effectively! Create an article for readers to use as a guide the next time they need to brainstorm about their life.

  1. 5 Ways to Cope with Brain Fog

Brain fog can be a huge barrier for goal achievement – but how can it be stopped? Suggest five ways that your clients and readers can cope with brain fog. You can also use this as an opportunity to point readers to your other resources, or encourage them to book a session.

  1. 5 Sleep Hygiene Techniques

Practicing good sleep hygiene is critical for success and happiness – but it can be difficult to stay on top of it! As a life coach, encourage your readers to not only get enough sleep, but explain techniques for how they can sleep better.

  1. How to Get More Done and Have More Fun

Many people hire life coaches to help them be more productive either at work or at home. Share tips for how your readers can overcome mental blocks, accomplish more, and have more time to do what they love.

  1. 5 Ways to Build Confidence

Confidence-building is often a critical step in helping clients achieve their goals. Share some tips for techniques and activities that readers can do to improve their confidence.

  1. 20 Tips to Boost Your Creativity

Adults – especially working adults – often lose that sense of creativity they used to have as kids. However, rediscovering this creativity again can help to improve their overall happiness, performance at work, and even their relationships with others. Share your insights on this topic with your readers and provide several ways that they can boost their creativity.

  1. 10 Ways to Tune into Your Intuition

As a life coach, you probably often coach clients a lot on using their intuition. While it seems simple, the process can actually be quite tricky. Share your tips for this in an article and provide readers with ten practical ways that they can tun into their intuition.

  1. How to Find Inspiration in Your Daily Life

Sometimes the most inspirational moments happen in everyday life. Help readers see this by suggesting ways that they can be on the lookout for the extraordinary in the ordinary.

  1. 10 Ways to be More Organized in [Current Year]

This is a great topic to write about at the beginning of a new year. Many people may feel as if their life is disorganized, and that this disorganization is holding them back from reaching their goals. Help readers understand any potential roadblocks they may encounter mentally, and offer ten ways that they can be more organized in the upcoming year.

  1. The SMART Goal Method

Setting the right goals for your clients is key to setting them up for success. If you use the SMART goal method in your practice, elaborate on how it works, why it works, and how people can do it at home.

  1. What is High-Functioning Anxiety?

If your life coaching practice leans more on the mental health side of the industry, you can publish articles teaching readers about certain mental health challenges – such as high functioning anxiety. This not only helps you assert your authority in your field, but it can shed light on disorders that many of your readers and potential clients may have never heard before.

  1. Top 10 Inspirational Books

A common life coaching blog topic is to create a list of book recommendations for your readers. This not only gives your readers an insight into what influences your practice, but they may also find your suggestions valuable to their own life.

  1. Decluttering Your Mind – And Mood

This is a great article to write around ‘Spring Cleaning’ season. Give readers practical tips for how they can declutter their mind in order to improve their mood.

  1. Creative Ways to Stay in Touch With Long-Distance Friends and Relatives

Oftentimes personal relationships and social networks can break down due to lack of communication – especially if they are long-distance. To help, suggest creative ways for your readers to stay in touch with their friends and relatives.

  1. The Benefits of Spontaneity

If you have a lot of clients who feel trapped by rigid schedules and structures, it might be worth writing a piece about the benefits of spontaneity. You could also suggest a few ways that they can facilitate more spontaneous moments in their life.

50 More Life Coaching Blog Post Ideas

If these fifty ideas aren’t enough, here is an additional fifty top life coaching topics that you can write about in your next blog article!

  1. How to Find Your Dawning Moment
  2. How Being Kind Can Improve Your Mental Health
  3. How to Know if You’re Having a Panic Attack
  4. 10 Tips for Finding the Perfect Life Coach
  5. How a Life Coach Can Help You Achieve Your Goals
  6. Destressing in 5 Simple Steps
  7. 10 Blind Spots Every Life Coach Can Spot
  8. Do I Need a Counsellor or a Life Coach?
  9. 10 Ways to Stop Being a People Pleaser
  10. How to Speak Up in Your Relationship
  11. 5 Tips for Unlocking Your Life’s Purpose
  12. 10 Ways to De-Stress in the Mornings
  13. Building Your Ideal Future – 10 Questions to Ask Yourself
  14. How to Tackle Stress Right Now
  15. 20 Tips for Overcoming Low Self-Esteem
  16. 5 Ways to Recover After a Friendship Break-up
  17. Bad Habits and How to Break Them
  18. Get the Most Out of Your Weekend
  19. Seasonal Affective Disorder – What You Need to Know
  20. Why Seeing a Life Coach is a Long-Term Investment
  21. How to Support Your Friends Without Sacrificing Your Mental Health
  22. Building a Healthy Body Image One Step at a Time
  23. 5 Ways You Can Improve Your Wellbeing at Work
  24. 5 Practical Tips for Overcoming Dating Anxiety
  25. How to Cope with Nerves Ahead of Your First Life Coaching Session
  26. How to Prepare for Your First Life Coaching Session
  27. Finding the Right Counsellor – 10 Things to Consider
  28. 20 Best Books on Positivity
  29. 10 Small Changes You Can Make to Feel More Powerful
  30. 5 Ways to Improve Your Work Life Balance
  31. Coping with Anxiety Ahead of a First Date
  32. Start Loving Mondays: 10 Simple Steps
  33. Overcoming Obstacles and Building Resilience
  34. 10 Ways to Learn New Things as an Adult
  35. How to Recognize Signs of Burnout
  36. The Importance of Celebrating Your Own Achievements
  37. Managing Night-time Panic Attacks: Everything You Need to Know
  38. How to Set the Right Boundaries for Success
  39. 5 Ways Creative Writing Can Improve Your Mental Health
  40. 10 Polite Ways to Say No When You Are Feeling Overwhelmed
  41. How to Be More Assertive
  42. Decluttering Your Mind, Body and Spirit
  43. Top 10 Spotify Playlists for Meditation
  44. Coping with Insomnia – 5 Practical Tips
  45. How to Stay Mindful in the New Year
  46. Building Emotional Resilience: 5 Easy Steps
  47. How Positive Visualizations Can Help Us Reach Our Goals
  48. How to Stop Negative Thoughts in their Tracks
  49. Building Positive Routines that Work for You
  50. How Dance Can Improve Your Mental Health