Our Top 50 June Blog Post Topic Ideas (With Guides)

Blog Post Ideas

June is a month that has a myriad of “holidays” and “National Days” a blogger can feature. Aside from the traditional Father’s Day, there are food-focused days and days for special interests like gardening. These topics can easily be spun to accommodate a business. The blogger could focus on product offerings or community events that offer value to the reader.

  1. Father’s Day Gift Guide

Feature some interesting or affordable Father’s Day gift ideas. Just pick your angle “cheap” or based on a personal interest, whatever will fit the blog’s goals. Examples would be “Father’s Day Gifts for Photographers” or “Father’s Day Gifts for Foodies.” Another option for this topic is focusing on businesses and what they can exclusively offer shoppers. These posts can easily be themed or niched down to cater to a particular audience.

  1. National Camping Month

June is National Camping Month. You can focus the whole month on camping or just one post about camping trip options. Examples would be “Top Summer Camping Trips,” “How to Find the Perfect Tent,” or a series of locations known for their excellent camping. Camping is a popular summer activity, so the writer can explore the different “types” of camping. RV camping, tent camping, and even indoor camping have their own equipment and considerations in which a blogger could go into great depth.

  1. Summer Camping at Home

With so many parents having to forego traditional summer camp, a post about creating a summer camp in your backyard may be well received. Highlight local businesses or activities to create a fun summer camp experience. Sub-topics are “Backyard Camping” and “At Home Playdates.” This topic lends itself to recipes and craft ideas as well.

  1. Last-Minute Summer Vacation Savings

Write a post about the benefits of waiting until the last minute to make reservations and vacation plans. Many venues offer discounted options if one just knows where to look. The writer should focus on companies and services that can offer deep discounts.

  1. “No Spend” Summer Day

Challenge the reader to create an itinerary for a family summer day without spending money on entertainment or food. The writer can focus on local attractions or make it a fun game for kids. It encourages creative thinking and a healthy sense of adventure.

  1. National Zoo & Aquarium Month

Focus on one zoo or aquarium per post. Possibly find one per state and write a travel post about it. Also, consider looking into special events or discounted offers for families. A good subtopic for this subject is how to prepare for a zoo or aquarium visit.

  1. National Donut Day & Free Donuts

The first Friday in June is “National Donut Day.” It began as a way for the Salvation Army to show appreciation to the troops serving in World War One. Be the hero of the conference room and grab a box of hot glazed donuts to go!

  1. Dairy Alternative Month

June is “Dairy Alternative Month.” List non-dairy options for people who can’t enjoy ice cream or similar summer treats. Not everyone can enjoy ice cream or frozen yogurt, so explore the alternatives for the lactose intolerant.

  1. National Rocky Road Day

June 2nd is the day ice cream lovers celebrate the frozen treat, Rocky Road. A post can be done about the popularity of Rocky Road ice cream. Maybe focus on ice cream companies that are known for their Rocky Road.

  1. Potty Training Awareness Month

New moms may appreciate a post recognizing “Potty Training Awareness Month.” Tips or advice about products or strategies are always in demand. Examples of this would be “When to Start Potty Training” or “Training Pants for Any Budget.”

  1. What to Include in Summer Emergency Kits

Explain the use of emergency kits and list the items a person would need for summer emergencies. Focus on products or the main uses of the items in the kit. First aid supplies are important and necessary, but there maybe some items that surprise people.

  1. Tips For Hiking In June

Write a post that hikers can use to plan their next hiking trip. Focus on products and services that will help a hiker. Another angle to consider is hiking safety and etiquette. Hiking is a deep subculture that lead to a rich vein of content options.

  1. Celebrate National Fruit And Veggies Month

June is “National Fruit and Vegetables Month.” Post a weekly or bi-weekly entry about a featured produce item. This is ideal for grocery stores or restaurants catering to healthy options. Popular summer produce includes: watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, oranges, and blackberries.

  1. Provide a Healthy Summer for Your Pet

Write a post about pet care or pet services that will make summer a more bearable time for a beloved pet. This can be broken down into a series that features specific pets, such as dogs, cats, birds, etc. Summer safety is also an important part of this topic, so discussing hydration and proper sheltering are crucial topics.

  1. Adopt-a-Cat Month

June is “Adopt-a-Cat Month.” Reasons to adopt a cat and what to consider. Writing a series focusing on different cat breeds is also an option. Examples of this would be Bombays, Persians, short-hairs, long-hairs, etc. Also, consider a post about cat supplies every cat owner needs to care for their cat.

  1. National Rose Month

Gardeners will enjoy a post about a featured rose or rose garden tips. The post should focus on rose garden care and the varieties of roses. Gardening tips could include pruning techniques, watering schedules, mulch options, and other aspects. Roses are also the symbolic flower for June, which can lead to an informative post about flower language or gift ideas.

  1. National PTSD Month

June is “National PTSD Month.” This could focus on services that are dedicated to helping those with PTSD. This is great for a patriotic topic that can lead up to the 4th of July. PTSD is a wide topic and affects a large part of the population. Spotlighting this problem is public service.

  1. Best Friends Day

June 8 is “Best Friends Day.” Consider writing a post about the “perfect” itinerary for Best Friends Day. The writer can focus on local businesses for best friends to patronize or offer activities best friends can do for a fun day. Sub-topics that can dovetail with this are “Spa Days,” “Girl Days,” or “Bro-vations.”

  1. International Yoga Day

Yoga is a big industry. Write a post about the benefits of it. “International Yoga Day” is June 21. A health-conscious writer can also focus on specific aspects of yoga, such as poses, equipment, and fitting it into the day. Why do Yoga? Where can someone do yoga? What do you need to get into yoga?

  1. National Candy Month

June is “National Candy Month.” Write a series of posts about nostalgic candies. Another slant to consider is a glimpse at international candy and what is popular in other countries. Yet another option is to focus on a candy “type” such as just focusing on chocolate or researching types of hard candy. The history of a candy is also interesting, products change over time and candy has had a major evolution.

  1. Summer Job Ideas

Take a look at the current job market and see what industries seem to need the manpower. This can include “traditional” summer jobs as well. This piece can cater to adult job seekers or young school kids looking for some extra cash.

  1. What to Do on a Rainy Summer Day

Tips and suggestions for activities to keep kids entertained on a rainy day. This would be a great post to plug board games and streaming services. Things such as crafts, recipes, and even theatre exercises would add value to this topic.

  1. Social Media Day

June 30 is “Social Media Day.” Write a post about “what is social media day.” Also, focus on how social media helps businesses find their audience and stay top of mind. This is also a chance to share tips that make social media more effective for business owners.  A tech savvy writer could also focus each platform at a time and highlight what features make it useful to a business owner and its customer base.

  1. Fitness Routines With Dad

Explore exercise options that can be done by the whole family or by small children. There could also be a slant that focuses on aging parents and opportunities for grown children to spend time with their father. Itineraries work well with this concept and featuring programs or discounts could be helpful.

  1. Father’s Day Menu

Choose a meal (breakfast, brunch, lunch, snack, or supper) and create a themed or affordable menu for kids to put together for their dad. The meals can be traditional or non-traditional, either way it is customizable content that can be used for multiple business niches.

  1. How to Fight Summer Boredom

Offer tips and advice on how to keep yourself or the kids entertained this summer. Consider featuring crafts, recipes, or unconventional summer activities. Typical summer activities should be included, but out-of-the-box activities are highly encouraged. Swimming, hiking, charades, library visits, etc.

  1. Lane Courtesy Month

June is “Lane Courtesy Month.” Discuss safe summer travel tips. Summer is a busy travel season, so there are a lot of opportunities to focus on travel safety and courtesy.

  1. How To Have A Summer Party On A Tight Budget

Explore some popular summer party ideas and offer “cheaper” alternatives. A great sub-shoot of this topic is “Summer Weddings,” “Summer Birthdays,” and “Summer Anniversaries.” The writer can also focus on deal hunting.

  1. Summer Photo Tips

Write a post about the best advice and tips for taking a great summer photo. Focus on candid shots or beautiful summer landscapes. A camera business could offer product suggestions for beginners or those wanting to improve their craft. Professional photographers can offer their service while offering valuable tips to photography enthusiasts.

  1. Summer Date Ideas

Create a list of creative and fun date ideas for couples to do during the summer. Focus on local or affordable options that will help a couple have a memorable summer. Sub-shoots of this topic are “Parents Night Out,” “Mommy Self Care Days,” or “Daddy Friend Days.” Romantic dates don’t have to be the focus, kids can be the focus and the topic could be skewed toward grandparent visits or Parent/Child Dates.  This topic lends itself to an itinerary format that could offer a step-by-step planning guide for a fun evening.

Other Ideas (The final 20)

  1. Last-Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas
  2. Handmade Father’s Day Gifts
  3. Popular Hiking Trails.
  4. How Exercise Helps PTSD
  5. Father’s Day Scavenger Hunt
  6. Top 10 Road Trip Destinations
  7. Planning a Beach Day
  8. Summer Vegetarian Recipes
  9. How to Survive a Road Trip with Kids
  10. Easy Homemade Popsicle Recipes
  11. June Homeschool Tips
  12. Country Cooking Month
  13. Tips for Staying Cool When You Can’t Get to the Pool
  14. Ice Tea Month
  15. How to Plan a Road Trip with Friends
  16. Keeping Your Money Local for Summer Entertainment
  17. How to Weed a Garden
  18. Summer Picnic Ideas
  19. National Skyscraper Month
  20. Flag Day Crafts
  21. National Nail Polish Day
  22. Summer Skincare
  23. Summer Reads
  24. Summer Car Care
  25. Honoring a Deceased Father
  26. Summer Moving Tips
  27. World Bicycle Day
  28. World Environment Day
  29. Mocktail Recipes
  30. Air Travel Tips
  31. World Blood Donor Day
  32. Tips To Travel With An RV
  33. World Productivity Day
  34. Summer Water Safety
  35. Summer Swim Gear
  36. Kid friendly recipes
  37. African American Music Appreciation Month
  38. National Pineapple Day
  39. Great American Campout Day
  40. International Children’s Day
  41. National Go Barefoot Day
  42. National Pen Pal Day
  43. National Egg Day
  44. National Cheese Day
  45. National Drive In Movie Day
  46. National Higher Education Day
  47. International Bath Day
  48. Fly a Kite Day
  49. National Selfie Day
  50. Beauticians Day
  51. Tropical Cocktails Day
  52. International Body Piercing Day
  53. Fishing Tips
  54. Rockhounding
  55. Essential tools for remote workers
  56. Pet Resorts
  57. Pet Memorials
  58. How to Make Your Own Drive-In Movie Theater
  59. Staycations
  60. Sunless Tanning Options
  61. Turkey Lovers’ Day
  62. National Eyewear Day
  63. National Chocolate Ice Cream Day
  64. National VCR Day
  65. National Peanut Butter Cookie Day
  66. Sewing Machine Day
  67. National Fudge Day
  68. Juneteenth
  69. National Ice Cream Float Day
  70. Go Skateboarding Day
  71. International Fairy Day
  72. National HIV Testing Day
  73. National Ice Cream Cake Day