Our Ultimate List: 101 First Blog Post Ideas For Beginners

Blog Post Ideas

Writing your very first blog post can be both an exciting and scary experience. You want to make a killer first impression to your readers so they’ll come back to your website and share your blog on social media. But you might not know how best to do that. Your first blog could be about anything, from an introduction of yourself to diving right into the meat of your chosen niche. Anything is possible as long as your content is engaging.

But still, figuring out what to make your first blog about is going to be difficult. That’s why we put together this list of first blog post ideas to inspire you. With this list, the possibilities are endless. But even with all these topics to choose from, taking the time to sit down and write your blog takes time. Check out our blog writing services where we can do the hard work for you.

First Blog Post Ideas for Beginners

  1. Introduce yourself.

Tell your readers who you are and give a brief background on yourself. Explain what the blog will be focused on and where you want the blog to go.

  1. Interview an expert in your niche.

This not only will give you more knowledge going forward, but will also give your readers something cool and interesting to read about on your very first post.

  1. Share a personal story about how you got interested in your niche.

Talk about what made you fall in love with your blog topic. Share a specific memory if you have one.

  1. Give your mission statement.

Let your readers know what drives you, what your core values are, and how you’ll be using them to guide your blog in the future.

  1. Do a  few product reviews in your niche.

Find some new or popular products and give your honest review. List out some pros and cons that your reader won’t find on other websites.

  1. Give an unpopular opinion.

Find an opinion that a lot of people have in your niche that you disagree with. Give your reasons for why you think this way.

  1. Your favorite motivational or inspiring quotes for your chosen niche.

List out a few of the quotes that keep you going in your career. Give your interpretations of each quote and talk about how you relate to each one.

  1. Transcriptions of your videos or podcasts.

If you have a vlog or podcast, write out a transcription and post it on your blog so your viewers can refer to it. This is a great way to get your established audience on another platform to come over and check out your blog.

  1. Set up a Q & A.

Give your viewers instructions on how to participate and let them know when the Q & A session will take place.

  1. Compare two popular products in your niche.

Pick two of the products you see being mentioned the most on other blogs and discuss their pros and cons. What do they have in common? What makes them stand out?

  1. Announce a giveaway.

Attract readers quickly by offering a giveaway once you reach an important milestone, such as a certain number of subscribers.

  1. Start with a guest post.

By inviting an established person in your niche to post on your blog, you might be able to attract some of their readers to subscribe to your site.

  1. Talk about a controversial topic.

Pick a hot-button topic in your niche and give your take on it. Try not to take too much of a polarizing stance, but be honest and you will likely attract readers.

  1. Give reasons why an activity in your niche is good or bad.

Do you see people doing something often that’s related to your niche? Give your opinion on why you think your readers should do more or less of it. For example, if you have a running blog, post something like “Why Pre-running Stretches Can Damage Your Muscles.”

  1. Give your favorite tips related to your niche.

What are your favorite little pieces of advice that you’ve collected over the years? Share them with your readers.

  1. Review niche-related movies.

Talk about some popular movies that can apply to your niche. Discuss what things the movies got right and what they got wrong.

  1. Review niche-related books.

Similar to reviewing movies, discuss what you liked or disliked about these books. Mention if you think they would make good movies.

  1. Post a how-to blog.

Pick a popular task that your readers might want to do and teach them how you do it.

  1. Share some relevant statistics or data.

Talk about newer studies or surveys that have been published and tell your readers how you interpret them. Talk about what the data means for your industry and why your readers should care.

  1. Do a myth-busting blog.

Do you hear a lot of myths related to your niche floating around? Expose them to your audience and discuss why they’re a myth.

  1. Describe your creative process.

Go over your routine for coming up with ideas and tell your readers how you bring them to life from start to finish. Point out any unusual habits that you have and why you’ve incorporated them into your process.

  1. Reveal the tactics you’ve used to get the results you wanted in your niche.

Don’t keep your methods of success a secret. Sharing your key to success will give you credibility and attract readers to your blog.

  1. Share your favorite inspiring story.

Tell your readers how you heard about the story and what it means to you and the way you approach your blog. If the story is personal to you, consider interviewing anyone relevant to the story.

  1. Talk about the most common struggle you see people in your target audience deal with.

Give a few ideas on how you would solve these problems, or how you’ve already tackled them in the past.

  1. Discuss how your readers could do something better.

If you see beginners in your niche not doing something as well as you could, tell them what they should try to find more success.

  1. Reveal how your audience can make money in your niche.

Give ideas and side-hustles that you have experience with or have seen others have success in. Go into detail on how much money your readers can expect to make from each idea.

  1. Make a list of techniques you’ve seen authoritative bloggers use in your niche.

Tell your readers if you’ve tried any of them and talk about how much or little success you found from it.

  1. Provide useful templates.

If you use templates to make your life easier, share them with your readers. They’ll see the value of your blog right away.

  1. List out the most inspiring people in your life.

Talk about people who aren’t involved in your niche that help you with your career, like family members or famous people who have had an impact on your life.

  1. Write a post about your holiday plans.

If the holidays are around the corner, you can bring your readers into your life a bit by incorporating your niche into your holiday plans.

  1. Review some free courses or products in your niche.

Your readers will appreciate you pointing them toward free resources, and they’ll be glad for your advice on which ones are the best.

  1. Give a list of the top people in your niche that your audience should follow.

Pick a few obvious influencers in your niche but throw in some lesser-known bloggers that you think are great. They might return the favor on their blogs.

  1. Ask your readers a question.

This can be about how they solve a problem that you also face. you can use the information you gather to make another blog post later.

  1. Do a roundup post with experts.

Ask authoritative bloggers in your niche to give their best advice, then summarize it on your blog. Give your perspective on the advice.

  1. Give your readers a behind-the-scenes look.

Let them in on your editing process or any other lesser-known steps that go into creating your content.

  1. Post a FAQ.

If you’re experienced in your niche, you’ll know some of the most frequently asked questions that newbies have. Answer them in your first blog post to set up your authority on the topic.

  1. Evaluate the most prominent bloggers in your niche.

Tell your readers what they have in common and what sets them apart. If you like some more than others, talk about what makes them stand out to you.

  1. Talk about something you use daily to get results.

An example would be a bullet journal or mobile apps. Tell your readers about the specific features of these tools that help you.

  1. Research what Facebook groups in your niche are talking about.

Summarize what you found on your blogs. Make sure to give your perspective on the topics.

  1. Write a post about the most popular pins you found on Pinterest in your niche.

Tell your readers why you think these pins are successful and how your readers might find success on Pinterest using the same techniques.

  1. Talk about something that’s not in your niche that helps you succeed.

If there’s a tool or habit that you use that has nothing to do with your niche, but you couldn’t live without in your career, talk about why you think they’re so useful.

  1. Life hacks related to your niche.

Help make your readers’ lives easier with your favorite hacks. Look for a few lesser-known hacks to add more value.

  1. Describe your goals for the year.

This is especially a good idea if you start your blog around New Year’s. Ask your readers to help keep you accountable.

  1. List out some dos and don’ts to succeed in your niche.

Give specific examples of what your readers should and shouldn’t do and explain why you think certain things are good or bad.

  1. Ask what your readers need the most help with that they can’t find the answers to on the internet.

This will promote user engagement and give you ideas for later blogs. 

  1. Talk about how you achieved success on your latest project.

What did you do to make things go well? Did you try any new methods? Tell your audience about it.

  1. Interview an influencer that you look up to.

Ask them to tell your readers how they found success. Tell your readers why you look up to this person and why you think they should as well.

  1. List out the most common questions you find in the comments sections of other blogs in your niche.

Answer them in detail for your readers.

  1. List out the skills that are necessary to succeed in your niche.

What skills do you think you couldn’t do your job without? Tell your readers how they can learn and hone these skills.

  1. What are the things you wished you had known before you started?

List out your biggest mistakes that you made early in your career and what information would have helped you avoid making those mistakes.

50 More First Blog Post Ideas for Beginners

  1. Give an example of an important lesson you learned on your career journey.
  2. Introduce your pets or family in a niche-themed way.
  3. List out the best links you’ve found for helpful guides.
  4. Do an article roundup in your niche.
  5. Write a checklist on how to do a project.
  6. Write a thank you post to everyone who has helped you get to where you are.
  7. Talk about the latest news in your niche.
  8. Give a cheat sheet to help your readers succeed.
  9. Make an interesting infographic about a relevant niche topic.
  10. Post a video tutorial of you showing how to use a specific tool.
  11. Interview someone from an unrelated niche and get their perspective on yours.
  12. Talk about a popular subject from a new angle.
  13. Take a blogger’s infographic that you admire and write a blog post about it.
  14. Do keyword research to find the most popular topics right now.
  15. Share an online course that you made.
  16. Talk about your favorite eBooks in your niche.
  17. Write an eBook and offer it to your first 10 subscribers for free.
  18. Talk about the weekly trending topics in your niche on Twitter.
  19. Do a case study on another blog in your niche.
  20. List out some lesser-known quotes that apply to your niche.
  21. Have someone give your blog a testimonial.
  22. Do a rant blog about a topic in your niche.
  23. Rave about your favorite topic in your niche.
  24. Create a blog that other influential blogs in your niche can use as a backlink.
  25. Host a webinar with leading influencers in your niche.
  26. Take your audience on a walkthrough of your creative space.
  27. Post an animated video that explains a complex topic in your niche.
  28. Talk about any old blogs you have and what you learned from them.
  29. Talk about your biggest failure in your career and what you learned from it.
  30. Talk about your biggest win.
  31. Post about something related to your career that you hate doing.
  32. Post about something that most people hate doing that you love.
  33. List out activities that get your creative juices flowing.
  34. Make a post about your favorite area-specific businesses or locales related to your niche.
  35. Post a schedule for your blog that you plan to stick to.
  36. List out your favorite budget products in your niche.
  37. Make a DIY tutorial for a tool or product that your readers would find useful.
  38. Share something that you did wrong for a long time in your niche.
  39. What would you tell your younger self to help you succeed earlier?
  40. What is your biggest fear involving your niche or your blog?
  41. What is the most common question you get asked by newcomers in your industry?
  42. List out the products in your niche that you think are overhyped.
  43. List out the products you wish you had known about sooner.
  44. Give a list of discount codes for your favorite products in your niche.
  45. Write an open letter.
  46. What are 10 things nobody knows about you?
  47. Set up a themed series of posts.
  48. Who is your favorite fictional character that you think would be involved in your niche?
  49. What are your favorite plug-ins for blogging?
  50. What are your favorite niche-related events that you went to last year?