Our Ultimate List: 101 Electrician Blog Post Ideas

Blog Post Ideas

As an electrician, it is important to keep your clients up to speed on all of the current news in your business. There are plenty of topics that you could discuss for both residential and commercial electrical clients. From generators to solar power, there is definitely no shortage in electrical information that you could include in your electrician blog.

We have listed 50 of the top electrician blog topics below to get you started on writing your own electrician blog:

  1. How to teach your children electrical safety. At what age should you teach your children about the dangers of electricity? What are some age appropriate lessons you can teach your child about electricity?
  1. What are 5 key signs that your office space needs some electrical work? What are the possible things that can go wrong if you put off the electrical work that your office needs? Are you liable for any damage to employees’ belongings because of your lack of maintenance of the building electrical?
  1. What are some key things to watch out for when you are doing DIY electrical work on your home? How will you know when you have a serious electrical problem on your hands? When should you call a professional to check your DIY electrical repairs on your home?
  1. How can using the right light bulbs in your home save you money on your energy bills? What are the costliest light bulbs to run in your home? Which light bulbs can give you the most savings in energy bills?
  1. How can you stay safe from electrical hazards during a storm? Are floods dangerous in terms of carrying electrical currents? How should someone report downed power lines in their neighborhood? Is it safe to drive over downed power lines in the street after a major storm?
  1. What is the future of energy efficient homes? Should new construction in homes include solar panels in addition to wiring electricity for the meter? How are the new construction trends set up to help save you money in energy costs?
  1. What are 5 questions that you should ask before hiring an electrician? How can you know if your electrician is licensed? What are the risks associated with hiring an unlicensed electrician to perform work on your home?
  1. How can you safeguard your home against the winter electrical hazards? Are holiday decorations the only seasonal electrical danger to your home? What other types of seasonal electrical dangers could be lurking around your home?

  1. How can you responsibly recycle electrical wiring waste? What other electrical work produces recyclable waste? What area facilities will recycle your electrical waste?
  1. How can you check for bad wiring in your home? What should you do if you find bad wiring in your home? Is it safe to let bad wiring remain in your home for any period of time?
  1. 4 ways that you can insure your home passes an electrical inspection. What are the key items that are focused on in an electrical inspection? What should you do if you realize that your home has a violation and will not pass the electrical inspection?
  1. What are some green ways that you can keep your home cool in the summer? Are HVAC units with the energy star considered green? What difference does operating ceiling fans make in keeping your home cool?
  1. 5 tips about electricity for the new homeowner. What are some electrical projects that are okay to do as DIY? What electrical projects should homeowners not attempt to do as DIY projects?
  1. Give a step by step guide to replacing halogen bulbs in your home. Why should a homeowner replace the halogen bulbs in their home? What should halogen bulbs be replaced with?
  1. How can you ensure that there are no electrical hazards near your pool? What is the number 1 hazard for introducing electrical into a pool?
  1. What are 5 ways that hiring an electrician can improve your work environment? Should you have an electrician look at your office equipment to determine how energy efficient they are?
  1. What are 10 electrical safety requirements for landlords? What should a landlord do if faulty wiring is discovered in one of their occupied properties? When should a landlord consider that an electrical hazard requires a tenant to leave the property?
  1. 5 ways to protect your pets from electrical hazards. What are items you should never leave within reach of your pets? What can you do to train your pet to stay away from electrical items?
  1. How much power is necessary to run the average home? How can solar panels on the home cut down on the amount of power necessary from the power company? What are some practical ideas for cutting down on your home’s energy consumption?
  1. What is the big deal with LED lights? What makes LED lighting so great? Should you only be using LED lighting in your home? Do LED lights make a substantial difference in your power bills?
  1. What causes power outages? Why do lights in your home flicker but not go all of the way out? What can you do to get your home back online after a power outage?
  1. Give a guide to doing a DIY energy audit of your home. List the ways that electrical use can be tested in the average homes, and how the homeowner can determine if the power use is over the normal amount for that particular appliance.
  1. 10 ways to stay safe when working with electricity. What should you be using as personal protective equipment when working with electricity? Is it safe to grab electrically charged wires with your bare hands? Does your footwear matter when you are working with electricity?
  1. What are the proper ways to handle an electrical emergency? Who should you contact in the case of an electrical emergency? Can people survive electrocution? What sort of emergency services need to be contacted when someone has been electrocuted?
  1. What are the home renovations that you should leave to the experts? Is anything involving electricity considered off of the DIY project list? Should you hire an electrictrician to look over any home renovation that you undertake?
  1. What is the proper amount of wiring insulation? What is it important that your wiring is properly insulated? What should you do if you discover that there is wiring in your home that isn’t properly insulated?

  1. What exactly is a power surge? How can you prevent power surges in your home? Why are power surges dangerous for your home and your belongings? Is there a typical time that power surges occur?
  1. What are the 10 most common electrical problems in the typical home? What can homeowners do to ensure that they don’t cause fire hazards in the home?
  1. What are the 10 most common electrical problems in the office? What can office managers do to ensure that they don’t cause fire hazards in the office?
  1. Is it more difficult to wire a modular home? Are there different electrical regulations for modular homes? Should there be different electrical regulations for modular homes considering their propensity for being completely destroyed in a fire?
  1. How is electricity made? What are the similarities between solar power and power that is made through a power plant? Is one form of electricity stronger than the other?
  1. How much does rewiring a house generally cost? How do you know if your house needs to be fully rewired? How can you be sure that your electrician is being honest with you about the costs?
  1. What are the differences between LED, CFL, and halogen lights? Which one is the best for office work? Which one is the best for general home use? Should you replace all of the lights in your home with a single type of bulb?
  1. How do you obtain a quote for the electrical work needed in your home? Should you obtain multiple quotes for the electrical work that is needed?
  1. How can you avoid power point overloads? How much draw is too much on a single power point in your home? What will happen if you have a power point overload in your home?
  1. Why do breakers flip? What should you do if a breaker is repeatedly tripping in your breaker box? Why would a breaker continue to flip, even after you remove all of the items drawing power on that breaker?
  1. How can air pressure leaks end up costing you money on your power bills? What can you do to ensure that air pressure leaks are repaired and not causing unnecessary electrical draw?
  1. How can using the right light bulbs save you money on your power bills? How much of a savings can you expect to see in your power bills simply by changing light bulbs?
  1. Why does a homeowner have to have an electrical inspection performed on their home? Will a failed electrical inspection cause a home sale to fall through?

  1. What steps should you take to remedy a failed home electrical inspection? How many times can you attempt the electrical inspection for your home? Is it necessary to have another electrical inspection performed on your home in order to refinance?
  1. What are 3 steps to take to find a good electrician? Where would you go to begin looking for a certified electrician? Should you just hire a general contractor instead of looking for a licensed electrician to hire?
  1. How can you protect your family during lightning storms? What are some of the major dangers of lightning storms? How can you be sure that you have taken the appropriate steps to ensure your home is safe during lightning strikes?
  1. What are some common myths about electricity? Are they true or false? Where did the myths come from?
  1. What are some of the highest use electronics with regard to power usage? How can you ensure that your electrical usage doesn’t skyrocket from using them? What electronics will kill your power bill by using them?
  1. Should you unplug all of your appliances before you leave for vacation? Should you just flip the main breaker of your home instead of unplugging your appliances? What could happen if you forget and leave the power running into your home while you’re away on vacation?
  1. What is an electrical transformer? What exactly does an electrical transformer do? Is it safe to touch an electrical transformer?
  1. Should you own a home generator for power outages? What are some of the main safety issues with powering your home by a generator during a power outage? Should you use a particular type of generator? Does the power company need to come and check your generator setup prior to you using it?
  1. Is there a particular type of fuse that you should be using in your home? Is there a particular type of fuse that should not be used inside your home?
  1. Should you replace your old appliances to save on your energy bills? Is the savings on your energy bills enough to warrant replacing your old appliances? How much difference is there in the amount of power drawn between old appliances and new energy efficient appliances?
  1. When should you schedule the power company to come and perform an energy audit in your home? What can you expect during a home energy audit? What sort of suggestions will the power company make during a home energy audit?

50 More Electrician Blog Post Ideas

Here are some other electrician blog topic ideas to keep you inspired to write your own electrician blog:

  1. What is the difference between a watt and an amp?
  2. How much draw is safe to run off of one circuit?
  3. What is better to use, a diesel generator or a propane powered generator?
  4. How many volts is the average lightning strike?
  5. Tell some electrical jokes, lighthearted funny stories about electricity.
  6. What do electrical linemen do on their average workday?
  7. How dangerous is it to work on electrical lines?
  8. What should you do if a tree in your yard is touching a power line?
  9. How will you know you have overloaded a surge protector?
  10. Why do breakers commonly trip?
  11. What is the average power use in the summer for a 3 bedroom home?
  12. What is the average power use in the winter for a 3 bedroom home?
  13. How should you go about setting up your solar power in order to live off of the grid?
  14. How can you prepare your home for a power outage?
  15. How can you save money on your power bill by running your appliances efficiently?
  16. How much power does it take to run a microwave oven?
  17. How do you know if your home’s wiring can be repaired or if you need to rewire your entire home?
  18. How can you take steps to safeguard against wiring hazards in your home?
  19. How can you take steps to safeguard against wiring hazards that occur when you run power to your garage and outbuildings?
  20. How can you replace bad electrical outlets safely in your home?
  21. What should you do when you see sparks coming from a plug on a device?
  22. What type of items should you always have plugged into a surge protector?
  23. What can occur if you don’t plug devices into a surge protector?
  24. What are some energy efficient ideas for decorating your home for the holidays?
  25. How much does the average power bill increase during the holidays?
  26. What are 10 tips for choosing the right electrician to rewire your home?
  27. What are 10 tips for choosing the right electrician to rewire your office?
  28. What is the difference between a residential electrician and a commercial electrician?
  29. Can a residential electrician perform commercial electrical work?
  30. Can a commercial electrician perform residential electrical work?
  31. What are 5 reasons that you should drive an electric car?
  32. What are 5 reasons you should install solar panels on your home?
  33. Should you use solar outdoor lighting for your yard?
  34. Should you use solar powered safety lights for your home and yard?
  35. Is solar power as powerful as the power that is delivered from your electrical meter?
  36. What are some green ways to heat your home in the winter?
  37. What is the most expensive type of device to power?
  38. What is the cheapest type of device to power?
  39. Can power surges blow your light bulbs?
  40. How dangerous is it to be near a transformer if it blows?
  41. How far does power typically travel from its production to your home?
  42. Are the circuit breakers in your home the same as those in your vehicle?
  43. Who can sign off on an electrical inspection?
  44. How do you know if your electrician is licensed by your state?
  45. What can you do if you find that your electrician isn’t licensed to work in your state?
  46. Are electricians often shocked while they are working?
  47. Are electricians immune to 110v shocks?
  48. How badly does it hurt to receive a 220v shock?
  49. How can you self treat an electrical shock you’ve received?
  50. How can you prevent your pets from getting electrical shocks at home?