Our Ultimate List: 101 Dental Blog Post Ideas

Blog Post Ideas

If you are a dental professional, you know how hard it can be to grow your client base. Content marketing can help you with that.

Maintaining a blog is a powerful method to attract more patients, but only if you are consistent – and if you provide value in your content. After a while, it can be hard to come up with compelling dental blog topics – and that’s what this article is for.

We collected ideas from most popular queries related to dentistry, so you can be sure people will actually search for your content.

If you’re struggling with what to write, go through our list of 100 best dental blog topics. At the end of the article, you’ll have all the ideas and inspiration you need to kickstart and maintain your blog like a content marketing pro.

  1. Patient Case Study

People love to read about other people – especially if they have similar issues. Write about a successful invisalign treatment, a difficult wisdom tooth procedure or any other popular treatment. Of course, always ask the patient for permission and avoid using their full name.

  1. Pick Of The Week

This is a super-easy way to produce weekly content. Your pick can be a short but honest description of a new dental tool, toothbrush, toothpaste – or maybe even pick a patient or an industry expert of the week.

  1. Behind The Scenes

Show what happens behind the scenes of your practice. That’s a great way to include photos and videos – and people gear towards visual content. It also gives your clients an insight into your practice and makes you more transparent.

  1. Latest News

Show your patients you’re in the now, by covering a viral topic – like a celebrity story, or a new study you’ve encountered and think has a large impact on your field.

  1. Interview With An Industry Expert

If you know an industry expert, schedule a short interview. Just a couple of questions where they explain their field will be enough. That will show that you learn from – rather than fear – your competition.

  1. Things You Should Know About Dental Insurance

It’s a good idea to add a couple of dental insurance blog topics to your website. A lot of patients avoid visiting the dentist because it’s too costly. Explain how they can save with dental insurance, how to choose a plan, and what it covers in your own practice.

  1. How Does Sugar Affect Your Teeth?

Many people struggle with sugar addiction – and the ingredient can be found in nearly every processed food. Help your patients steer off sugar by explaining how it can damage teeth. You can also a few tips to lower sugar intake to end your post on a positive note.

  1. How To Buy A Toothbrush?

As a dental expert – you know best what kind of toothbrush would be a good pick for your clients. Create a guide where you mention different types of toothbrushes and cover your favorite brands – but avoid sounding too “salesy”.

  1. How To Care For Your Teeth During Holidays?

This is a great topic if you look for dental blog post ideas for christmas. People are generally more relaxed with their hygiene and eating habits during the holidays, so you can help them to maintain healthy teeth – even if they do eat a bit more sugar.

  1. What To Expect When Getting Your Wisdom Tooth Removed

“What To Expect” dental blog topics are something you can always do when you don’t know what to write. In this case, you can cover the wisdom tooth extraction, a procedure that many people are afraid of. Tell them how to prepare, try to comfort them and explain everything about the procedure.

  1. What Does Dental Cleaning Entail?

If you want to boost a treatment like dental cleaning, explain what exactly is included in the package. People are more likely to choose you for the procedure if you’re transparent with your process, so it’s a double win – you have a good blog post, and you attract more clients.

  1. Facts About Dental Implant Recovery Process

Dental implant blog topics are a good addition to your website. It’s a popular search query, and you can attract more patients by offering in-depth guides. By speaking about recovery, you can make prospective clients less anxious about the procedure – and more likely to get it done.

  1. Fluoride – Myths and Facts

Fluoride is one of those things that carries a lot of controversy – some people understand its benefits, but many have heard “somewhere” that it is bad for their teeth. Help them educate themselves and share science backed information in an always fun to read myths-and-facts format.

  1. Should I Use A Mouthwash

Some of the most popular blog topics in the dental industry are extremely simple. The necessity for a mouthwash is a great example. Focusing on a single topic helps you to reach a specific audience, and you can show your expertise by showing both positives and negatives of using a product like mouthwash.

  1. Best Treatments For Teeth Sensitivity

You know teeth sensitivity is a common problem –  which makes it one of the best dental blog topics. Many people search for solutions, so make sure you cover everything you think they should know, from symptoms and proper home care, to appropriate professional procedures.

  1. What To Do When Dental Emergency Happens?

When people have a dental emergency – the first thing many of them will do is go online to seek a solution. List common emergencies like a cracked tooth or severe toothache and combine tips that they can do at home with an instruction to call a professional – your practice.

  1. How Long Does It Take To Whiten My Teeth

We live quick and busy lives today, and when going to a procedure – we also want the results to be quick. Help your patients be realistic, by sharing the length needed for each whitening solution you offer.

  1. Cigarettes & Your Teeth

You know that cigarette smokers have a larger risk of many dental issues. However, this is a sensitive topic as you don’t want your readers to feel attacked. Be honest with your explaining on how cigarettes affect teeth – but also provide solutions that will encourage your readers.

  1. Should You Consider Dental Implants

We already mentioned how dental implants blog topics can help you reach more prospective clients, so we added another great headline to the mix. Though a proper diagnosis must be done before a procedure – you can already help people decide to consider the process by explaining who can benefit from it.

  1. Dental Awareness Month

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month – October is National Dental Hygiene Month – And in February we’re aware of children’s dental health. Those are great times to focus on these specific topics as people are more likely to search for them. Create in depth articles or lists that cover these issues. You can publish them at once – or create a series and publish throughout the month.

  1. How Smiling Affects Health

Change up your blog by adding a unique topic, like mentioning the effects of smiling on our happiness and mental health. Tell your patients to smile more, and present your practice like a positive place that’ll help them have a beautiful smile – that they’ll want to show off.

  1. Meet Our Staff

Become personal with your readers and clients by introducing your staff. You can write about the whole team, or publish shorter profiles. Prospective clients will want to know about your teams’ expertise before they entrust you their dental care.

  1. Latest Dental Procedures

Show yourself as a modern industry expert by writing about the latest solutions and procedures for common problems. It can be something that’s being developed – or a technology that’s just released and you’re planning to add it to your practice.

  1. Things You Should Know About Invisalign

Invisalign is among the most searched dental blog topics, so dedicate a few posts to the treatment. Start by listing basic information and answering common questions such as what is invisalign, who is it for and what the procedure involves.

  1. How To Combat Dental Anxiety

Fear of the dentist is real – not only among children. Take dental anxiety seriously and explain how patients can deal with it and what your practice does to help them feel calmer and more confident during their procedures.

  1. Should I Wear A Night Guard

Another simple blog topic which gets a lot of search queries is the night guard. It’s a good idea to have a headline in the first perspective as that’s what people are more likely to type in their query. In your article, present yourself as a dental expert and explain who you recommend to wear a night guard, and how it can help with dental health.

  1. A great review for our _insert town_ practice

Got a great review for your practice? That makes a great blog post that will build you credibility. Never force reviews, wait for the right opportunity then ask the patient if you can share their feedback on your website. By mentioning your town you can also boost local SEO.

  1. The Anatomy Of Your Teeth

When you write about dental blog topics, you often use vocabulary that not everyone understands – like teeth anatomy. Explain teeth anatomy in an easy to understand way – and you can always link back to this article when you mention anatomical terms in your other blog posts.

  1. Can I get Braces As An Adult?

Many people didn’t have the opportunity to repair their teeth as children. They wonder if it’s too late – and you are here to tell them braces can still help to beautify their smile. Make sure to also mention disadvantages of adult braces and best options for each age group.

  1. How Do I Get Rid Of Bad Breath?

Help your readers avoid uncomfortable situations by writing about this sensitive topic. Talk about most common causes of bad breath and effective treatments they can do on their own as well as those you offer at your practice.

  1. Professional At Home Teeth Whitening

There are now hundreds of teeth whitening solutions on the market. Many of them are not backed with science – and can be bad for teeth. Still, a lot of people can’t afford a treatment at the dentist. Give them a compromise by listing professional treatment kits you offer in your practice and that your patients can use on their own.

  1. The Diabetes – Oral Health Connection

Diabetes is a common issue that affects millions of people. You can give your share to combating the issue by talking about how the illness affects oral health and what you can do to help.

  1. 10 Foods That Are Bad For Your Teeth

List articles are a favorite among modern readers. In this example, you can list foods you know can damage teeth and help your clients build healthier habits. Try to make fun headlines that will encourage them to read the article – rather than just “scan through the numbers”.

  1. Here’s Why You Should Floss

Teaching proper oral hygiene is always a good topic for a dental blog – and you could cover some important things that many people still don’t do – like flossing. Share science backed reasons why flossing is a must and best techniques.

  1. How Your Dental Health Impacts You?

People often ignore their dental health because they don’t understand its importance. Let them know how healthy teeth can impact their everyday life – include both physical and mental aspects (eg. self- confidence).

  1. What Are Those Things In The Dentist Office?

You can use this fun question-formatted headline to describe tools you use in your office. That will help those who are afraid of the dentist to feel more comfortable when they come to a check up – and is also a good guideline parents can use to explain their children what happens at the dentist.

  1. Does Drinking More Water Protect Your Teeth?

This topic is an example of answering common search queries – which you maybe wouldn’t think of on your own. Make your answer better than the others by providing only fact checked info and by covering the topic in-depth.

  1. Pediatric Dentistry – Things To Know

People can get really anxious when visiting the dentist with their children for the first time – help them by explaining common procedures and answering frequent questions – like when should you take your child to the dentist for the first time?

  1. How To Take Care Of Your Tooth Brush?

A toothbrush is crucial for dental hygiene. Teach your readers how to properly care for their toothbrush, how often they should replace it and any other important info you think can help.

  1. Why Should You Go To A Regular Check Up?

Check ups are usually the first time a new client will visit your office – so it’s a good topic to write about. Explain how check ups can help prevent issues from developing or catch them before they get too serious, and explain the procedure in your practice.

  1. How To Pick A Dental Practice?

This is a good indirect way to show why people should pick your practice. However, try to be as honest as possible – make a list of things every dental office should have, and mention some things that may be a sign of a bad practice.

  1. An Oral Health Challenge

People love challenges – it’s a fun way to build good habits. For example – challenge them to brush their teeth an extra minute for a week and show their before and after photos. You can also provide an incentive by picking and awarding a winner.

  1. Tips For A Healthier Smile?

Some people want to avoid a dental visit – and wonder what they can do at home to keep their teeth healthy. Make a numbered list with your top tips on what they should do – and what to avoid – to keep their teeth and gums as healthy as they can be.

  1. 5 Best Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments?

With the rise of social media – people are caring about their appearance more than ever. List cosmetic treatments that you think are most effective – and make sure all items on the list are available in your practice.

  1. 5 Reasons To Consider Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation Dentistry is still not a known term to many people. Explain this method with a list, that’s easier to digest by readers. If you’ office doesn’t offer this service, you can use the same format for procedures you would like to promote.

  1. Common Symptoms Of Tooth Decay?

Though self diagnosis is never a good thing – most people still google their symptoms before they contact a doctor.  Answers for common symptoms and issues, such as tooth decay, in your blog posts will certainly attract people to your website

  1. 5 Fun Ways To Teach Your Kid To Brush Their Teeth?

Parents love learning new and better ways to keep their kids healthy – especially when it comes from a professional. Create a list of your methods to teach children to wash their teeth – for example, games or storytime ideas.

  1. Are Dental X-Rays Safe?

This is one of the first questions that comes up when you search for dental x-rays – many people believe this procedure can be harmful. Explain  that dental x-rays use  extremely low doses of radiation, and mention some things you do in your practice to ensure safety of the treatment. You can also find other procedures that make people most anxious and use the same format.

  1. Dental Implants Or Dentures?

Both procedures target the same type of patients – those missing a tooth. Before they decide for a treatment, they’ll likely compare their options. Help them by explaining the procedures and how to pick a method for their individual case.

  1. Common Questions From Our Dental Patients

Sometimes you want to write about your own practice. Instead of direct promotion add value by offering answers to questions you’re frequently asked. That’ll show your patients that you care about them and that they can trust you.

50 More Dental Blog Topic Ideas

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  2. Dental Care In Pregnancy
  3. How Vitamins And Minerals Affect Your Teeth
  4. A Checklist For Your Next Dental Visit
  5. What should You Expect From Your Dental Checkup
  6. Our Dental Practice Birthday – replace
  7. Tell Your Dentist If You Have Allergies
  8. How Often Should You Replace Your Toothbrush
  9. Is Chewing Gum Good For Your Mouth
  10. Energy Drinks And Your Teeth
  11. Baby Teething Tips
  12. Should My Child Get Topical Fluoride Treatments
  13. Permanent Denture Methods – Pros & Cons
  14. How To Fight Sugar Cravings
  15. DIY Teeth Whitening Facts
  16. Overview Of Invisalign
  17. Are You Addicted To Sugar
  18. Important Facts About Dental Implants
  19. What To Expect From A root Canal Procedure
  20. Brushing Techniques
  21. Foods To Eat For Better Oral Health
  22. How Often Should I Brush My Teeth
  23. Ask These 3 Questions When Going To A New Dentist
  24. 5 Things You Should Know If You Have Dentures
  25. Avoid These 5 Foods To Protect Your Gums
  26. Do you need To Brush Your Tongue
  27. How Often Do You Need A Dental Checkups
  28. How To Save A Knocked Out Tooth
  29. 5 Things Parents Should Know About Baby Teeth
  30. What Is Dental Plaque And How Can I Get Rid Of It
  31. 5 Benefits Of Wearing Mouthguard For Contact Sports
  32. Do You Have Sinus Pressure Or A Toothache
  33. A Dental First Aid Kit Every Home Should Own
  34. Types Of Crowns – Everything You Should Know
  35. Why Do I need An Oral Surgeon
  36. What Are Dental Implants?
  37. How Does Nitrous Oxide Work
  38. Is Bonding As Good As Veneers
  39. What Is An Extraction – And Is It Necessary
  40. What Is A Head And Neck Exam
  41. Why Do You Need Dental X Ray
  42. Do You Need A Smile Makeover
  43. 5 Procedures That Whiten Teeth
  44. 5 Tips To Help Your Kid Have Healthy Teeth And Gums
  45. Amazing Facts About Your Tongue
  46. Pamper Yourself On The Dental isle
  47. Advantages Of Invisalign
  48. What To Look For In Your Toothpaste
  49. What Is A Digital Impression
  50. How Long does it Take To Recover From Root Canal Procedure – replace