Our Ultimate List: 101 Cannabis Blog Post Ideas

Blog Post Ideas

Cannabis as an industry is growing exponentially by the day. People who have any interest in the use of Cannabis either as a medicine or for recreational purposes turn to the one source of information that never stops informing; the web. This is why it’s imperative to have accurately informative cannabis blogs available for the general public to seek out answers as they need them!

Growers, dispensaries, patients, users, extractors, and more all have the capabilities and knowledge to start blogging and many of them already do! If you happen to fall into one of these categories and have started or have thought of starting a cannabis blog then you already know how tough it can be to keep up with, let alone come up with fresh, original, captivating topics for blog posts.

We can provide ample topics, but still blogging takes ample time as well as effort, which can cost a company or individual money in the long run. If your time is valuable to you, then we suggest inquiring about our blog writing services so that you may save time while we do the heavy lifting for you! In the meantime, here are our picks for the top 50 Cannabis blog topic ideas. (followed by 50 more, sans descriptors).

  1. Jobs In The Cannabis Industry

One of the most-searched inquiries regarding Cannabis. Many people want to know what kind of jobs they can get in the Cannabis industry. Enlighten them.

  1. Best Cannabis Investments

Another frequent search inquiry. Cannabis is a fast-growing industry with many big players on Wall Street. Allow your investment-savvy readers some key insight into the most promising Cannabis investments.

  1. Top Online Dispensaries

There are many reasons why finding the best online dispensary is in the best interest of your readers. Talk about a few of the highly-rated dispensaries and why they hold their reputation. Perhaps a countdown is in order?

  1. To Smoke Or No?

A huge debate throughout the Cannabis industry. Discuss the implications of smoking, explain that smoking plant matter is always negative to some degree. Then discuss the positives and possible side effects of other administration methods.

  1. Cancer Cure Or Hoax?

This is a touchy subject but will gain readers every single time. Do your best to keep it as medically accurate as possible to avoid SEO penalties as well as “pseudoscience” labels. This could potentially save a life if you discuss it properly.

  1. THC & CBD Comparison

Pretty basic stuff for a seasoned Cannabis expert, but some want to know the differences and why they are important to take into consideration. Alleviate your readers’ confusion.

  1. Edibles

Discuss the difference in metabolites that occurs after ingesting Cannabis. Explain that if there are notable amounts of THC that the person should expect a far more intense reaction than with other administration methods.

  1. Advice For Newbies

Use your best judgment, but this one is pretty open to have fun with. Build it from the foundation that you personally wish you would have had going into the Cannabis experience. A lot of concerns could be alleviated here.

  1. Influential Cannabis Icons

Again, fairly open to opinion and best judgment. The idea is that you want to discuss iconic people who have done good in the world despite their stigmatic relationship to Cannabis. I.e Michael Phelps, Tommy Chong, Wiz Khalifa, Joe Rogan, etc

  1. Cannabis Derivatives

This may cover a wide range of things, or just a few if you think there’s a lot to be said about the few. It may include oils, tinctures, butter, hash, wax, shatter, or any other Cannabis-derived product.

  1. Destigmatization

With the passing of many state laws legalizing Cannabis as recreational, comes the inherent finger-pointing, and shaking heads (mainly from older generations). Explain the process of destigmatization and how it will progressively happen over time.

  1. Best Strains For Night

Many of your readers may have trouble sleeping at night and simply don’t care to conduct trial and error to find a suitable strain for their needs. Give them some insight so that they may sleep peacefully.

  1. Best Strains For Morning

You wouldn’t want to use an indica strain early in the morning, especially if you had to work! Discuss some of the better options for those who have plans throughout their days.

  1. Best Strains For Pain

Remember that many of your readers will likely be patients and not simply “users”. Inform the ones who need to know about which strains will help to ease their pains, so that they may enjoy life to its fullest.

  1. Effectiveness Of Topical CBD

Some doubt the strength of transdermal CBD, whether lotion or oil. Verify that these products do work assuming they were produced correctly.

  1. Medicinal Uses For Cannabis

There are a decent number of conditions that may be treated using Cannabis. Discuss as many of them as you care to, but again keep in mind, you want to remain as clinically accurate as possible. Lest you lose SEO brownie points.

  1. Indica V.S Sativa V.S Hybrid

This doesn’t have to be a contest or a bias post. Just give your readers insight into the difference between them, and maybe which would be best for what kind of mood. Don’t leave out the overwhelming statistic that hybrids tend to make people paranoid/ jittery.

  1. Delta-8 THC, Delta-9 THC; Why It Matters?

There has been a lot of talks lately about “Delta this-or-that”. Discuss what this means to the general Cannabis user, and why it might matter. Discuss legality concerns or possible legality loopholes that arise from the specifics of Delta 8/9 THC.

  1. Is Cannabis Addictive?

Many experts say that it can indeed become habit-forming, while others argue that without traditional withdrawal effects it lacks the key ingredients of an “addictive” substance. Use your best judgment, but keep it within the realm of scientific fact.

  1. Must-See Cannabis Festivals

Cannabis is celebrated all around the world for many reasons. There are festivals held in places you may not expect to see. Enlighten your readers about the best festivals celebrating Cannabis and maybe where to find a few of them.

  1. A Brief History Of Cannabis

Cannabis is significantly older than humanity. However, since our most recent evolution about 200k years ago, we’ve been actively involved with Cannabis in many ways. Discuss our involvement with this miracle flower throughout time.

  1. Best Gummies

These are a hot commodity in today’s head shops and even throughout the United States in gas stations! Clearly, there are better quality gummies than gas station bags, and your readers probably would appreciate that information.

  1. CannaMyth Busters

Discuss the most widely believed myths surrounding the Cannabis industry. Inform readers about the reality of those myths, and don’t forget to research if you’re not sure. Factuality is a must with this one.

  1. Legalization Movement

This has so many directions it could go, you have no limits on this one. You could discuss the current scope of legal aspects, or you could give a history of the legalization movement. Use your best judgment.

  1. Getting Pulled Over With Legal Cannabis

A concern of many medicinal users, and now a growing number of legal recreational users. Of course, any answers to this will vary wildly state by state, but there are still tips to remember that may help you out in a situation no matter where you are.

  1. How To Get Your “Green Card”

Many states that have legalized Cannabis recreationally still have you attain a card for use in dispensaries. Medicinal users have to attain a card for similar purposes. Explain the most common ways to get your Cannabis dispensary “pass”.

  1. Vaping V.S Smoking

They are very different in many ways. Help those who would otherwise never know decide which, if either, is best for them.

  1. Best CBD Oils

For those of your readers who need information about the best oils. Give uses for each and maybe where to obtain the best of the best. Only use vendors you would use yourself.

  1. Best Sources For Accurate Information

Automatically cross out Facebook as a credible source of information. Scholarly articles are always a winner, and rarely are media outlets a good choice for finding all the facts without biases. Google scholar is the apex.

  1. Cannabis Culture: Best Music

“Cannabis Culture” would be a series of blog topics that you could embellish upon as you see fit. An obvious choice of sub-topic would be “best music.” You might make a list or countdown. This is opinion content, but it doesn’t hurt to add the classics: Sublime, Marley, Floyd, etc.

  1. Cannabis Culture: Best Munchies

The second installment of “Cannabis Culture.” Everyone loves a good food blog post. Make it as silly as you want; people love that. Nilla wafers with icing, birthday cake ice cream, etc have fun with it!

  1. Cannabis Culture: Best Movies

Third in the series could be “best movies”. Again, this is based purely on opinion, but you would do well to include the all-time favorites. I.e Half Baked, Cheech & Chong, Harold & Kumar, Reefer Madness, How High, etc.

  1. Cannabis Culture: Best Activities

The possibilities are endless. Some people say hiking, fishing, sleeping, painting, making music, you could take this in so many directions there is no limit to the possible results.

  1. Why Buying Legally Is Important

Discuss the fact that the legalization effort is finally making headway and that it’s imperative not to destroy the progress made thus far. You could add that taxation for a cash crop is vital to stimulate necessary economic growth, while sustaining a desirable job market.

  1. What To Look For In A Flower

Many of your readers will likely have no idea what a quality Cannabis flower looks like, smells like, or even that “buds” are called flowers. Be sure that you include the difference between colorful flowers and moldy flowers!

  1. Trichome Knowledge

A little more scientific of a topic, but a great one nonetheless! Explain to your readers what trichomes are, and what their significance is to the overall human interest in the Cannabis flower.

  1. Psychoactive Properties Of Ingesting Cannabis V.S Smoking

We grazed this topic earlier in the list, but this could make a splash if you went into detail. Discuss how THC converts into 11-hydroxy metabolite after ingestion, and that this metabolite is significantly more potent. Even causing hallucinations!

  1. Cannabis’ Influence On Pop Culture

Pop culture has been affected by Cannabis in countless ways. Through music, art, movies, fashion, trends, etc. Discuss some of the ways that are most relevant to the modern aesthetic and the way we live and view our lives today.

  1. Top Cannabis “Capital” Locations

There are more now than there have ever been, so this one should be relatively simple. List a few of the best ones, I,e Amsterdam, Denver, San Francisco, etc. Detail what made them Cannabis destinations and why anyone would want to visit.

  1. Why It’s Important Not To Smoke Before Adulthood

Keep this within the realm of medical science. It’s a fact that the frontal lobe (responsible for moral decision-making) isn’t fully developed in humans until approximately 25 years old. This can have implications on a person if they start using at an early age.

  1. The “War” On Drugs

Don’t fall too deeply into the rabbit hole, but let the readers know the truth behind the alleged “war on drugs.” Inform them that when prohibition wasn’t a viable option, the government(s) started to create ways to make their money from substances without ever having to touch them.

  1. “Reefer Madness” & How Far We’ve Come

Could tie into the previous topic. Propaganda in film was popular in those days, and though it’s hilarious to watch “Reefer Madness” exhibits the extent that people were willing to go to lie about something so harmless. Compare it to our modern outlook on the Cannabis industry.

  1. Cannabinoids

Keep this as scientific as possible. Inform your readers about the physiology behind cannabinoids and why they are essential for the human mind to flourish.

  1. Best Seed Distributors

Mostly for those of you who cater to an audience of potential growers. Give them the information they would need to make an informed decision about where to find the best seeds.

  1. Best Seasonal Strains

A lot of consensus regarding the best options for any given season is out there to be found. Do a little reading and research to find what people think and make a post about it. People love things in season!

  1. Concentrates: A Comprehensive Breakdown

Specifically “dabs” as a generalization would make for an excellent post! Shatter, wax, crumble, etc. Anything that can be used in a dab rig. Explain extraction methods, liquid content, why those things matter, etc.

  1. Cannabis Cup

List the past decades’ winners of the Cannabis Cup, and give some tasty details about each of them. Where they originated, what they taste like, physical properties, popularity in today’s market, etc.

  1. Open A Dispensary?

Quite a heavy thing to discuss. If you have insight into the reality of opening your dispensary, then give that knowledge to your readers. We’re sure it’s far more difficult and stressful than most could bear.

  1. Cultivation: An Overview

This would be a great series to undergo! People would flock to this topic for many reasons, but the first installment would be a basic structuring of the steps, or possibly a general scope of must-have information.

  1. High Times: How A Magazine Helped Change The World

High Times magazine has been around for a very long time now. Its influence on everything from pop culture to the American legal system has been incredible and continues in full swing with or without the internet to help it. Discuss the importance of such an icon.

Bonus Round: 50 More Cannabis Blog Post Ideas

  1. Cannabis Stocks To Watch
  2. Cultivation: Grow Medium
  3. Cultivation: Grow Lights
  4. Cultivation: Nutrients
  5. Cultivation: Environmental Factors
  6. Cultivation: Germination
  7. Cultivation: Seedling
  8. Cultivation: Vegetative
  9. Cultivation: Pre-Flower
  10. Cultivation: Flowering
  11. Cultivation: Harvesting & Trimming
  12. Cultivation: Drying, Curing, & Storage
  13. Cultivation: Pest Control
  14. Cultivation: Hydroponics
  15. Cultivation: Genetics, Isolates
  16. Cannabis Administration Methods
  17. “Pro” Side Of The Cannabis Debate
  18. “Con” Side Of The Cannabis Debate
  19. Best Gear: Grinders
  20. Best Gear: Vaporizers
  21. Best Gear: Glass
  22. Cannabis In Sports
  23. Cannabis & You: The Mind’s Yearning For Cannabinoids
  24. Then & Now: The Evolution Of Cannabis
  25. Cannabis Church?
  26. Cannabis V.S Alcohol: Societal Implications
  27. What Being Intoxicated On THC Feels Like
  28. Cannabis Overdose Possible?
  29. Joint, Blunt, Glass, Vape, Or Nay?
  30. Female Plants, And Why.
  31. Hemp Use Throughout History
  32. “Brick Weed” The Old Days
  33. Does Cannabis Open Your Mind?
  34. Best System Cleanses
  35. Things You Don’t Want To Be Stoned For
  36. Smoker Etiquette
  37. Tolerance & How It Happens
  38. Paranoia & How To Cope
  39. Finding The Right Strain For You
  40. Slang Terms Kids Are Using
  41. “I Did Inhale”: Unexpected Icons Who Admit To Using
  42. Cannabis Effects On Humans Long-Term
  43. Breaking Open Common Cannabis Stereotypes
  44. Through Glass: Why Glass Is Superior To Metal For Pipes
  45. Cannabis Effects On Memory & Recall
  46. Flower Gallery: Breathtaking Cannabis Flower Imagery
  47. Know Your Buds: How To Identify Strain Types
  48. On The Menu: What To Expect When At The Dispensary
  49. Keef & How Awesome It Is
  50. Unexpected Uses For Cannabis