Our Ultimate List: 101 Beauty Blog Post Ideas

Blog Post Ideas

If you run a beauty business, you know exactly how important having a blog can be. In addition to adding to the exposure of your company, a high-quality beauty blog will help you earn the trust of your customers. However, it can be difficult to come up with new, interesting topics ideas every week.

Luckily, we’re here to help. With our 100 beauty blog post ideas, you’ll never run the risk of not knowing what to write about ever again. Still, even if we provide you with the topics, blogging takes time you may not have. If that’s the case, check out our blog writing services, where we do the hard work for you.

50 Beauty Blog Post Examples to Inspire You

  1. How are Eurocentric Beauty Standards Harming POC

It’s integral to remain critical of beauty standards that have been causing harm to people of color for decades. With topics such as this one, you can spread awareness of the problems people of color face in the beauty industry.

  1. Vacation Beauty Essentials

Everyone tends to pack way too many beauty products when going on a trip. In this blog post, you can talk about the beauty essentials your readers will actually use while on vacation.

  1. Following an Influencer’s Beauty Routine for a Day

Nowadays, a lot of influencers share their daily beauty routines online. You can pick a few of the most popular beauty influencers and make a series where you try out and compare those routines.

  1. X Skincare Tips for Winter/Summer

Many people don’t know they should change their beauty products seasonally. Help your readers adapt their skincare routines for winter or summer.

  1. DIY Face Masks for Clear Skin

Try out various DIY face masks and write about your experience. You probably already have all the ingredients you need in your kitchen, and you can even experiment and make a unique concoction.

  1. Tips to Figure Out Your Skin Type

People often look to online sources when it comes to determining their skin type. Help your readers discover whether they have oily, dry, or combination skin and which products work for their skin type.

  1. Hairstyle Ideas for Bad Hair Days

Just because your hair is dirty doesn’t mean you can’t look good. Try out a few hairstyles that work on greasy hair, and write about the ones you like the most.

  1. Holy Grail Products

Everyone has holy grail products they swear by. Make a list of your favorites, and share them with your readers. Opt for makeup, skincare, or haircare – the choice is yours.

  1. Useful Beauty Tips from an Expert

Turn to beauty experts for some help. Find an expert you like and look into what they recommend. You can even interview them and talk more in-depth about their opinions.

  1. An Affordable but Effective Drugstore Skincare Routine

When writing for a beauty blog, you should cater to all audiences. There is no better way to do so than writing about affordable skincare that is just as effective as the expensive stuff.

  1. How to Choose the Perfect Hairstyle for Your Face Shape

Choosing a hairstyle can be tricky. Help your readers out by writing about hairstyle do’s and don’ts according to their face shape.

  1. Habits You Should Drop by 30 That Your Skin Will Thank You For

When we’re young, it seems as though no matter what we do to our skin, it bounces back. Still, the habits we form while young may harm our skin in the future. Write about habits our skin will thank us for dropping before 30.

  1. Get Ready/Unready with Me

Get ready with me blog posts are quite common, but they are loved by readers all over the world. Allow your audience to take a few steps in your shoes by showing them which products you use to get ready for your day.

  1. X CBD Skin Care Products You Should Try

CBD skincare products are more popular than ever. Help your audience choose the right ones for their skin type by sharing CBD skincare products you love with them.

  1. 10-minute Makeup Routine

If you’ve mastered the 10-minute makeup routine, share it with your audience. This type of blog post will attract people who are on the go but still wish to look and feel their best.

  1. Skincare Tips South Korean Women Swear By

South Korean skincare is known to be among the best in the world. Write about common beauty practices South Korean women swear by, but your readers probably don’t know much about.

  1. Makeup Looks Inspired by Movie Characters

If you want to spice up your content, try incorporating beauty with popular movies, books, or TV shows. One way to do so is by recreating movie makeup looks that have caught your eye.

  1. Which Colors Suit You Based on Your Undertone

Skin undertones play a huge part in whether a certain color suits us. Talk your audience through what undertones are and why they should keep theirs in mind when choosing a blush or a lipstick shade.

  1. Trying a Beauty Product for a Month

Reviewing popular products is always a good idea, as many people look at online reviews before making a purchase. However, make sure to take enough time to truly try the product out before recommending it to your audience.

  1. Unique Ways to Market Your Beauty Product

Write about marketing tactics you find interesting. Look at a few beauty brands that have a good marketing strategy, and try to find what they have in common.

  1. Zoom Makeup – How to Make Your Face Look Good on Camera

Zoom meetings are the new norm. Show your audience how to look good and feel confident while on camera.

  1. What Is Glass Skin and How Can You Achieve It?

Glass skin is the term used to describe a poreless, hydrated, healthy-looking complexion. Let your readers know how they can achieve this popular Korean trend.

  1. How to Pamper Your Skin After a Long Week

Everyone needs a good pampering once in a while. Write about pampering tips and tricks that will help your readers feel rejuvenated after a long week.

  1. Biggest Skincare Mistakes That Are Causing You Acne

Acne is a common problem among teenagers, as well as many adults. Help your readers by writing about common acne-causing skincare mistakes they may be doing.

  1. Overly Hyped Makeup Products You Should Avoid

There must be a few popular makeup products you just don’t get the hype for. Write about those products and recommend a few alternatives you think are better than the overhyped (and probably overpriced) option.

  1. Beauty Gift Ideas for Christmas

Everyone has at least one skincare, haircare, or makeup lover in their life. Make a list of products that can be a great addition to any Christmas gift. Bonus topic – beauty stocking stuffers for under $10.

  1. What is Causing Your Blackheads and What You Can Do to Treat Them

Blackheads can be quite an obnoxious, persistent problem. Help your readers by writing about what can cause this skin issue and what they can do to prevent them in the future.

  1. Skincare Regime to Combat Oily Skin

Although all skin types have their own set of challenges, oily skin can be the trickiest to manage. Share skincare products you love that help combat oily skin, especially if you have this skin type as well.

  1. Organic Makeup Products You Should Try

Your beauty blog is a great place to spread awareness of the causes you support. If you prefer using organic, vegan makeup, write about it for your audience. Let them know which products they should try and make the switch from harmful chemicals easier for them.

  1. Tip and Tricks for Taking Care of Dyed Hair

Hair dye can cause quite a bit of damage. Let your readers know how to prevent further damaging their hair by sharing your favorite tips and tricks for dyed hair.

  1. Where to Buy High-Quality Hair Extensions

For a hair extension newbie, the hair market can be a confusing place. Help your readers find high-quality extensions, no matter if they are looking for synthetic or real hair.

  1. The Best Hair Oils for Dry Hair

Hair tends to be more brittle and dry during the colder months. That’s why the winter season is the perfect time to write about hair oils that you love for keeping hair shiny and soft.

  1. How to Prevent Your Nails from Breaking

When writing about beauty, many bloggers forget about nail care. Don’t make the same mistake and attract new readers looking for information on how to keep their nails healthy and prevent nail damage.

  1. Underhyped Beauty Products You Should Try

Not every beauty product gets the hype they deserve. Use your platform to promote products you love but don’t see enough people praising online. That way, you can help small businesses find new customers and help your audience find their new holy grail items.

  1. A Guest Post from a Fellow Beauty Blogger

Don’t look at other beauty bloggers as competition. Rather, see them as a source of inspiration. Ask a blogger you admire to guest post on your blog and return the favor by writing for them as well.

  1. Unique Perfumes for the Workplace

Not every perfume is appropriate for the office. Make a list of popular perfumes that give off a confident, mature vibe without being too sweet and overpowering.

  1. TikTok Beauty Trends That Are Worth the Hype

If you can’t think of an idea for your next blog post, look no further than TikTok. The popular app is often the place where viral beauty trends originate. Try out the newest viral trend and report your findings to your audience.

  1. What is Dermarolling and is it Good for Your Skin

Is dermarolling just another fad, or does it help combat skin issues? Write about the research, as well as your personal experience with dermarolling and whether you recommend the procedure to your audience.

  1. Beauty Standards We Should Leave Behind

The beauty industry has become more progressive than ever. However, there are still quite a few harmful beauty standards we should leave behind. Write about how beauty standards can harm individuals and how we can overcome this problem.

  1. Beginners Guide to a Minimalist Skincare Products

Introduce your audience to the minimalist skincare movement. Talk about various multi-purpose products you love. Additionally, let them know how they can streamline their skincare routine so that it’s both quick and efficient.

  1. Beauty Products Review and Giveaway

Beauty product reviews are nothing new in the blogging world. However, a great way to make them more interesting for your audience is by including a giveaway of the product. That way, a few of your readers can try the products you loved themselves.

  1. Interview a Beauty Influencer

Find an influencer that is just as passionate about beauty as you are and interview them. Ask them about their favorite skincare products, their makeup routine, and whether they have a few beauty secrets to share with your audience.

  1. Are Essential Oils Truly Good for Your Skin?

There is a lot of misinformation regarding essential oils online. Help your readers understand exactly which essential oils their beauty routine can benefit from, as well as when and how to use them.

  1. The Benefits of Sleep for Your Skin, Hair, and Nails

Although everyone knows sleep is beneficial, not many people know exactly how it helps your body recover. Write about the various proven benefits a good sleep schedule has on the whole body, inside and out.

  1. Easy Nail Art Tutorials

Pick a nail art pattern you like and write a step-by-step guide on how to achieve it. It’s best to include pictures of each step, as well as an explanation of what you’re doing in that step.

  1. The Perfect Red Lipstick for Your Skin Shade

One of the most common problems of women everywhere is finding a perfect red lipstick shade. Aid your readers by choosing a few lipstick shades to recommend for various skin tones and undertones.

  1. Beauty Apps You Should Be Using

Nowadays, there’s an app for everything, including skincare and makeup. Write about the most popular beauty apps and what you like and dislike about them.

  1. Best Home Remedies for Acne

Plenty of people don’t know that the household items they have in their cupboards can help them fight acne. Write about the powers of apple cider vinegar, aspirin, and other acne remedies your readers probably already own.

  1. Why You Should Not Dye Your Hair at Home

While it’s quite common nowadays to dye your hair at home, it can be quite disastrous if not done properly. Talk about the difference between dying your hair yourself and going to a professional to get it done.

  1. Makeup Looks that Compliment Hooded Eyes

Not every makeup look suits every eye shape. Write about various eye shapes and what the reader can do to accentuate the beauty of their natural shape with the help of makeup.

50 More Unique Beauty Blog Post Ideas

  1. Lessen the Appearance of Your Dark Circles with Items You Have in Your Kitchen
  2. Best Makeup Items Under $20
  3. Makeup Hacks You Use Every Day
  4. How You Can Make Short Hair Look More Feminine
  5. Festive Holiday Makeup Looks
  6. X Different Ways to Apply Blush
  7. Beauty Benefits of a Daily Yoga Routine
  8. The Benefits of Aromatherapy
  9. How to Use Less Plastic in Your Beauty Routine
  10. Why Causes an Eczema Flare-Up in the Winter
  11. What Causes Stretch Marks and How You Can Prevent Them
  12. Foods to Avoid if You Want Whiter Teeth
  13. Colors that Complement Gray Hair
  14. Beauty Brands that Test on Animals and Why You Should Avoid Them
  15. X Protective Hairstyles for Black Hair
  16. What You Should Know Before Getting Plastic Surgery
  17. Tips and Tricks for Even Self-Tanner Application
  18. The Pros and Cons of Co-Washing
  19. Grooming Tips for Men
  20. Post-Workout Skincare Routine Tips
  21. Authentic Indian Natural Skin Remedies
  22. How to Prevent Dry Hands This Winter
  23. Dry Body Brushing for Soft Skin
  24. Unusual Uses of Baking Soda in Your Beauty Routine
  25. Makeup Mistakes That Are Making You Look Older
  26. The Benefits of Shea Butter for Hair and Skin
  27. X Natural Treatments That Prevent Hair Loss
  28. Ingredients You Should Avoid in Your Skincare
  29. X Ways to Get Rid of Unwanted Facial Hair
  30. What are Strawberry Legs and How You Can Treat Them
  31. Dandruff – Causes and Treatment Options
  32. What is Electrolysis and How is it Different from Laser Treatment
  33. Why You Should Wash Your Grease-Prone Hair Less
  34. X High Coverage Foundations That Can Cover Scars and Tattoos
  35. How Can Dry Oil Help Your Beauty Routine
  36. This or That – Regular Foundation or a BB Cream
  37. A Food Intolerance May Be the Cause of Your Acne
  38. Beach Day Skincare Essentials
  39. Natural Lip Balm Recipes You Can Make at Home
  40. The 10-Step Korean Skincare Routine Explained
  41. How to Treat Rosacea at Home
  42. Favorite Items in Your Makeup Collection
  43. The Benefits of Vitamin E for Your Skin and Hair
  44. Shaving Tips to Prevent Razor Burn
  45. Makeup Tips to Make You Look More Rested
  46. X Tips for an At-Home Pedicure
  47. Best Fragrances for Women/Men Under $X
  48. Long Hair Maintenance Tips for Men
  49. How to Look Your Best on a Budget
  50. Tips for Looking Your Best in Selfies