Ultimate List: 101 Auto Repair & Dealership Blog Post Ideas

Blog Post Ideas

If you’re in the car business as either a dealership or repair shop – you need a blog. Blogs not only show customers that you are experts in your field, but they can also help you attract new leads. By communicating directly with potential and existing customers, you can share your:

  • Perspective on exciting trending topics
  • Expert tips for car maintenance and/or car buying
  • Fun information on your business and sales representatives/technicians and
  • Brand values, goals, and involvement in the community

Small, independent shops in particular can really benefit from a blog since they do not have access to the same marketing resources and budgets as larger chains.

Blogging is especially critical for these smaller businesses, as it can help to improve your performance on search so that people in need of your services can find you. Known as search engine optimization (SEO), a regularly updated, high-quality blog is a crucial piece of any solid SEO strategy.

When it comes to what types of topics to write about, the world is your oyster! However, you should bear in mind what your audience actually wants to read. Consider what car owners, buyers, and enthusiasts need to know, and deliver content that answers their questions.

To help get you started, here is a look at 100 different blog article topics for auto repair shops and car dealerships.

Auto Repair Blog Topics

  1. Technician of the month

Ironically, some of the best automotive repair blog ideas are about people – not cars. Create an article highlighting one of your technicians each month. Your customers and potential customers will enjoy getting to know them, and will often be more comfortable with seeking services from your business.

  1. When are your car repairs covered by car insurance?

Dealing with insurers after an accident can be a headache. Using your knowledge of working with insurers and car owners over time, create a helpful list of when car repairs are most likely to be covered by insurers.

  1. Car maintenance tips for winter

Winter can be a challenging time for car owners. The colder weather and snow can cause problems for tires, engines, and other functionalities. Provide readers with some maintenance tips they can do at home to ensure their car rides smoothly and safely in the winter months.

  1. How to jumpstart your car

Other auto repair blog ideas that are appreciated by readers include practical information. Not everyone knows how to jumpstart their car, or maybe it’s been a while and they have forgotten. Provide readers with a step by step guide for how they can do this in the event that they are stuck and in need of a jump start!

  1. 5 engine noises that require immediate attention

Good auto repair shop blog ideas are centered around safety – and that is what makes this article topic a great choice! Make a list of the five most common engine noises, and let readers know that if they experience any of these noises, they should take their car in to a shop (like yours) immediately.

  1. Winter Tires vs. All Season Tires

Making the decision between purchasing winter tires and all season tires can be a tricky one to make if you don’t know anything about tires. Create an article that helps people make that decision. Some things to consider in this article: location, price range, climate, and driving patterns.

  1. 5 questions you need to ask when choosing a mechanic to fix your car

Many people do not have a mechanic that they see on a regular basis. Create an article about how to choose the right mechanic for their car. This is a great time to highlight any of your shop’s core expertise or specialities with specific models or brands.

  1. Why you shouldn’t ignore your warning lights

Many people find warning lights on their cars confusing. And oftentimes they will leave them completely ignored! Let them know why they should never ignore their warning lights, and let them know that your team is there to help them figure out what is wrong.

  1. How to inspect your oil

Typical auto body repair blog topics will revolve around oil changes and oil products. Sometimes your customers cannot always come in to have their oil changed by you. Maybe they are on vacation out of state, or perhaps they do not have enough time. Be there for them by providing them with an expert guide of how to inspect their own oil for themselves. They will appreciate it!

  1. Your Car’s New Year’s Resolutions

Oftentimes people become busy during the holidays and they forget to take their car in for its regular service. Or, perhaps they have received a gift card for your shop for Christmas, and they need to know what to spend it on. Create a list of some top ‘new year’s resolutions’ that every car owner should consider for their car.

  1. Here are 5 things every car owner needs

If you are in search of automotive part blog ideas to advertise your products, this is a great title to consider. Create a list of the top five parts and accessories that car owners should have – feel free to plug in some of your products on that list!

  1. Car maintenance and service checklist

The most common auto repair blog topics include checklists – and readers love them! Create an article with checklists for what car owners need to know about car maintenance and services. This could be organized by the lifetime of the car – or, you could sort your checklists by seasons.

  1. When was the last time your tires were rotated and balanced?

This article idea is a great opportunity to not only share your practical advice and expertise, but to also promote some of your core services. Readers should know first and foremost when they need to have their tires rotated and balanced. Once they know that, let them know that you are there to service them whenever they need it.

  1. Understanding your car’s emergency lights

Many people have no idea what certain emergency lights mean on their car. However, these lights can sometimes be warning drivers of potential dangers and so they need to be aware of the important ones. Highlight the most important ones for drivers – especially ones that they may not know about!

  1. What to do when your car overheats

Blog post ideas for automotive hacks are super popular, and hacks for what to do when your car overheats can be very useful for readers. Provide them with a step by step guide of what to do, what to look for, and potential remedies for the event that their car overheats.

Car Dealership Blog Topics

  1. January’s Spotlight Model

Of all of the car dealership blog ideas, a monthly spotlight article is one of the best ways your dealership can promote new models. Use this opportunity to promote a lesser-known model that you are trying to sell. Or, promote the latest model that you have on the lot to spark interest and leads.

  1. Should I lease or finance my new car?

Leasing vs. financing a new car is a common discussion that many people have with their car salesman and financial advisor. Create an article all about what potential buyers should take into consideration before they make the decision between leasing or buying.

  1. Here are 10 things you need to know about your new truck

Buying a new truck is super exciting, but there might be a few things that – especially new truck owners – may not know. Ask your sales team about some common questions new truck owners have, and create an article based off of their answers. This will be super helpful for either new truck owners or those on the market for a new truck.

  1. Top 5 questions to ask yourself before you buy a new car?

Buying a car is a big decision, and many people may struggle with knowing when the right time to buy a car is, and what type of model to look for. Come up with some questions that buyers should consider before making that big purchase.

  1. Which Model (of your brand) Is Best for Graduates?

Many college grads know that they want to buy a car upon graduation. However, they may not have a good idea of what the best model to buy for them might be. Shed some light on your top models perfect for a recent grad.

  1. Top 3 places to get your car washed in [Your Area]

If your dealership doesn’t do car washing, provide readers with some recommendations for the best car washing spots in your area. This is a great way to promote other businesses and the auto-industry in your community.

  1. Don’t do these 4 things if you want your car to retain its value

Retaining your car’s value is crucial in the event that you want to trade it in in the future. Based on your experience, provide 4 things car owners should NOT do if they want to keep their car in prime condition.

  1. How to Decorate Your Car for Halloween

Many people decorate their cars for Halloween or ‘trunk or treat’ events. Create this fun article with clever ways that they can decorate their car. You can include tips for avoiding damaging paint or other car parts in the process.

  1. How to Make the Most of Your Test Drive

Test drives are a buyer’s chance to see how a car really performs on the road. However, sometimes it can be overwhelming, and they forget to ask a certain question. Help them out by giving them some tips for how to make the most out of their test drive with your company.

  1. Should I buy a new car or a used car?

This is often a common decision that many potential car buyers can take a while to make. Help them out with that process by outlining the pros and cons of used vs. new vehicles.

  1. Vehicle of the week

This is a great blog topic idea that you can either do on a weekly or monthly basis. Highlight a vehicle that you have for sale each week. Share with readers some of its key features, attributes, and what makes it a great car to consider buying.

  1. Best Car Commercials from the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is a busy time for the advertising industry, and car manufacturers always create some great ads. Take this opportunity to highlight some of the best car commercials from the super bowl to share with your readers.

  1. Car Buying Doesn’t Have to Be Scary! Tips to Make Car Buying Easy

For many people, purchasing a car is something they only get to do a handful of times in their life. And that can feel scary. Create an article with some practical tips that can put potential customer’s mind at ease.

  1. The Perfect Tailgating Kit for Your Car

Some of the most fun car blog topics often have nothing to do with the car itself! Create an article all about the perfect tailgating accessories. This piece would work great in the fall months or just before football season.

Suitable for Both Blog Topics

  1. Best Vacations within Driving Distance

People love to talk about driving and where they can go to with their favorite automobile. Create a piece about some of the best getaways within driving distance of your area. This is a great way to promote local tourist spots and drive conversation!

  1. How to keep all of your car paperwork organized

One of the less frequently talked about blog ideas for automotive companies, but one of the most important. Having your car paperwork organized is crucial in the event of an accident, a police stop, or a repair. Help readers understand the importance of this and share a few tips for keeping it all organized in the glovebox.

  1. The Ultimate Accident Checklist

Unfortunately, millions of car accidents happen each year and car owners should prepare for the worst. Provide a helpful list of everything they need to know in case they are in a car accident. This type of content is super valuable for readers in their time of need and will show that your company cares.

  1. How to Get Your Car Ready for Spring

As winter draws to a close, help readers know what they need to do to prepare their car for the warmer months. Do they need to rotate tires? Should they check their brakes? Give them a list of what they need to check and prepare.

  1. What we love about the [model x] car

This type of blog article is the perfect chance to geek out on a new model of car. Even if you don’t sell anything related to the specific model, this is a great chance to show your audience that you are passionate about cars.

  1. How to know it’s time for a new car

Automobile air conditioning blog ideas could center around what parts to buy or tips for fixing a broken car air conditioner. However, you could also use air conditioning as a reason why someone needs a new car. This blog strategy works great for dealerships looking for sales leads. And, it can also work for repair shops to give insight into potential pitfalls people fall into when repairing their cars over and over again.

  1. Getting Your Vehicle Road Trip Ready

Everyone loves a road trip. Use this fun topic idea to share some practical advice for what people should do ahead of a long road trip. This is a great opportunity to plug any of your shop’s products or services! For dealerships, it’s a reminder to customers to come get their oil changed.

  1. Best local wax and wash providers

This blog article idea is a great opportunity to show that you care about your community and other businesses. Use your blog platform to recommend some of the best wax and wash providers in your area. Your customers will take your recommendations seriously and your fellow business leaders will appreciate it!

  1. Car cleaning hacks to make your spring-cleaning last

This is a great piece to include alongside any other spring-cleaning content or offers that your shop plans to do. Create an in-depth piece about what people can do to make the most of their spring cleaning session.

  1. How to prolong the life of your car

Many people do not have basic car maintenance knowledge. Use the expert advice of your team to share some tips and practical advice for how people can keep their cars in tip-top shape over time.

  1. Our favorite cars of this year

This is a great blog idea that works towards the end of the year. It might be a good time to boost sales of cars that will soon be last year’s models. If you are a dealership, use the opportunity to include models that you have on your lot and need to sell.

  1. 5 considerations for every grad buying a new car

College graduation is a common time for recent university graduates to buy their first car. Create a list of five considerations that they should make before making their first big purchase.

  1. Favorite Summer Driving Songs

Everyone loves a playlist, so why not create an article with some summery song suggestions for drivers. Feel good pieces like this can help build brand awareness and even spark a bit of conversation among your social media followers.

  1. What to keep in your car for road trips

Automotive blog ideas don’t have to be just about cars or car parts. They can also simply be about driving. And a fun topic to write about is road-tripping! Use this opportunity to promote some of your accessories that may be useful on a road trip. Bonus tip: this kind of article works best in the summer months.

  1. Best car shows within 60 miles

Car shows create a ton of buzz around the auto industry in your area. Give your readers suggestions for the best car shows within driving distance. An article like this also shows off your company’s love for cars and gives readers something fun to talk about.

  1. Christmas gifts you can give your car

Digital marketing for auto repair shops should always include a promotional campaign around the holidays. Use this time of year to your advantage and create a list of your top products that people can buy for their cars.

  1. How to take care of your car tires

There are many buying guides out there about how to choose the perfect tire for your car. However, there are not many blogs about what you can do to maintain them.

  1. Meet our team!

Customers and people in the community love reading about your team. Use this blog article as an opportunity to introduce your sales team. This not only makes potential customers more comfortable with you, but it gives you the perfect opportunity to show that you care about your employees.

  1. Driving in Snow: How to stay safe

This blog idea is particularly useful in places where it does not snow very often. Share your tips for driving in the snow to readers who may not have much experience with it. You may always also want to include a list of practical objects that may come in handy in the event of getting caught in the snow. This could include a flashlight, a bottle of water, and a blanket.

  1. Spring Cleaning Round Up

In the spring months, blogs are often filled with content about spring cleaning. But spring cleaning shouldn’t just be about the house! Give your readers something different with a piece on how to give their car a good cleaning for spring. You can even promote a special cleaning deal at your shop, or at another shop you support.

  1. Top tips for driving in heavy rain

Driving in heavy rain can be super stressful! Share your expert advice for driving in the rain. It not only makes roads safer, but your customers will appreciate your company for taking the time to write about it!

50 More Auto Repair & Dealership Blog Post Ideas

If you are still looking for even more blog ideas, check out another 50 titles for any car dealership or auto repair shop!

  1. What are the benefits of tire rotation?
  2. What isn’t covered in the manufacturer’s warranty?
  3. Meet the team
  4. This is how often you need to change your transmission fluid
  5. Top 5 myths about buying a new car
  6. Top ten FAQ’s for new car buyers
  7. Why Spring Is the Perfect Time to Change Your Air Filter
  8. What’s the difference between [Model 1] and [Model 2]
  9. Why you shouldn’t drive around with a chipped windshield
  10. Time to Make New Year’s Resolutions for Your Car!
  11. How to fix a flat in under 15 minutes
  12. Top ten safest cars for new families
  13. Leasing or Financing? Which Is Better?
  14. How to jumpstart your car
  15. Best cars for college grads
  16. Is it safe to do a credit application on a dealership’s website?
  17. How do I replace my headlights?
  18. Exciting things happening at [your company] this month
  19. Why you should avoid potholes on the road
  20. Best car accessories that can fit under the Christmas tree
  21. Top 5 Reasons to Have Your Car Repaired/Serviced at a Dealership
  22. How are you celebrating national car care month?
  23. How to prevent your car from fogging up
  24. Best car to buy for your partner’s birthday
  25. Will I get more money selling my car private or trading it in at the dealership?
  26. Troubleshooting a faulty automotive air conditioner
  27. Truck models to look out for this spring season
  28. How to know if you need new brakes
  29. Tips for comparing prices between dealerships
  30. Saving for a down payment? Here’s how to save effeciently
  31. Our technicians review the new [insert new car model]
  32. Tips on getting rid of a bumper dent
  33. Ten Money-Saving Driving Tips
  34. Cleaning cloudy headlights is easier than you think
  35. How can I terminate my car lease early?
  36. How to buy the right tire for your car
  37. What kind of down payment do I need to finance a car?
  38. Car dealership admin fees explained
  39. What is the towing capacity of [insert new truck model]
  40. What to do when your tire pressure drops
  41. New car technologies for this year explained
  42. Best winter road trip destinations
  43. How to Wax Your Car
  44. Top ten vehicles for off road journeys
  45. Super easy way to fix scratches on your car
  46. Recent recalls – all you need to know
  47. Get the best trade in price for your car
  48. Best car accessories for grads off to college
  49. 7 windshield replacement Q&As
  50. Do I need to take my car to the dealership I purchased it from for service?