Our Ultimate List: 101 Affiliate Blog Post Ideas

Blog Post Ideas

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and most lucrative ways for bloggers to make money from their blogs. Of course, having many visitors to your site will result in a higher profit, but you do not need to be a popular blog to make money via affiliate links. The affiliate market is so diversified that you can find affiliate links for any topic or content type, all without changing the type of content you write. Despite its benefits, blogging is time-consuming, even more so if you want to get a profit from your affiliates.

To run a blog, you need to be coming up with topics frequently, which can be difficult. Lucky for you, some websites provide you with topic ideas to help you skip that step. However, writing on those topics is even harder than just coming up with a topic, but you are in luck as we provide blog writing services where we do the hard work for you, and you just sit back and watch the money come in.

If you are ready to start your affiliate marketing here is a list of blog topics to get you started.

  1. Product Reviews

Product reviews are the best type of affiliate content to write because they are easy to link to all product types. You can write about products that you use and provide your feedback on them. Tip: including products you don’t enjoy and sharing your thoughts on them is also a good idea because it can form a transparent bond with your readers.

  1. Collection of your Favorites

These can be favorite books, favorite skincare products, whatever you wish. Curate a list of all of your favorite things and link back to them.

  1. Tutorial Posts

A simple “How to” post about a specific topic is another way to include any affiliates. You can show your readers how to use something that you have an affiliate link with.

  1. Style Guide Posts

These style guideposts can be modified for any niche and can be replicated in various ways. These posts help your readers with the topic you select.

  1. Product Hauls

Product hauls can be about clothes, jewelry, whatever products your niche is. You can then link back to the products you have. It is also an opportunity to share parts of your life with your readers, making them feel as if they know you.

  1. Must-Have Products

Provide must-have products ideas for your readers based on your niche. You can include products from one specific affiliate brand, or you can include multiple brands for content variety.

  1. Dupes

You can create a post on affordable dupe or cheaper products that you have an affiliate relationship with, comparing them to their high-end brand substitutes.

  1. Gift Guides

By compiling a gift guide you can combine several products from different brands. This type of post is most popular around any time of holiday. For example, “Gifts to Get your Father for Father’s Day.”.

  1. Best Type of Products

A list of “bests”. The best type of product to get for X. For example, “The Best Type of Kettle” or “The Best Type Of Perfume for Persons With Allergies.”.

  1. How to Get the Most Out of X Product or Service

If you have experience with a particular product or service, you can write on the best way your readers can get the most out of their money.

  1. How a Specific Product or Service Helped You

If you have a particular issue, you can write a post on how your affiliate product helped you solve that. This type of post gives a personal touch on your affiliate posts and doesn’t come across as too salesy.

  1. Which Product Your Readers Should Get

Offering suggestions is a way for you to promote your favorite product or what is most beneficial to you by suggesting to your readers which products they should get. You should do this for companies you really support as readers will go by your suggestion because they trust you.

  1. Products You are Excited About

Another way to form a genuine connection with your readers, by sharing the brands or products that genuinely excite you, and the products you want your readers to know about.

  1. Price Point Posts

These types of posts can be from either lower points or higher points. For instance, sharing; “Must-Have Products That are Below $10” or “Must-Have Products That are Above $50”.

  1. How to Recreate Looks With Certain Products

If you have a fashion blog, you can share photos of famous persons or celebrities and link to clothing sites or brands that sell similar items. The purpose of this post is to help your readers recreate the same look using the brands you are affiliated with.

  1. Website Sale Events

If you have an affiliate relationship with a particular website, like Amazon, you can create a post to inform your readers about the sale they are having. You can choose which products you include in your post.

  1. Products or Services to get for a Particular Purpose

Similarly, you can select a theme like “Products To Help You Save Time.”. You can link to a specific website or include products from multiple websites.

  1. Recipes

These types of posts help you share your recipe creations, but you can also link to kitchen electronics, food, and other cooking products. You can even link to the other food content websites or cooking courses.

  1. Products or Services You Use in Your Daily Life

These are products or services that you have a personal relationship with, which is advantageous because you can link and state you have first-hand experience from using them, further gaining favorability with your readers.

  1. Problem Solving Posts

You can choose a particular problem that your readers may have. For instance, “Trying to Get Rid of Stubborn Stains?”. You can then link to cleaning products you have an affiliate with.

  1. Budget Ideas

You can select cheap products for a specific purpose. For example, “Cheap Products To Upgrade Your Room.”.

  1. Customer or Reader Favourite Posts

These posts require collaboration from your readers or visitors. You can link to some of the products that your views actually use which makes them feel like they are a part of your work and increases the likelihood that other visitors will also try them.

  1. Share Video Content and Include Affiliate Links

This depends on the type of blog you have. However, if you have a fashion blog, you can tag fashionable Tik Tokers and YouTubers who showcase different outfits or cooking videos. You can then form affiliate links for the items they are using and eliminate the steps viewers will have to take to find information on the products themselves.

  1. Products For a Particular Person

You can write a post like “Fashion for Men” or “Games for Children” and link to the products you have an affiliated relationship with.

  1. Subcategories for your Niche Products

If you have a fashion blog, you can then focus on specific types of products like an accessories post or a shoe post. These posts provide you with content and also more opportunities to form affiliated relationships.

  1. Tackling Financial Problems

This is linked to the finance niche. You can link to different websites or budgeting tools to help readers with financial issues they may be having like debt, or creating savings.

  1. Tips

These types of posts offer useful information to your readers and can cover a wide range of topics. For example, Couponing Tips: linking to special coupons, or deals for your readers.

  1. Online Side Hustles

Provide your readers with information on how they can make money online. All links included can be linked-to affiliated partners.

  1. Starting a Blog or Social Media Page

This can include instructions on how to start a successful blog or popular social media page, with links to the best tools to use. 

  1. Pet Content

Write posts about the healthiest foods for pets or how to properly care for pets.

  1. Software to help In a Particular Area

If you are in the computer and electronics niche, you can write a post on the different software you use. For example, “Different Software You Used To Design Your Website.”.

  1. X Apps to Use for …..

You can link to apps you use for a particular purpose, like designing or computer security. This type of post is connected to a specific niche category.

  1. Apps You Need to Improve X

An example of this is “Apps You Need to Improve Your Social Media Presence.”.

  1. Season Specific Products

For example, “Loungewear for Winter.”. These posts allow you to capitalize on the current season while also creating content.

  1. Things to Get to Treat Yourself

If you are a wellness blog, write a list of items your readers can get to treat themselves or to make them happy. You can mention a wide range of products or services in this post.

  1. Luxury on a Budget

Guide your readers to different brands they may want to try to get the luxurious feel where they don’t need to break the bank.

  1. Products Everyone Will be Asking You About

This content needs to be trendy and on topic. The goal will be to provide suggestions your readers believe will add value to their life.

  1. Type of Products to Get

This topic caters to a specific type of reader and should be modified based on the persons who visit your blog. These types of posts are more beneficial when you have an understanding of who your readers are. For example, “Most Durable Products for Traveling.”.

  1. Subscription Boxes

There are subscription boxes for almost every product.

  1. Resources or Tools to Use to get X

This post is a curation of resources that exist to help your readers reach a specific goal. For instance, “Websites to Use to Get Discount Codes.”.

  1. Go-to Products or Services Posts

These posts are also personal to you but can also include suggestions from persons in your life to get diverse content.

  1. Courses You Should Purchase or Take

These blog posts are goal-based and should reflect the type of reader your blog has and what would be beneficial to them. However, as an affiliate blog, the suggestions should be those that can provide you with an affiliate link.

  1. Design and Decorating Content

This is another opportunity for you to add a wide variety of affiliate links while also providing content for your blog as it can be easily customized and replicated. For example “Ways to Spruce Up Your Office” or “Appliances to Modernize Your Kitchen.”.

  1. Learn Something New

This can be a new skill or a new language. You have the opportunity to link to a program or resource that offers this service.

  1. Recommendations

These types of posts are useful in the entertainment niche. For instance, a list of podcasts you recommend or Influencers your readers should be following.

  1. DIY Posts

You not only inform and educate your readers, but this is another opportunity to link to products or businesses.

  1. Ways to …

A variety of ways to do anything related to your niche. For example “Ways to Meet Friends Online.”.

  1. Health

These posts may look different based on your niche, but health is a very popular topic. There are many opportunities to incorporate health-related brands into the content, be it healthy food, health products, or even other blogs.

  1. Day in Your Life

This allows you to share products or services you use every day and are knowledgeable about while also giving readers a glimpse behind the curtain.

  1. Preparation Posts

These posts are versatile and can be customized for any niche. The posts can be season-specific, for instance; “Prepare for Winter With….” or even “What You Need to Prepare for the Next Recession.”.

50 More Affiliate Blog Posts Ideas

  1. What I Use To Form My Blog
  2. Free Blogging Resources For New Bloggers
  3. This Or That Comparison Posts
  4. X Vs X, Which Is Better For You?
  5. What Happened When I Tried………..
  6. Interview With Owners Of Brands You Are An Affiliate For
  7. Informational Posts
  8. Product Round-ups For Your Niche
  9. Advice Posts
  10. Opinion Pieces
  11. Essential Items
  12. Investing Tools
  13. Products To Improve Your Life
  14. Create Your Space
  15. The Basic Products You Need To Start………
  16. Before And After
  17. Products To Keep Your Toddler Entertained
  18. Products To Distract Your Children
  19. Frequently Asked Questions
  20. How These…… Helped Me
  21. A Beginner’s Guide
  22. The Funniest Products To Buy
  23. Kits For Beginners
  24. Top Products For X Issue
  25. The Best X For New ……
  26. The Best Legal Packages For Bloggers
  27. The Best Tools To Help With X
  28. How To Wear Or Use X
  29. Troubleshooting
  30. What to To Get/Read/Buy This Year
  31. Get Certified In X
  32. Nice Things You Should Get For Yourself
  33. Products You Should Always Travel With
  34. Personal Stories
  35. Listicles
  36. Stylish X for The Entire Year
  37. Things Every New ….. Needs
  38. Ultimate Guides
  39. Product Hacks
  40. Product Giveaways
  41. Contests
  42. Try-Something-New Post
  43. Reading Lists
  44. Bucket Lists Activities
  45. Question and Answer Segments
  46. Events To Go To
  47. Posts Round-Ups
  48. Products to Spark Creativity
  49. Products You Wish You Knew About Sooner
  50. Complete Guides