15 Topic Ideas For Better Business Blogging

Blog Post Ideas

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Your business’s success lies in your ability to market yourself, and online marketing is one of the strongest ways of delivering that success. Having a blog is a way of gaining organic traffic to your business’s website and building up a new relationship with your current and future customers.

Your blog posts should not be all about trying to sell your products, they should offer something more. They should show your customers what type of company you are, and allow them to relate to you.

The key to an excellent blog is to post new, varied, and original content often. This not only keeps your customers interested, but it’s also great for your search engine rankings.

1.Customer Of The Week

Create a weekly post focusing on one of your regular customers. Feature a bit about the history of their company, and what you love about them.

2. Talk About The Future

If you’ve got exciting news about plans that you have in the pipeline for your business, why not share them on your blog?

3. Discus Trends In Your Industry

Showing that you have your finger on the pulse of progress will let people know that your business is one to trust.

4. Keyword Based Posts

If you know what the most popular search terms that bring your customers to you, use this information to create posts based on these keywords.

5. Frequently Asked Questions

If there are questions you find your customers asking a lot, chances are others will want to know the answers too.

An FAQ post not only helps your customers, but it might also lighten the load when it comes to dealing with queries. too

6. Create A ‘How To’ Post

If there are products or services that you can write helpful posts about, do it. If there are lesser-used features to your products, highlight these too.

7. Write About Lies Or Myths In Your Industry

If you’re willing to tell the truth about the practices or misinformation surrounding the industry, you’ll gain the trust and respect of potential customers.

Posts such as these can be quite popular.

8. Bring In A Guest Poster

If there is someone who has a powerful message within your area of business, get them to create a guest post.

9. A ‘Who Are We’ Post

If you want to highlight the work of your fantastic team, there is no better way to do this than publicly.

As well as making your staff feel valued, it also puts a face to your business.

10. Lists

List posts are really popular. Think about the ’10 best…’, of ‘6 ways to…’

11. Get A Celebrity Involved

Get some messages out there to any well-known people who might have something to say about your line of business. See if they’d be willing for you to share their comments.

12. Create A Poll

Encourage reader interaction with a poll. This is a great way of conducting market research too.

13. Talk About Where It All Began

Having a post about the history of your company adds a personal touch. People find this kind of content relatable, as it shows that we all start somewhere.