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Why does it matter to work with a B2B writer with experience in my industry?
It’s easier to communicate authority in your writing when you actually have some authority regarding the topic or industry in question. It’s possible to Google answers to industry questions, but a writer with experience in the field will know how best to communicate to the needs of your target audience. B2B writers aren’t writing to amateurs, they’re writing to experts, and therefore they need to sound like the experts.


A B2B writer without experience in the field will quickly hit their depth and will be unable to adequately satisfy the aims of the person searching for your services. Your B2B writer needs to know what problems might occur in your industry and how your service addresses them; they need to understand what drives business in your industry and how to leverage that. Having a B2B writer with industry experience elevates your profile with expert content, delivering the depth and breadth of knowledge you need to generate leads.

Fortunately, our AI picks from over 3,000 writers with a vast array of industry experiences. We are certain we can find the right match for your content development needs.

Does your B2B writing service require a monthly subscription?
No. We offer B2B writing services on a pay-go basis. When you decide what you need, you ask for it, and we deliver.
Do you offer suggestions for topics for my B2B blog?
Yes, we’re able to do this and have a subscription-based blog writing service for this purpose. We assign one campaign manager to research your brand and your industry to cultivate possible blog posts for your site.
The topic suggestions will be monthly, and then once you approve, we get our writers to write about them. We provide the images and can even post the content on your blog.
Do you write for any B2B business?
Our talent pool of over 3,000 writers has us decently positioned to write about almost any business in the B2B universe. You name it, our content writing services can probably write about it.
What types of content do your B2B writers create?
We are the “Jacks of all Trades” when it comes to B2B content creation. Our writers possess the ability to develop almost anything that you need for public consumption. We cannot create content that is specific to a certain project or relationship because that would require you to “read in” the writer on all of the details. Anything other than that, though, we can create. This is just a taste of what we’ve done for previous B2B clients:


What information do your B2B writers need to get started?
That depends on what you want. We developed a special tool to guide you through our processes and make sure we have the information we need to satisfy your request. This will allow us to meet the parameters of your content order.
I have keywords in mind. Can I share them with the writer to include in the content?
Absolutely! Our writers are happy to incorporate as much information as you want to provide. They take your keywords and then expertly place them throughout the content for maximum readability and smooth flow.
We love to see how we can sneak them into our writing. However, it’s best if you don’t go crazy. We recommend no more than 3 keywords per piece of content, and then our writers will generate long-tail keywords to enhance SEO.
Will I own the content, and will it be original?
Yes, without question. Our writers customize the content for your purposes and write with the expectation that once approved, the content no longer belongs to them.
We don’t use your content for anything other than your order, and you own it outright. Before the content gets delivered to your inbox, we have already checked it for plagiarism using Copyscape, a Google-approved plagiarism-spotting tool.