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Frequently asked questions

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Why is it important that I work with automotive writers who know about the car industry?

We’re willing to bet that at some point or another you have had the awkward experience of having to listen to someone ramble on about cars when they have no idea what they are talking about. It’s embarrassing when it happens in person with someone socially, but it’s even more embarrassing when it is written on the website of a business in the automotive industry.

You need to build trust with your visitors by showing them that you know everything there is to know about your corner of the car world. You might be the only person in the world that can stick a R-34 Skyline engine in a Robin Reliant, but your readers don’t know that – all they have to go on is your content (at first).

To put it bluntly, it’s obvious when someone is writing about cars that knows nothing about them.

You need to love cars to write about them properly.

I have a list of car related keywords, can you include them?
Yes, we love it when our clients give us the keywords they want us to target. We like to request between 1 and 3 keywords for each piece (optional, you don’t have to include them). We will then find the LSI keywords and long tail keywords for you based on that.
What kinds of automotive business can you write content for?
As we mentioned earlier, we’ve got a wide range of car writers who are experts in different areas of the automotive industry. We mainly write content for auto repair shops, car dealerships, and vehicle manufacturers. Here’s a list of the kind of businesses we serve for your convenience, but to be honest, if it has 4 wheels, we can write about it:


  • Auto repair shops
  • Collision repair shops
  • Bodywork shops
  • Used car sales
  • New car sales
  • Classic cars
  • Tuning and racing
  • Imported vehicles
  • And more…
Can you create a meta title and description for me?
Yes we can, but you will need to ask for it in the brief. There’s no extra cost for this, but it is not included as standard.
Can I hire automotive writers to write on car listing platforms for me?
Yes absolutely, we know how to write optimized descriptions that you can use as a template for platforms like Autotrader (and we do so frequently).
What kind of car related content can you write about?
We’re a full-service content writing service that specializes in things like blog postsarticles, and product descriptions, but we do it all. Here’s just some of the automotive content we’ve written in the past.


  • Website content and copywriting
  • Auto repair tips and tricks
  • Car listings and descriptions
  • Buyer’s guides
  • Driving tips
  • Automotive blogs
  • And more…
What information do I need to provide your automotive writers?
We’ve developed one of the most advanced brief creation systems in the world to ensure our clients can tell the writers what they want (and how they want it).
The specific information you’ll need to provide depends on what kind of content you’re ordering, but regardless of what kind of content you’re ordering – our system will guide you every step of the way.
Can you suggest automotive topics for my blog?
We thought you’d never ask. We have a dedicated blog management service that works on a monthly subscription model. Our gearhead content marketing managers will suggest topics for your blog based on current trends and keyword research.
We’ll then send it out to the writers, and manage the process behind the scenes for you from start to finish (we can even post it to your blog for you).

It’s a very different service to this self-serve automotive content writing service so it has its own page, check out how you can boost your business blogging here.

Is your content original? Am i the only person who will have it?
Every single word you get through our platform has been custom written for you.
We check for plagiarism with a Google approved tool called Copyscape, if a writer copies a single sentence we will know about it before the content reaches you (and we will ban the writer). Similarly, the content you get from us is yours, and yours alone. We will never resell it. You own all rights to it, across the universe, in perpetuity.
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