The Problems With Hiring Cheap Article Writing Services

Article Writing

Generating content for your website is a huge time sink.  Either you constantly need to be churning out content yourself or you have to go through a lengthy and frustrating process of finding and vetting freelance writers, which can be equally as time-consuming, not to mention expensive.

There is an easier way: Outsource your articles to an article writing service.  When you first start looking into outsourcing, you will probably be tempted to use the lowest-priced service you can find in order to have the work done quickly and cheaply.

This is a terrible idea.

Supercheap content article writing services produce poor quality work and, as a result, will end up costing you much more over time.  Instead, you should opt for solutions like The Content Panel’s economy service level.  Mid-level services like ours produce much better results in terms of price and writing quality, and they end up paying for themselves quickly with a much higher return on investment.

Cheap Means Cheap

Despite what the supercheap writing services want you to believe, price does indicate quality.  There’s a reason “cheap” means both low cost and low quality.

This classic conundrum, known popularly as “The Boots Theory” and paraphrased from Terry Pratchett’s Men at Arms, illustrates exactly why you should avoid the supercheap writers for your articles and blog posts and instead go with the slightly higher priced but significantly better quality mid-level writing services:


Imagine you need a new pair of work boots to wear every day.  You can go to the local big-box retailer and buy a pair for $10, or you can go down to the mall and get a pair from a boutique for $60.  If you go for the $10 pair made of cheap imitation leather they will break down quickly and you will end up replacing them every four months.  If you buy the more expensive pair, which represents a substantial increase in quality over the other pair, they will last you years.  Assume you wear those $60 boots for five years – in the same time you will have spent $150 replacing the cheaper pair.

So which ended up really being the cheapest option?  Though the more expensive boots were more of an investment up front, they will ultimately pay for themselves over years of solid use, representing a much stronger return on investment compared to the cheaper pair.

The same logic applies to outsourcing your articles.  Instead of looking for the absolute lowest price, you should aim to find professional writing services where quality and professionalism are high but the price is still manageable.  At $3.20 per 100 words, The Content Panel’s economy level service hits that sweet spot where high quality and affordable pricing meet.

Now let’s look more closely at why supercheap writing services necessarily mean lower quality articles and money lost over time.

Not Enough Time

Producing content for your website can take a lot of time.  In fact, this can be a full-time job at big companies.  Not only is it a labor-intensive task but it also requires deep research into the topics, careful writing, and finding the right tone that will achieve your goals, such as driving conversions or educating your audience, and then proofreading thoroughly to submit post-ready articles.

Unfortunately, the writers at supercheap services do not have the luxury of time.  Imagine if someone asked you to do a task in your field of specialization for $5.  How much effort would you really put in?  How much time would you spend on it?  When writers are only making pennies per article, they are not motivated to do their best work.  They will, however, be motivated to finish as many articles as possible in a single day, so the amount of time they spend on your content will be minimal.  That means neglecting careful research, writing, and proofreading.

By contrast, mid-level writing services charge a little more per article, like the Content Panel’s economy service, which costs $4 per 100 words.  This allows them to pay their writers more for their time, which in turn keeps writers motivated and able to produce well-researched, post-ready work.

This offers you a much better long term return on investment because your site can showcase writing that you can actually be proud of, not to mention work that connects with your target audience and drives engagement and conversions.  You’re outsourcing because you would rather not spend your time writing the content yourself; getting back poorly written content from supercheap writing services means you’ll likely waste time rewriting the content yourself or going back and forth on endless revisions.  Wouldn’t you rather spend the time focusing on your business and making money?

Just Bad Writing

The time crunch isn’t the only thing that accounts for the poor quality writing produced by supercheap writing services.  A lot of the writers are simply not very good.

There are many possible reasons for the lack of writing skills at services like these, but it mostly comes down to the fact that many of these are writers who could not get hired at a more discerning service because they do not have a natural, conversational command of the English language.  If you decide to outsource to supercheap writing services, expect content from writers who:

  • Everyone needs to start somewhere.  But inexperienced writers will not have a strong grasp on the actual needs of each assignment and you will either spend a lot of time wasted back and forth on revisions or tweaking the articles yourself before posting, or else risk losing readership and potential conversions because the articles lack a clear call to action.
  • Non-native speakers. Remembering the intricacies of grammar, punctuation, and understanding the nuances of tone and meaning are difficult enough even for native speakers.  The clearest copy comes from people for whom English is their native language and who have a natural grasp on both conversational and formal writing.
  • Just plain bad. Have you ever come across a click-bait article that read like it was written by a robot having a stroke?  A lot of people get into writing for supercheap services because they think it will be easy and that anyone who can speak English can achieve success as a writer. Bad writers could be bad just because they have an incomplete understanding of the job, or because they completely lack flair, imagination, or voice.

Bad writing hurts your business.  It’s that simple.  Copious errors damage readers’ confidence in your business or service.  Bad writing does not generate leads, newsletter sign-ups, sales, or organic traffic.  You will not attract repeat visitors if they cannot connect with your articles, and bad articles with poorly implemented keywords won’t rank on search engines.  Bad writing is a waste of money and, like the cheap pair of boots, you will just end up replacing it eventually anyway.

Poor writing and carelessness are not accepted when you decide to entrust your writing with a mid-level service.  The Content Panel is based in the United Kingdom and hires and native English speakers as writers.  They are properly vetted for quality, professionalism, and expertise, and have plenty of experience writing for various platforms.  Our writers and editors understand English grammar and they proofread thoroughly to ensure error-free articles, so you will receive thorough and engaging articles that are ready to post.

Lack of Expertise

Have you ever searched for something on Google and found six articles that all say the same three things?  You probably felt frustrated that your question was not fully answered or that you couldn’t get a deeper read on the subject.

Your business occupies a special niche on the web and you want your content to reflect that.  Supercheap writing services do not necessarily employ experts in your field, nor do their writers have enough time to properly research your business, brand, and field to fully engage with the complexities you hope your content will address.  Quick and shallow research tactics mean borrowing from the other top three results on Google.  Not only does this lead to stale articles across both your site and your market, but it also raises worrying questions about the blurry line between “borrowing” and “plagiarism”.

When you choose a supercheap writing service, your articles struggle to stand out.  For a slightly higher price of $4 per 100 words, a mid-level resource like The Content Panel’s economy service matches you with writers who are passionate about your topics.  Our writers come from diverse backgrounds and have a wide range of experience.  We also use plagiarism detection on all of our content so you can be confident that you are receiving one of a kind articles.   The Content Panel’s system matches writers to jobs based on their skills and areas of expertise, finding the right voice for your niche for your content to really stand out.

Fumbling the SEO

Publishing blog posts or articles on your site is a key part of SEO, or search engine optimization.  Each post opens more possibilities for keywords that can help your website reach better results in search engines.

Effective SEO can be tricky to achieve with supercheap writing services.  Inexperienced writers working for these services might not understand how to use keywords to optimize your content for search engines and you could run the risk of posting content that does not organically attract visitors to your site because it uses too few keywords or the wrong ones.  You can also have the opposite problem: too many keywords.  Search engines scan your content for keywords and for meaningfulness.  If your articles are overstuffed with keywords, search engines may determine that the content is just a long string of keywords with no meaning and your pages won’t get ranked well in keyword searches.

Opt instead for a mid-level writing service whose writers understand how to use keywords to best optimize your website for search engines and grow your audience and organic reach.

No Personal Touch

A supercheap writing company has to have a quick turnover of work and a massive client base to see real profits.  It’s easy for you to get lost in the shuffle.  You post your article ideas on their platform and it’s all out of your hands until you receive the finished content.  Convenient, yes, but it can be hard to make a human connection with the people you’re working with.

When you sign up with The Content Panel you are connected with a dedicated campaign manager who will work closely with you as long as you continue to use the service.  Your campaign manager will walk you through your options and collaborate with you on article topic suggestions and unlimited revisions.  You never have to feel like just another invoice.


According to IMPACT, “the average company that blogs generates 55% more website visitors, 97% more inbound links, and 434% more indexed pages.”  That’s a major difference.  Your business should be producing regular blog posts or articles optimized to drive traffic to your website and boosting engagement.  As time-consuming and complex as writing these posts can be, you know it’s a good idea to outsource your page’s writing.  You have plenty of options of where to outsource, and supercheap writing services are definitely the easiest on your wallet up front, but they come with their own drawbacks such as:

  • Poor overall quality
  • Not spending enough time on your content
  • Writing that is just plain bad
  • Lack of expertise in your field
  • Ineffective SEO strategies
  • No human touch

Quality content can make or break an online business and you don’t want to leave it up to services that will generate poor, rushed writing, riddled with errors, and written by non-native English speakers.  Articles like these will lose you money now and have to be replaced later.

Instead, look into middle-of-the-road options like our article writing service that starts from $3.20 per 100 words and offers you error-free, plagiarism-free, keyword-friendly, ready-to-post articles written by native speakers with expertise in your niche.

Now.  Which pair of boots will you pick?