The Problem With Buying Prewritten Articles (Solved!)

Article Writing

When you’re looking for content for your blog or articles for your website, you may think that your cheapest option is to purchase pre written articles. Unfortunately, this can lead to you trying to piece in text that doesn’t directly relate to your site or blog, and doesn’t fit the style of your site at all. That certainly isn’t the only problem with buying pre written text, either.

You may find that you have purchased low quality content, instead of the quality that the writer’s portfolio reflected when you purchased an article from them. You believed that you would get a well written article that fits your website theme, instead you received 500 words that are hastily thrown together, and none of it is relevant to your site.

That isn’t even the worst part, either. The chances are pretty high that the content you have purchased is just spun and regurgitated from another site. Is that the quality of the content that you want on your website? Wouldn’t you prefer custom content written for your site at your request? You may find this difficult to believe, but the difference in price between the two is actually barely even noticeable. You can buy custom content written solely for your existing content by a professional author for pennies more than you would spend on pre-written material.

TLDR: Prewritten articles are rarely a good idea. Especially when our article writing service will create you custom articles, within 24 hours, at a similar price.

Is It A Good Money Saving Tactic To Buy Pre Written Articles?

To put it simply, it’s never a good idea to purchase pre written content for your site. For your advertising dollars to really count, you want to buy articles that are written specifically for your site, matching the tone and overall voice of your site. Pre written articles and content will sound out of place, offbeat, and won’t share the same tone that you have in your other content.

Instead of stale, prewritten content, you could spend a few dollars more per article and have content that is written specifically for your site, by a writer who has the ability to match the pace of your existing content so that the flow will be continuous. In addition, by purchasing custom content, the writer can be informed of the way you want the article to sound, any specific details you want to mention, and topics you possibly want to avoid. This allows you to fully customize the article to your site and pay for a piece that you can simply scan through and upload to your site.

What is the point of spending your advertising funds on content that cannot be quickly looked over and uploaded? Why spend hours proofing and editing content that you paid to have delivered to you ready to post to your blog?

What Is The ROI On Pre Written Articles?

If you aren’t seeing a return of at least your marketing expense from readers engaging with your paid content, you are virtually throwing your advertising dollars out of the window. Stale, rehashed articles aren’t going to draw your readers in and keep them engaged. You need to have fresh and interesting topics that coincide with the theme of your site to get your readers coming back for more.

When you purchase content from an article writing service like ours, a writer will be assigned to you via AI. With over 3000 talented writers in The Content Panel talent pool, not only are you virtually guaranteed to connect with a writer that is familiar with your business and able to write interesting and engaging copy for your site, but you have unlimited edits included with the original price. This means if you aren’t happy with your article, you can request an edit until you are satisfied with the piece that you have paid for. And, yes, unlimited truly means unlimited. If it takes one try or fifty tries to get the article exactly the way that you want it to read, we will make sure that it gets done.

Why Not Try A Custom Article For Your Site?

With blog posts and articles starting at $3.20 / 100 words, there is no reason not to try the difference that buying custom content can make for your site. The savings of a few dollars for the pre written drivel is not going to bring you any kind of positive return on investment. Check out our article writing services here.

With the unlimited revision policy that is offered, you have nothing to lose. You won’t be stuck with an article that you aren’t happy with, and you won’t need to edit or rewrite the article you purchase from us. When you accept the article, it will be ready to upload and start drawing traffic to your site with no further revision necessary on your part.

Search Engine Optimized Articles Are No Problem

If you need to ensure that your content is search engine optimized and built to boost your rankings, then that isn’t a problem for our talented writers The Content Panel. Many of our writers are specialists in writing SEO articles, and can work with the keywords that you need to have your copy built around.

It isn’t just SEO content either. Whatever the request with your articles, The panel’s writers will do their best to accomodate you, and will prove that you can get excellent articles for a few dollars more than the poor copy that you were going to be purchasing pre-written. The Content Panel doesn’t randomly assign your articles to the first writer to log on; only qualified writers with knowledge of your industry are offered the task. If the writer misses the deadline, The Content Panel will immediately procure a talented writer and ensure that they submit a quality article within a matter of hours so you aren’t waiting for indeterminate periods waiting for random writers to finish your article.

Fresh, custom articles for nearly the same price as pre written articles. What’s not to like?

Check out our article writing services. Trust us. You won’t regret it.