Making The Most Of Post Revisions

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Any copywriter worthy of the name will provide at least one free revision to the first draft of a piece of content they’ve created. The better writers out there will often offer multiple revisions (like we do at The Content Panel) and won’t stop making changes until the client is happy.

Regardless of how many revisions you’re entitled to, there’s a skill to the art of the revision. It’s obviously better for everyone involved to get the content perfect on the second draft if the first draft wasn’t quite right (instead of going back and forth over and over again).

With that in mind, here’s our handy guide on how to handle revisions properly.

Step 1: Macro Feedback

Macro feedback relates to your opinion of the content as a single piece. For example:

• The content was written in the first person, but you’d prefer the third person

• The content was written quite formally but you’d like it a little more conversational

Note down any article wide macro changes along these lines and move on to step 2.

Step 2: Line Edits

If there are any specific parts of the content that have missed the mark or need removing – be sure to note them down. Provide very specific instructions, preferably with quotations of the sections that are not as expected. If you provided specific instructions that were not followed, be sure to remind the writer so they can learn and improve on future orders.

Note: It’s worth pointing out here that it’s often easier and quicker to make super small revisions yourself (instead of requesting that your writer does it for you).

Step 3: Expectations

Before sending over a revision request ensure that everyone who may want to request revisions has seen the content in question and has provided their input. Receiving several individual revision requests from separate members of a team is tiresome for the writer. It often results in lower quality content, and contradictory revision requests from different members of a team is an all too common problem.

You finally need to set a deadline for the revisions, get it agreed by the writer, and finally wait for delivery.

Note: If you’re using The Content Panel we take care of deadlines, writer agreement, and delivery for you. Just tell us what you want to be changed, and your campaign manager will make sure it gets done as a priority.

The vast majority of content delivered through The Content Panel hits the mark and is accepted first time without revisions.

However, if you do find yourself wanting a revision then by following these simple tips you’ll give yourself the best chance of getting the perfect version of your post with the minimum of hassle.