Our Ultimate List: 370 Insurance Blog Post Ideas

Blog Post Ideas

Ever thought about blogging for your insurance business? While you might think blogging is outdated, it’s actually a great way to:

  1. Nurture leads
  2. Provide value to existing clients
  3. Improve your ratings in search (SEO)

However, you can’t just blog about anything – it needs to be relevant to your industry and niche. If you work in the insurance industry, here is a look at 125 insurance blog topic ideas for the Auto, Home, Health, Life, and Commercial insurance niches.

Table Of Contents

  1. 60 Life Insurance Blog Topics To Die For

  1. 60 Topics To Keep Your Business Insurance Blog Bustling

  1. 35 Travel Insurance Blog Topics That Will Make Your Blog The Destination

  1. A Prescription For 60 Health Insurance Blog Topics

  1. Drive Traffic To Your Auto Insurance Blog Using These 60 Topics

  1. Letting The Cat Out Of The Bag With 35 Pet Insurance Blog Topics

  1. No Place Like Home: 60 Homeowners Insurance Blog Topics

60 Life Insurance Blog Topics To Die For

  1.  Most Important Times Throughout Life To Have Life Insurance

It’s not always beneficial to hold a life insurance policy. However, when it is beneficial, you’ll want to know why. List the most important times to have life insurance.

  1.  Can I Cash In On My Policy?

There are a few answers to this and those answers have factors that play a hand. Discuss some of the possible answers and why.

  1.  Purchasing Life Insurance For Elderly Parents

Sometimes people feel downright guilty about buying a policy but assure them that it’s better to plan than to be without much-needed help.

  1.  Life Insurance For My Children?

This is a pretty common question, I guess? The obvious answer is “no.” Still, some variables may sway this answer.

  1.  Does My Policy Cover Corona Virus Related Death?

With the ever-increasing fear over the Corona Virus pandemic, it’s not surprising that this would be a very popular subject regarding life insurance.

  1.  Preexisting Conditions & How They Affect Your Policy

We all come with baggage. Your life insurance agency expects the same and will look into that. Explain which conditions affect your rates the most.

  1. I’ve Been Denied A Policy. What Now?

It’s not impossible to get a policy after you’ve been denied. Let the readers know the best route to go after being denied a policy.

  1.  Most Common Reasons You May be Denied

Agencies don’t always have to let you know the reason you were denied coverage. Sometimes it can help just to know ahead of time why you may be denied.

  1.  Top Factors That Affect Rates

These may vary wildly but can include smoking, drinking, driving habits, criminal history, etc. Give the readers a good list.

  1.  What Happens If I Don’t Die?

Don’t scare anyone but let them know that they can rest easy knowing they will die at some point. Depending on the policy type it would or would not expire.

  1.  Finding Out If Someone Has A Policy After They Die

This can be a horrible experience if you have to dig up a possible policy on a close relative. Make it as easy for the reader as possible with a helpful guide.

  1.  How To Find Out If You Are A Beneficiary

Just as with number 11, this can be a very trying process when you’re already emotionally devastated. Help to ease that burden with some information they’ll need.

  1.  Will My Policy Payout If I Die Traveling?

Discuss the possible answers to this question and the factors that may come into play which could very well change that answer.

  1.  Find The Best Policy That Fits Your Needs

This doesn’t have to be a comprehensive list, rather a guide for efficiently finding a policy that fits any particular individual. Discuss certain needs or factors. 

  1.  Common Life Insurance Terms That You’ll Want To Know

Most buyers of life insurance are already intimidated and maybe a little confused about the whole thing. A little knowledge can go a long way.

  1.  Can My Cat/Dog/Horse Be A Beneficiary?

Again, this is a real question people ask. Not surprising but still it’s better to answer these questions now rather than when it’s embarrassing.

  1.  Do Stay-At-Home Parents Need Life Insurance?

A perfectly reasonable question that demands a perfectly reasonable answer. Discuss the need for policies on stay-at-home-parents.

  1.  Should I Keep My Policy Through A Recession?

Detail the many reasons that it’s a good idea to keep a policy through a recession or the many reasons someone might want to opt-out until economic improvement.

  1.  Why Medical Exams Are Part Of The Process

This comes as a complete surprise to many of the insured. Explain the reasons for this medical exam and why the agencies conduct them. 

  1.  Getting Fit Before The Exams

Getting fit is always a good idea but typically right before a life insurance medical exam isn’t the best time. Generally speaking, they’ll know your health history anyway.

  1.  What Affect Will Smoking Have On My Policy?

Being a smoker grants you a classification of your own when you become insured under a policy. Your rates can sometimes more than double. 

  1.  Why You Should Never Lie To The Underwriter

Lying is a bad idea, to begin with, but if they find out (and they will) you can be charged with fraud. Explain the seriousness of such a thing.

  1.  Understanding The Types Of Life Insurance Policies

This is another one of the vital information post ideas. Not everyone who buys life insurance knows these things, and it’s detrimental if they don’t.

  1.  Permanent V.S Term Life Insurance

The difference between “forever,” and “till sometime next week.” Detail the main differences between the two, and which would benefit who the most.

  1.  How Does The Insurance Company Know I’m Dead?

Sounds a little silly but it’s a great question. Let them know the handful of ways a company might get the news.

  1. Who Should I Name Beneficiary?

An important question that’s not to be taken lightly. Discuss some of the options but let the reader know that it’s ultimately up to them.

  1.  Life Insurance Isn’t Just For The Elderly

Why might someone under the age of 50 want a life insurance policy? There are many reasons! Discuss some of them.

  1.  Death Benefits

This is one of those terms that you’ll want to clarify the definition for. It sounds much different than it is.

  1.  Coming To Terms

Almost everyone has issues coming to terms with the inevitable. Explain some of the ways to cope with that last adventure. Meditation is always a winner.

  1.  Bucket List Ideas And Why It’s Important

Having a bucket list can be the difference between coming to terms, and flat-out resenting the idea. List some great bucket list ideas!

  1.  Planning A Funeral: A Grim Affair

Nobody wants to think about their loved ones dying but it is an unfortunate fact of life. With no plan, things can get pretty stressful and overwhelming. Assist readers in this endeavor.

  1.  Can A Policy Be Taken Out On Me?

The short answer is “yes.” Any person can buy a policy on any other person so long as the buyer has a reasonable relationship with the insured. This deters possible fraud.

  1.  Lines Of Work That Beg For You To Buy Coverage

List and discuss the most dangerous jobs that you can carry life insurance policies while employed. Electrician, roofer, shrimp boat, etc.

  1.  My (Insert Parent) Left Me Nothing In Their Will. Does My Policy Still Payout?

Dark but good question. As long as it was paid into by the person asking this question, then they are fully within legal limitation to collect on their policy. Add details if possible.

  1.  Life Insurance Pays Triple If You Die On A Business Trip

Sorry, Chuck Palahniuk, this is false information. A policy pays off exactly as it states under any circumstances per the contract and if applicable determined by the amount paid into.

  1. When is the Right Time to Buy Life Insurance?

It’s never too early to buy life insurance. Create an article for readers to use as a guide for when it might be the right time to look into buying a life insurance policy.

  1. Do I Really Need Life Insurance if I’m Single?

Many people do not think that they need life insurance if they are single or if they have kids. Share with them some reasons why it might be a good idea to get a policy even if they’re on their own.

  1. 5 FAQ’s About Life Insurance Policies

Providing FAQ’s always works well in an article. Consult with your sales team and create a list of 5 of the most common questions customers have about life insurance.

  1. Life Insurance 101: Five Things You Need to Know

What are the most important things that people need to know about life insurance? Create a list of five facts/tips and share them in an easy to digest article.

  1. The Different Types of Life Insurance Explained

Short term life insurance? Whole life insurance? Many people do not know about the many different types of insurance policies. Create an article outlining the pros and cons for all of them.

  1. Why Life Insurance is Essential During a Recession

During times of recession, paying for a life insurance policy might not be a top priority for many people. Write an article explaining why life insurance is essential even during a recession.

  1. Taking Your First Life Insurance Medical Exam: What You Need to Know

Many people can feel intimidated ahead of their very first life insurance medical exam. Put their minds at ease by explaining what will happen, what they need to know, and the importance of being honest.

  1. Can I Still Get Life Insurance if I’m Unemployed?

If someone is unemployed, they may not think that they are eligible for life insurance. Share with them some of the reasons why they still need life insurance even if they do not have a job.

  1. Top 5 Life Insurance Trends This Year

What are the trending topics in the life insurance industry? Think back on any conventions you attended or articles you’ve read, and share with your readers common trends you are seeing.

  1. Decoding the Myths About Life Insurance

There are a ton of myths out there about life insurance policies and claims. Debunk them in an article and share with your readers.

  1. Spring Workouts for All Ages

Life insurance blogs can also be about staying healthy and well. Considering many of your readers will likely be older, share an article with some suggestions for age-friendly workouts.

  1. How Much Life Insurance do I Really Need?

Oftentimes, people know that they need life insurance but they’re not quite sure how much. Create an article that sheds light on how much coverage people need depending on their age, job, health situation, and location.

  1. Buying Life Insurance… in my 30s?!

Life insurance might be the very last thing on someone’s mind when they’re in their 30’s. However, it’s actually the perfect age to begin looking. Create an article geared for a younger audience that shares the benefits of having life insurance.

  1. A Millennial’s Guide to Buying Life Insurance

What are the specific considerations millennials should make before they buy life insurance? Share them in an easy to read guide.

  1. 10 Reasons Why Stay-at-Home Parents Still Need Life Insurance

Stay at home parents may not think that they need life insurance – but sometimes they might. Write an article that explains when they might need it, and the benefits of having it.

  1. Everything New Parents Need to Know About Life Insurance

A person’s life and responsibilities totally change when they become new parents. Create an article just for them elaborating on reasons why they need life insurance.

  1. 5 Things to Consider Before Naming Your Beneficiaries

Naming a life insurance beneficiary is a serious matter. Create a serious piece with 5-10 considerations they should make before they choose who should be the beneficiary of their policy.

  1. Life Insurance and Debt – How Does it Work?

Many people do not understand how debt works in a life insurance policy. Explain for them some common terms, policies, and procedures that take place in the event a policy-holder passes away with debt.

  1. Applying for Life Insurance: 3 Things to Consider

This article is geared for those who are in the consideration stage of purchasing life insurance. Create an article with three things they need to think about before they purchase the right plan.

  1. Does Life Insurance Cover Suicide?

This is a very sensitive subject, but it is a common question. Let your readers know about what happens to different life insurance policies in the event of suicide.

  1. 4 Ways to Get an Affordable Life Insurance Policy

People love finding ways to save money. Come up with four different tips for saving on their life insurance policy.

  1. 10 Tips for Shopping for Life Insurance on a Budget

There are tons of people out there looking for life insurance with a more restricted budget. Provide some shopping tips to help them understand what they should be looking for, how to evaluate policies, and how to find the most budget-friendly providers.

  1. The Best Websites for Comparing Life Insurance Policies

As an expert, you probably know what the best – and worst – comparison websites are for life insurance policies. Share this information with your readers by making a list of the 10 best comparison websites.

  1. Is Whole Life Insurance Really Worth It?

Some people may not see the value in getting a whole life insurance policy. Create an honest article with the pros, cons, and considerations people should know of while they’re shopping around.

  1. Term Vs. Whole Life Insurance – Which is Right for Me?

This is another article aimed to help those determining whether they need a term or whole life insurance plan. Create an article that explains which might be the best for various scenarios and budgets.

60 Topics To Keep Your Business Insurance Blog Bustling

  1.  Certificate Of Insurance

This is a crucial document for a commercial insurance agency to have and give their policyholders. Let the readers know why it is important and what exactly it is.

  1. Cyber-Liability And Your Business

Directed at businesses that retain clients’ information for one reason or another. It’s important to safeguard that information. Detail what could go wrong.

  1.  Policies For Solo, Non-Incorporated Consultants

Not everyone needs the most coverage that’s available to them. Some circumstances require a minimal policy that helps when it’s needed.

  1.  Errors & Omissions Insurance

Also, know as “malpractice insurance,” this is a must-have for doctors, lawyers, etc, even if they never make a mistake (we all make mistakes).

  1.  Theft Of Bookkeepers

Such a thing is pretty common these days, sadly. Most insurance policies for businesses include such coverage and it helps to know.

  1.  Lowering The Insurance Cost For My Business

A tried-and-true topic that’s guaranteed to get some readers. Who doesn’t like to save money, after all?

Give examples of ways to reduce policy costs.

  1.  Why Contracts Are Important In Business

Even though this may seem like an obvious answer there are many reasons that some may not realize. Enlighten your readers.

  1.  Things To Factor In When Acquiring A Business

Starting a business is hard and can pay off. Acquiring a business, on the other hand, is very hard, and has many technical details which must be accounted for.

  1.  Moving A Business: Important Details

List the steps to making it as legal as possible. Make it a guide if you see it fit, that will ease the burden of relentless details.

  1.  Admitted V.S Non-Admitted Insurance Carriers

Explain the differences and how each is affected by their insurance policies. Could be a comparison, or a “which are you” post.

  1.  Insurance Policies For Small Businesses

This is one of the more widely asked questions regarding commercial insurance. Considering most businesses start small, it’s no surprise.

  1.  Should I Insure Myself As A Freelancer?

The simple answer is “It depends.” What type of freelancer? This question has many variables and this topic should aim to explore those.

  1.  Guarding Your Livelihood: Why Insure A Business?

Much is at stake when dealing with a business. Everything from ownership to customer rights can be protected through insurance.

  1.  Package Policies: What You Should Know

The specifics vary drastically depending upon your business needs, type, and function. Still, The basics are the same. Usually, there’s a package to fit every need.

  1.  BOP: Beneficial For Who?

“Business Owners Policies” cover most of the common business-related insurance needs such as property, and liability, but can also extend coverage.

  1.  GPS Can Reduce Fleet Insurance Costs

By keeping track of every commercial vehicle under the company name, you actively show that your company vehicles are used solely for what they are meant for.

  1.  Change Of Legal Entity: Affects On Policy

A lot goes into this one and could prove tough to squeeze down into a single post. Detail each type of entity, and how to cross into other types. What changes occur?

  1.  Waiver Of Subrogation?

Contractual risk transfer regarding general contractors and sub-contractors. Explain why it is important for contractors to transfer coverage.

  1.  Workers Compensation Insurance

Paying into this is obligatory for most businesses and entails a lot of record-keeping and every so often it means audits for businesses.

  1.  Insurance Inspections: Familiarize Yourself

Relatively often you should see an inspector around checking the property that is covered under a policy. Let the reader know to get comfortable.

  1.  Builders Risk Coverage

This is another contractor topic which means it will have a lot of readers. Describe what “builders risk” is, and why it’s a vital part of a policy.

  1.  Pandemic Scams? Should I worry?

With the pace at which things are changing technologically during this pandemic, it’s no surprise that criminals are hard at work trying to dupe businesses.

  1.  Coronavirus Impact On Businesses

A lot of this one will speak for itself but it doesn’t hurt to confirm what most business owners already know to be true.

  1.  Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Similar to package policies with one exception: an umbrella policy can cover other aspects of your insurance when they lapse. For a small-time, of course.

  1.  Contractual Risk Coverage: Required?

This will be aimed at general contractors and sub-contractors. Every contractor needs this information if they don’t already have it.

  1.  Insurance For Rental Properties

Let’s assume your tenant comes home from work and slips on the wet floor of the hallway where no sign was placed. You’ll thank yourself for the policy.

  1.  Construction Near Water: Important Facts

Water-bearing lands open an entire world of environmental liabilities that you may never have known existed. Detail what some of these mean.

  1.  A Contractor Disappeared After Payment And Didn’t Finish

Hopefully, you gathered enough information from the contractor and had them sign a contract so that you may be reimbursed. If not, you may not be covered.

  1.  Voiding Homeowners Policies By Operating A Business From Home

This is what happens when you have legally bound intent for an asset that already is covered for personal reasons. Like Insuring a personal vehicle under the company.

  1.  When To Call Your Agent

There are endless answers for this and it’s up to the blogger to decide what makes this list and what doesn’t. Don’t get too in-depth.

  1.  None Of Your Business: Keeping Your Business Safe

In today’s world of competition and dog-eat-dog mentalities, you have to stay wary of fraud, cons, and blatant attempts to steal your livelihood.

  1.  Is There A Maximum Limit Of Coverage?

Depending on the business type and the provider, it’s safe to assume that most insurance agencies would arm a policyholder to the teeth with coverage if requested.

  1.  What If My Policy Lapses? Am I Allowed To Continue Operations?

Yes, there’s no reason to think you’re breaking laws by running a business (depending on the business). You do, however, leave yourself at a disadvantage, and vulnerable to a lot.

  1.  Policy Void? What Could Cause This?

It’s entirely dependent on the policy and the clauses that were agreed to. There could be many reasons that a policy could become void.

  1.  Reducing Liability Risks For Non-Profits

Relatively straightforward. Give a few tips and details regarding non-profit risks and how to minimize them to reduce costs.

  1. 10 Common Commercial Insurance Terms Explained

Many business owners have no idea what specific insurance terms mean – which can make it difficult when shopping for the right commercial policy. Create an article to address this by defining and explaining ten of the most common terms.

  1. 3 Signs Your Small Business Needs Commercial Insurance

While many small businesses may not be able to afford commercial insurance, they need to consider it as they grow. Create an article to help them know when it’s important that they purchase.

  1. Workplace Safety Tips Every Small Business Should Follow

Promoting workplace safety is a key part of being a commercial insurance provider. Create an article with a variety of helpful safety tips for small businesses.

  1. 5 Key Threats to Every E-Commerce Company in [Current Year]

Since they work online, many e-commerce companies may not think that they need commercial insurance – even though there are serious threats. Share with them some of the threats they may be vulnerable to and types of insurance that can cover them for it.

  1. Practical Tips for Preventing Employee Theft

Employee theft is a common commercial insurance claim. Help companies prevent it by creating a list with practical tips and policies they can implement.

  1. Commercial vs. Personal Auto Insurance

Many business owners may understand how their personal auto insurance works, but they may not know much about commercial auto insurance. Help them out by providing a guide highlighting the similarities and differences.

  1. 10 Common Risks Small Businesses Face

Drawing from your experience working with small business clients, create an article with 10 of the most common risks that small businesses face. Then, suggest a few ways that they can mitigate that risk.

  1. 4 Principles for Growing a Small Business

When your clients’ business grows, your insurance business grows. Provide four principles that small businesses can follow to be successful.

  1. Fire Safety at Work: 5 Key Resources

This is a great article to publish around fire safety awareness days/months. Provide a list of 5 key resources for business owners to keep on hand to ensure they are prepared for a fire at work.

  1. 5 Ways to Protect Your Company Against Cyber Attacks

Cyber attacks are on the rise – and even small businesses are at risk. Create a list with five ways companies can protect themselves against data breaches or phishing attacks.

  1. Crucial Alarms You Need in Your Business

Businesses with a physical storefront or office need more than just a fire alarm. Let them know about other important alarms they need to stay protected.

  1. What Does my General Liability Insurance Protect me from?

Many people do not know what a general liability policy is and what it protects them from. Outline a few of the benefits and share with readers how general liability insurance is one of the best ways to stay protected.

  1. 5 Most Common (And Expensive) Business Insurance Claims

Get in touch with your claims team and identify five of the most common and expensive business insurance claims. By helping your readers be more aware of the riskiest situations, they will be more likely to seek protection from it.

  1. Cyber Liability Insurance: What is it?

Cyber liability insurance is growing in popularity, but many people may have no idea what it is. Explain to readers how their business might be at risk of cyber threats, and share ways that cyber liability insurance can help mitigate that threat.

  1. Protecting Your Business from Difficult Customers – 3 Key Tips

Customers can often be the source of losses and claims. Elaborate on a few key ways that businesses can mitigate certain risks around customers.

  1. Business Travel Insurance – Do I Really Need it?

Many business owners may see business travel insurance as an unnecessary luxury. Create an article helping them understand the importance of being protected while traveling for business.

  1. 10 Tips for Preventing Commercial Burglary

Help readers make sure their businesses are burglar-proof by creating an article with ten tips for prevention. Consult your claims team for some tips.

  1. 3 Things to Know Before Selling Online

Many businesses may be interested in taking the leap to online selling, but they aren’t aware of how that might impact their exposure to risk. Create an article with three things they need to consider before selling online.

  1. 10 Most Common Small Business Claims

What are the most common small business claims that your team sees each year? Share them with their audience so that they can better prepare themselves.

  1. How Data Breaches Affect Your Bottom Line

Many people may not understand how a data breach could impact their business. Create an article explaining what a data breach is, how it hurts customers, and ultimately how it can hurt a business’s bottom line.

  1. How Business Insurance Can Save Your Company Money

Many small and growing businesses may not see the benefit of paying for certain commercial insurance policies. Create an article that elaborates how in the long-term, business insurance can actually save a company money.

  1. Is General Liability Insurance a Good Investment?

It’s common for business owners to not take general liability insurance seriously. Create an article that addresses the reasons why it not only protects businesses, but it’s a good investment in the long-term financial health of a company.

  1. Commercial Insurance for Creative Businesses: A Guide

Businesses that work in photography, design, or communications may not think that they need commercial insurance. However, creative businesses still need protection just like other companies. Provide a guide especially for them that speaks to their unique situation and industry.

  1. Locking Up: 5 Things to do Before Closing Your Shop Each Day

Sometimes it’s simple things like locking the door or leaving a light on that can prevent burglary overnight. Share a list of five things shopkeepers should do each night before they close.

  1. 10 Tips for Saving Money on Business Insurance

Many small business owners may want commercial insurance, but they may not think they can afford it. Share a few shopping insights and tips on how to save on business insurance.

35 Travel Insurance Blog Topics That Will Make Your Blog The Destination

  1.  Coronavirus And The Traveler: How To Stay Safe

This past year has been a trying time for anyone having to travel. Even if you only have to travel to the grocery store! Tips for staying safe while abroad

  1.  Airport Etiquette: A Guide

Layovers and security procedures can go as smoothly as you allow if you know how to handle these situations with patience and familiarity.

  1.  Places To Visit During Covid-19 Pandemic

There aren’t too many locations that are taking visitors with a smile. Still, there are always travel destinations that won’t say no.

  1.  Travel Protection Plans And Why You May Need One

Describe what a travel protection plan entails and discuss why it’s important for some/most travelers to have this type of coverage.

  1.  Tour Protection Plans And When You Need Them

Similar to the previous topic; give details about what a tour protection plan is and why travelers might find them beneficial.

  1.  Traveling During Hurricane Season

Travel insurance costs will skyrocket during these times but it’s also important to remember the risk you’re taking.

  1.  Understanding Your Travel Coverage: What’s Covered Or Not

Explain what most travel insurance generally covers as a formality. Then talk about what isn’t covered. These are both invaluable pieces of information.

  1.  Reasons For Possible Delays In Travel Insurance Claims

Regarding recent times, claims have been harder to see results from promptly. This should explain the reasons why this might be.

  1.  Commonly Overlooked Exclusions You Want To Know About

People might expect some things to be fully covered when they aren’t at all. Some of these are commonly mistaken and some might surprise you.

  1.  The Best Times To Purchase Travel Insurance

The obvious answer is of course, “when traveling,” however there are specific time-frames that travelers see the biggest discounts, etc.

  1.  Medical Travel Insurance: You Never Know

Nothing like the insurance someone has at home. This is reserved strictly for emergencies while traveling abroad.

  1.  Gap Years: What, When, And Why?

What some may call a “well-earned break,” others might call “sabbatical.” Either way, discuss what it is and how it’s usually set in motion.

  1.  Traveling Abroad With Minors: Tips For A Sane Journey

This is a good one for families. Especially families with newborns or siblings close in age. List tips for traveling with kids.

  1.  Round-The-World Trip On A Budget

Some claim to have the perfect trip for $50 a day. The only question to ask is “how?” create a guide on how to travel around the world for as little money as possible.

  1.  Travel Insurance Check-List

Deciding which insurance policy to choose can either be mundane or nerve-wracking. This comprehensive list should help to alleviate some concerns.

  1.  Tips On How To Travel Like You Always Wanted

Maybe someone wants to sail a yacht over the pacific? Maybe they just want to spend a year in Paris? No matter what they dream of, there’s a way to get it.

  1.  Don’t Wander: The Dangers Of Getting Adventurous In Certain Places

Depending on the civility of the place you are, sometimes it’s best to stay on the main path. It could prove disastrous to find a bad neighborhood in Brazil.

  1.  Brand-New Passport Laws

New litigation has been made that will tighten passport laws and increase restrictions on certain things. This should help those who need to know.

  1.  Cruises In 2021: Still Boarding?

Are cruise ships still selling tickets these days? If so, which ones, and are they worth the price? Is it safe to travel by ship in 2021?

  1.  Domestic Travel Tips

List the best tips for traveling state-to-state while at home. There are countless great tips for road-trips that will save money, gas, and time.

  1.  The Scenic Route: Backpacking Long-Distances

Create a guide on the most important things to remember, what you should pack, what you should expect, etc.

  1.  Vital Booking Tips To Save The Hassle

For those who are new to traveling. It’s hard to get a correct order going for things that need to be done before setting off. Help the reader plan.

  1.  Read Your Policy Thoroughly

As with any contractual document, this should always be carefully read through to make sure that you understand it as best you can.

  1.  Travel Insurance Via Credit Card?

Some credit cards offer travelers insurance free. Expect this to be the equivalent of a quarter machine wedding ring. Explain the reasons.

  1.  Pack Your Bags: Luggage Advice For Beginners

Some things are better left behind. For security reasons or even simply because you want to make sure to save room for what you bring back!

  1.  Relax And Enjoy The Flight: Reasons Not To Be Afraid To Fly

Statistically, you’re far more likely to perish in a car accident within a mile from your home than in a plane crash. It’s a humbling experience; enjoy it!

  1.  Family Travel Insurance Packages That’ll Save Money

Let readers know which policies will cover the whole clan and aren’t a complete torch on the wallet. A lot can affect this.

  1.  Buyers Guide: Timing Your Booking For Maximum Frugality

Purchasing tickets to certain destinations at certain points throughout the year will guarantee you the best prices of the year. What, where, and when?

  1.  Why Travel Insurance Is A Must-Have For Every Trip

For more reasons than you realize, it’s absurdly beneficial to protect your trip, your money in case of cancellations, your health while abroad, etc.

  1.  Language Learning Tips For Any Language

Experts have proven that certain techniques can help a person retain the ability to speak any given language other than their native. Enlighten your readers.

  1.  Are Round-Trip Tickets Cheaper Than One-Way?

Yes. This is due mostly to the airline’s scheduling system. It’s simply more convenient for travelers to take round-trip flights. This is the basic principle.

  1.  Jet-Lag: A Real Concern Or Just Myth?

Explain that jet-lag is a real thing only because when you are flying through time-zones you gain hours or lose hours. Therefore it’s easy to feel exhausted at 5 pm.

  1.  Creating Itineraries: Essential For A Cost/Time Effective Trip

This can be a fun shift from the mundane preparations that have to take place. Planning the actual trip and deciding what you’ll do is a blast! Explain what an itinerary is and what it needs to entail.

  1.  Flying During A Pandemic: What To Expect

This can be a list or a guide but should specify what types of precautions are being taken at airports as well as on airplanes. Is it different than anywhere else?

  1.  Disappeared Luggage Is A Scary Concept

As long as you bought travelers insurance you should be covered. Usually. This will guarantee that your luggage will be tracked and if not recovered, you’ll be reimbursed.

A Prescription For 60 Health Insurance Blog Topics

  1.  Health Insurance Myths

There is a lot of conjecture within the health insurance industry. Help readers by splitting the truth from the falsities and give reasons for each.

  1.  Healthcare Advice For New Parents

Being a new parent can be hard enough as it is. Searching for insurance can be equally as daunting. Put them together and you get a very stressed-out parent.

  1.  Why You Should Always Get A Flu Shot

There are a handful of great reasons why and they’ll be easy to discuss. Let readers know the importance of such a common visit.

  1.  Vaccines: The Truth

In recent years more people have begun doubting the need for vaccines. This can undo generations of vaccination progress. Stress the importance of getting vaccinated.

  1.  How To Approach Your Kids About Drugs/Alcohol

Some parents aren’t sure how to break down that barrier. Others just want to know that they can ask and get an answer. Help them find a way.

  1.  Helping Kids Make Healthy Choices Independently

This is a real show-stopper. If you can detail some helpful advice to get kids on the right track, you’ll gain readers overnight. Be creative!

  1.  Preventative Care Basics

You’d be amazed by how many people aren’t even sure what this means or how important it is. You could discuss or list the very basics.

  1.  Benefits Of Regular Exercise

This is one we’ve all seen since we were kids ourselves. It remains a popular subject for those reaching middle age. Insist on routines and always add cardio to the list.

  1.  Why Emergency Room Visits Should Be Last Resort

Many people only go see a doctor when they have to. Some will go to the E.R just to see if they have a cold. Explain why this is a bad idea.

  1.  Caring For A Relative

This can discuss elderly care, special needs care, or even simple home care for someone with the flu. The more you can explain, the better.

  1.  Choosing Your Primary Care Physician

You Want a doctor you can be comfortable with and one that won’t break your bank. Choosing your main physician is a task worth blogging about.

  1.  Low Sodium Recipes The Family Will Love

Can be a list or just a few good ideas but it’s important to include the family by making it a meal. One-course dishes aren’t a goal here.

  1.  Quit Smoking For Good!

Use real scientifically backed-up methods proven to raise the odds of quitting smoking for good. Explain the health benefits that will follow.

  1.  Women And Heart Disease

Typically men are at greater risk for heart disease. Still, this doesn’t mean that women are safe from it. Detail the risk factors for women and what makes theirs different from men’s.

  1.  Upcoming Flu Season Tips

The basics are always useful such as washing hands, not coughing into your hands, avoiding crowded enclosed areas, etc. Note, if they’re sick to stay home!

  1.  Why Finishing Your Antibiotics Is Important

Antibiotics can become resisted by your body. This is why taking the right antibiotic and only when you need it is important.

  1.  Questions To Ask Your Doctor When You Turn 40

Turning 40 is a huge point in your life both mentally and physically. For this reason, it’s vital to ask your doctor a few good questions around this time.

  1.  Don’t Wait! It Could Be Serious.

Give the reader an understanding of why it’s important not to wait for medical attention if you feel like something might be wrong with you.

  1.  How To Get Medicaid/Medicare

Those who are in need, very often aren’t sure where to find it. Detail the ins and out’s of obtaining insurance through the government.

  1.  Foods Everyone Should Avoid

Some foods are bad for those with certain illnesses, but these are the foods that everyone should avoid. It will entail soda, processed meat, sugar substitutes, etc.

  1.  Signs That You Should Go See Your Doctor

Similar to number 18, but directed at those who don’t even feel as if there is something wrong. Explain things that should throw a red flag that it’s time to get checked.

  1.  Telemedicine: A Growing Trend

Video chatting and talking to doctors via phone has become a new normal. Explain the reasons why and the benefits of its use.

  1.  Locations For Free Flu Shots

“free” is a word everyone notices immediately and when used in conjunction with flu shots, you’re sure to get traffic while simultaneously helping readers.

  1.  How To Stay Active Throughout The Winter Months

This could entail work-out routines that can be done at home or could include the best shoes for winter jogging. Whatever gets people moving is a good answer.

  1.  Depression: Not As Common As You May Think

Depression isn’t an emotion contrary to popular belief. None of the symptoms are “sadness,” which seems to be a common misconception. Enlighten readers.

  1.  Helping Your Loved One Through Addiction

Try not to make a guide on interventions. Instead, discuss the most helpful ways to assist someone in their transition back to sobriety.

  1.  Are You Covered? How To Find Doctors That Accept My Insurance

Everyone has trouble with this at some point and it’s a bit aggravating when it seems like no healthcare providers can help. Assist readers and help them find what they need.

  1.  Talking To Your Kids About Sex

“The talk” is not one we look forward to. It can be a hard thing to explain to your child. Discuss ways to lessen the awkwardness and the “Ewww” factor.

  1.  Making The Dentist Fun For Kids

Most kids have a fundamental fear of dentistry for one reason or another. Help readers find an end to this stigma with the best ways to make the dentist fun.

  1.  Tips For Planning A Pregnancy

A very helpful guide for those who are trying to conceive. Any suggestions are usually welcome, but try to keep them within the scientific realm.

  1.  Why Knowing Your Family History Is Vital For A Healthy Future

Having a good idea about how your future health might look is a good indicator of preventative steps that can be taken today! Describe the reasons for this.

  1.  POA: What It Means And When It Means Something

“Power of attorney” grants a person the right to speak on another person’s behalf when the person being spoken for cannot speak for themselves. Discuss why this may be important.

  1.  Why It Pays To Have A PCP (Primary Care Physician)

Many reasons come to mind but grab a few and discuss why you should have a regular doctor. Finances, trust, comfort, and history all play a role.

  1.  Is Universal Healthcare A Dream Or Possible?

A lot could go into this one. For that reason, it’s at the discretion of the blogger to go as deeply as they want. This could be a gem of a blog post!

  1.  Exercise 101: Importance Of Carbs For Weight Changes and Muscle Mass

To lose weight we cut carbs. To gain we add carbs. To build muscle you require lean meat proteins. To build stamina you require electrolytes, hydration, and willpower.

  1. Everything You Need to Know this Upcoming Flu Season

The flu season impacts thousands of lives each year. Create an article with everything your readers need to know about this year’s strain, where they can get a flu shot, and how to identify symptoms.

  1. How Regular Exercise Can Improve Your Mental Health

As a health insurance provider, you should use your blog to help people improve their overall health. With mental health being a hot topic right now, share some advice about how exercise can positively impact mental health.

  1. 5 Facts About Preventative Care

Preventative health care is key in preventing serious illness down the road. Create an article with five facts everyone should know about the importance of preventative care services.

  1. Making Healthy Eating Fun: 10 Tips for Parents

Encouraging children to eat healthily is a common challenge for parents. Share ten healthy – but fun – eating tips that parents can try with their children.

  1. 3 Talking Points for Speaking to Your Child About Smoking/Vaping

Smoking is one of the leading causes of death around the world. And even though fewer people do it today than they did 50 years ago, there are still temptations for kids, especially teens. Give parents some ideas for how they can tactfully approach the subject with their child.

  1. 10 Science-backed Ways to Quit Smoking

Giving up smoking is one of the best ways people can improve their overall health and reduce their cost of healthcare. Provide readers with ten fact-based and practical ways that they can quit smoking.

  1. Helping Children Make Healthy Choices (On Their Own!)

It’s one thing to provide children with healthy meals, it’s another thing to give them the tools to make healthy choices on their own. Consult a dietician or pediatrician and provide parents with ways they can encourage their children to make healthy choices without help from mom and dad.

  1. 5 Easy, Low-Sugar Lemonade Recipes to Try this Summer

Helping readers lower their sugar intake is a great way to improve their overall health. Kick off summertime with a special article featuring simple lemonade recipes with low or no sugar.

  1. Should Our Kids be Wearing More Sunscreen? Our Health Professionals Weigh In

This is another great article topic for summertime just before families start to go back to the beach. Consult with a dermatologist about sunscreen and create an article about the importance of wearing sunscreen, how often it should be applied, and how much should be applied to children.

  1. Men and Mental Health: 5 Things You Need to Know

Suicide is one of the leading causes of death among men. Share some insights and facts about common mental health issues that affect men on a daily basis.

  1. Why You Should Never Forget to Get Your Flu Shot

Getting a flu shot is one of the best ways to prevent the flu, and it’s particularly important for older and vulnerable individuals. Create an article that elaborates on the importance of getting the flu shot and why it should never be skipped.

  1. 5 Questions to Ask Your Doctor When You Turn 40

Turning 40 is a huge milestone – and there are many health implications that people should be aware of. Consult with some doctors and create an article with 5 common questions/tips for people after they turn 40.

  1. How to Talk to Your Partner About Losing Weight

Losing weight can be one of the hardest challenges of a person’s life, but it is so critical to long-term health. However, conversations surrounding weight can be uncomfortable even for the strongest of couples. Help them out by sharing some tips for how they can speak to their loved ones about losing weight.

  1. 5 Things You Need to Know About Heart Disease in Women

Heart disease impacts women much differently than men – but it’s not often discussed. Consult with a cardiologist or heart-health expert and create an article for women with everything they need to know about heart disease.

  1. Concussions and Sports: How to Keep Your Child Safe

Children who play sports like soccer or football are at a much greater risk of getting a concussion than those who play non-contact sports. Create an informative article for parents that shares ways that they can keep their child safe.

  1. 5 Health Insurance Myths Debunked

There is a ton of misinformation floating around out there about health insurance. Speak with some of your industry experts about common myths and create an article to set the record straight for your readers.

  1. Well-being at Work: 5 Trends We’re Seeing This Year

Workplace well-being is becoming increasingly important for employers. Jump on the trend and create an article with 5 trends for the current year. This is also a good place to spotlight organizations that are going above and beyond to create a healthy environment for employees.

  1. Telemedicine: Is it the Next Big Thing?

Telemedicine is on the rise, and many people are still uneasy about speaking to a doctor or nurse via their phone. Remind readers that telemedicine is a way to make healthcare more accessible, and share any telemedicine initiatives that your company is taking part in.

  1. Top Innovations in Healthcare for [Current Year]

Your readers look to you as experts in the healthcare field. Share your expert insight on the top healthcare innovations of the year. This is a great piece to do either at the beginning or end of the calendar year.

  1. Three Health Trends We’re Watching in [Current Year]

If you’re not quite sure what innovations to write about, you could also write about common trends that you’re seeing in the healthcare field. Virtual doctors? Drive-thru clinics? App-based prescription services? Share with readers things in the industry that you’re excited about.

  1. Five Smartphone Apps to Track Your Reproductive Health

There are a ton of amazing and insightful period-tracking apps out there that are extremely helpful for women’s reproductive health. Share with readers your favorites by putting them in a list.

  1. New Parent? Everything You Need to Know About Healthcare and Your Child

Looking after a child’s healthcare is the most important responsibility for a parent. Create an article for new parents explaining everything they need to know about navigating the healthcare world for their child.

  1. 5 Locations Giving Free Flu Shots This Weekend

This is a great local post that you can write around flu season. Share with readers 5 specific locations in their area who are providing free flu shots.

  1. 10 Ways to Exercise this Christmas

The holidays are a common time for people to forget about dieting and exercise. Help them out by reminding them of ten different ways that they can squeeze in some extra exercise over the holidays.

  1. How to Talk to Your Child About Mental Health

Mental health is a trending topic at the moment, however there are not many resources for how to talk to children about it. Create an article for parents to help them navigate this tricky subject with their kids.

Drive Traffic To Your Auto Insurance Blog Using These 60 Topics

  1.  What do I do after an accident?

Staying calm and staying focused on these important details will ensure that the compensation and responsibility are duly granted.

  1.  Auto Insurance Terminology Everyone Should Know

Shopping for auto insurance can prove intimidating at times, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the language. Set a buyer’s mind at ease with helpful terminology explanations.

  1.  Safety Tips For Night Driving

Whether or not someone is comfortable driving at night having useful tips can always help. Plus “helpful tips” topics are always a popular choice.

  1.  Winter Driving Etiquette

Snow and ice are a driver’s worst enemies. Particularly for those in Northern areas where more than half of the year sees snow. This will entail the unspoken rules of Winter driving.

  1.  Baby On Board! Tips For Carrying Precious Cargo.

A certain level of complacency is typical while driving. List important tips for driving with children and a few on staying alert. This could save lives.

  1.  Save Money On Your Car Insurance!

Everyone wants to save money so this one will always be a winner! Give readers essential advice for saving the maximum on their auto insurance.

  1.  Safest Cars For Young Drivers

Everyone wants their kids to be as safe as possible. This list could entail car models, specific engine sizes, trim types. i.e. “01’ Cavalier 4 door, 2.2L, 4Cyl, Standard Trans”

  1.  Important Maintenance To Keep Your Vehicle Alive

List the things every driver should be checking regularly. Tire pressure, fluids (oil, trans, brake, coolant, power steering), lights, brake pads/rotors, etc.

  1.  Usage-Based Insurance Will Save You On Auto Insurance Premiums

Explain the important details regarding “UBI” type auto insurance. New to the auto insurance business, it will need to be defined so that it may benefit those who could use it.

  1.  What Exactly Does ‘Full-Coverage’ Mean? Do I Need It?

Enlighten the reader so that they can determine whether full coverage is in their best interests or otherwise. Give as much detail as possible.

  1.  Auto Insurance For Anything But The Daily Driver

Detail the less common vehicle types and how to go about insuring them. They might include RV’s, motorcycles, classic cars, boats.

  1.  Switching Auto Insurance Agencies: Made Simple

Give a step-by-step guide on how to properly change insurance providers while staying legal. Detail everything from choosing a new provider to what to do with old insurance cards.

  1.  Finding The Auto Insurance I Need Online

For those who may not be great at conducting research or for those who simply aren’t sure what they need. This guide could help them understand.

  1.  How To File Auto Insurance Claims

Many people have never been in an accident so it helps to have this information handy in case something unexpected happens.

  1.  Auto Loans V.S Leasing

Give the reader insight regarding the pros and cons of both, which could save them money, and long-term aspects of both.

  1.  SR-22: What Is It? Why Would I Need It? How Would I Find It?

Explain the basics of an SR-22 and what it’s for. Give detailed explanations about how to attain one, and the importance of keeping it.

  1.  Cheapest Vehicles To Insure In 2021

Everyone loves saving money. The next best thing is finding out that you’re already saving money. List the vehicles that have the cheapest insurance as of this year.

  1.  Does Uber/Lyft Driver Insurance Cover Passengers?

A crash-course on which aspects of the Uber/Lyft insurance cover passengers as well as the vehicle and driver. Create scenarios to illustrate the different possibilities.

  1.  What To know Before Crossing Borders

This could just detail the important things to remember when crossing state lines or you could even include crossing international borders.

  1.  Most Vital Tips For Student Drivers

As stated earlier, everyone wants their kids to be safe. This should be a well-thought-out list that you would give your kids to ensure their safety.

  1.  The Importance Of Keeping Your Vehicle Insured

Some people will always be the “why” type and this is their answer. Note the obvious reasons and also some of the lesser-known reasons for having auto insurance.

  1.  What To Expect When Pulled Over Without Insurance

Try not to make anyone feel condescended but let them know the truth. If applicable be sure to mention grace periods for lapsed policies.

  1.  Gap-Insurance: Would I Find It Beneficial?

Explain what it is and what it provides for drivers who could benefit from it. Be sure to include a part about who doesn’t need it; some people search only for this.

  1.  No-Fault Jurisdictions

Some states have litigation that saves both parties from being held personally liable in an accident. Describe what “no-fault” means and list the states that have such laws.

  1.  Most Common Bad Habits While Driving

Again, try not to condescend to anyone but make sure to stress the importance of staying alert while behind the wheel. Could include cell phones, eating, doing makeup, daydreaming, etc

  1.  Seat Belt Usage: Every Time, No Excuses

List statistics about seat belt usage. Tell readers why it’s essential for them to wear safety belts all of the time.

  1.  General Road Etiquette

This should include little things that we all forget about such as only using the left lane for passing on the highway, or not stopping in crosswalks, etc

  1.  Which Birthday’s Mean Price Drops On Car Insurance

At specific ages, auto insurance becomes cheaper. Give the reader insight into this concept and detail the ages that this will occur.

  1.  Group Auto Insurance Policies: Yay Or Nay?

This usually means families but others might wonder if they will benefit as well. Help them to decide if it’s in their best interests.

  1.  Motorcycle & Rec Vehicle Insurance For The Down-Season

Explain why it’s important to maintain your existing policies for motorcycles, boats, RVs, etc. These reasons can be anything from theft to fire.

  1.  Will My Civic Benefit From Premium Fuel?

List several vehicles that require premium fuel. You’d be shocked at how short the list is. Let the readers know that premium fuel once in a while can be beneficial.

  1.  Follow The Light: Dash Indicators You Should Never Ignore

Anything that blinks is always a detriment. Otherwise, watch out for engine lights, ABS lights, Trans lights, or anything else that says “service.”

  1.  Used V.S New: A Buyers Guide To Car Shopping

Each has its benefits and downsides. Create a guide that entails what everyone should know about both sides before making a decision.

  1.  The Person Who Crashed Into Me Fled. What Should I Do?

First, you’ll want to make a police report with as much information as you can give them. Then follow the normal procedure for filing a claim as soon as possible. Give them as much detail as you can.

  1.  They Don’t Make Em’ Like They Used To

Explain why and how the design of vehicles has gotten lighter over the years and be sure to highlight the safety advantages of lighter materials.

  1. Top 10 Smartphone Apps Every Driver Should Have

Part of selling auto insurance is helping drivers stay safe. Provide your readers with 10 of the best smartphone apps for transportation and safety. If your company has an app, this is the perfect opportunity to place it on the list!

  1. Driving at Night: 10 Safety Tips

Driving when it’s dark is a much riskier time for accidents. Give readers 10 safety tips that they can use while driving at night.

  1. 5 Tips for Being a More Defensive Driver

Defensive driving techniques – though valuable – are not always taught in Driver’s Ed. Reach out to a driving instructor and have them give 5 tips for how to become a more defensive (and safe) driver.

  1. 8 Things to Double-Check for National Car Care Month

National Car Care Month is the perfect time to talk about car insurance. In this article, create a list of 8 things that every driver should double-check. This could include anything from insurance or service paperwork, first aid kits, and manuals.

  1. The Safest Cars of [Current Year]

Safe cars typically have lower insurance premiums. Champion some of the safest cars of the year by highlighting them in an article.

  1. Winter Driving: 5 Safety Reminders

You want your clients to drive safely during the winter months so that they avoid accidents. Give them a refresher by writing an article with 5 safety reminders such as changing to winter tires, what to do when they can’t break, and how to handle icy bridges.

  1. Is Your Car Ready for Winter?

There are many things that people can do to prepare their cars for winter – and they may need a little reminder at the end of Fall. Create a list of 5-10 questions for readers to see if their cars are adequately prepped.

  1. 5 Documents You Should Have in Your Car at All Times

Sometimes people don’t always have the right paperwork with them in the event of a car accident. Remind them of five useful documents they should keep in their glove box at all times. Documents like insurance paperwork, service logs, and a copy of their driver’s license would go great on this list.

  1. Can Your Vehicle Type Affect How Much You Pay for Car Insurance?

Many people may be tempted to purchase that hot rod car they’ve always wanted – but they might not be aware of the insurance implications. Provide some expert advice with statistics and information about how car type can impact the price of their car insurance.

  1. 5 Questions to Ask Your Car Insurance Agent

Sometimes people have a ton of questions about the car insurance buying process, but they’re not always sure how to ask. Using your experience with working with customers, create a list of 5 useful questions they can ask their insurance agent.

  1. 20 All-time Best Road Trip Destinations

Blogging doesn’t have to be too serious! Get people excited about road trips by suggesting 20 of the best destinations you can travel to by car. This topic can easily be tailored for your state or region as well.

  1. Driving in the Rain – 5 Things You Need to Know

Rain is another common risk associated with car accidents. Help your readers understand best practices for driving in the rain. This topic works great during the spring months when thunderstorms are common!

  1. New vs. Used – 10 Considerations to Make Before Purchasing Your Next Vehicle

Deciding between a new or a used vehicle is a common conundrum for many car buyers. Help them out by providing 10 considerations they should make before they make a purchase. You can also provide information and statistics on how that decision may impact their car insurance premium.

  1. 5 Ways to Save Money When Your Teen Starts Driving

Car insurance for teenage drivers is rarely cheap. Provide your readers with a few tips for how they can save money when their son or daughter begins to drive. You could link them to any discounts that you know of or courses they could take to reduce that cost.

  1. Checklist: Get Your Car Road Trip Ready

This is a great topic to write about at the end of Spring or beginning of Summer. Provide your readers with a practical checklist of everything they should have before they leave on a summer road trip.

  1. Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Car

Spring cleaning is always a topic that readers love to read about. Give them a few specialized suggestions and tips for cleaning their car. You may also want to suggest getting their car serviced.

  1. The Ultimate Christmas List for Your Car

Christmastime is super busy, and the last thing on people’s minds is car insurance. Keep your insurance business relevant by providing a list of things they could buy for their vehicle. This could include upgrades, sound system improvements, or safety kits.

  1. How to File a Claim: A Step-by-step Process

Many people go decades without needing to file an insurance claim. Create a guide and step by step process for how they can file a claim, and what information they need to have on hand.

  1. 5 Ways to Thank Your Designated Driver

Designated drivers are super important for keeping the roads safe. Promote responsible drinking by creating a list of 5 ways that people can say thanks to their designated driver. Suggestions could be as simple as a thank you note, or even purchasing their meal on a night out.

  1. Autonomous Vehicles – What are they and when can we expect them on the roads?

Many people are concerned about the impact of autonomous vehicles to their safety. Create an article all about what autonomous vehicles are, when they might become mainstream, and how they’re impacting your industry. Readers will enjoy learning about this new technology.

  1. 3 Smart Travel Tips This Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day is renowned for travel – and traffic. Give readers some travel tips for driving on busy roads. You could also include tips for driving on dirt roads, gravel, and in other remote places.

  1. How to Save Big on Your Car Insurance

Money-saving tips are always a hit with readers. Provide them with some practical guidance and ways that they can save money on their car insurance.

  1. The Safest Vehicles for First-Time Drivers

Parents of teens might be a bit anxious about finding the perfect car for their new driver. Put their minds at ease by creating a list of the safest and best vehicles perfect for first-time drivers.

  1. Top Ten Vehicles for Growing Families

Growing families often have to make tough decisions about what kind of car to buy. Using your experience with ensuring families, provide them with a list of the top ten vehicles ideal for families. You could evaluate them on safety, legroom, and entertainment features.

  1. Car Insurance 101: 10 Terms you Need to Know

Insurance terminology can be quite confusing for your average person. Help them out by providing a list of 10 common terms that they need to know. This will be helpful for them when they are shopping and evaluating different policies.

Letting The Cat Out Of The Bag With 35 Pet Insurance Blog Topics

  1.  Common Claims For Pet Insurance

Most entail things such as skin conditions or physical altercations with other animals. It helps to know before it may happen. List the top answers.

  1.  What Pet Insurance Will And Will Not Cover

Maybe it’s just not worth it for some people to pay a premium for an animal that never gets sick. Help the reader understand what may not be covered.

  1.  Factors That Will Affect Premiums

Just as with a human insurance plan, you’re bound to run into snags that will greatly increase or decrease your costs.

  1.  Will Every Vet Accept My Pet Insurance?

“Every” vet? I suppose it depends on the type of vet you go to and whether or not your coverage can help with the matter at hand. Give examples.

  1.  Optimal Age for Me To Get Coverage

The pet, of course, not the owner. It’s not an uncommon question but has varying answers depending on the animal we’re discussing.

  1.  Preexisting Doggy Dilemmas

Another comparison to human health insurance; preexisting conditions might certainly affect the policy. Detail what would affect it most severely.

  1.  Cancer Treatments For Canines

If the worst happens and your companion becomes terminally sick, it’s a hope that the policy you have for them covers such treatment.

  1.  Premium Increases With Claims?

If a claim is made will policy premiums increase? Depends entirely on the provider you chose and what their policies entail. Discuss the possibilities.

  1.  Common Diseases For Domestic Animals

Make a list of the most common diseases that are found in domesticated animals. It doesn’t have to be a huge list, but long enough so that most of them are explained.

  1.  Do Animals Receive The Same Meds?

This is a very common question and the answer might be surprising. Explain the similarities or differences between animal and human pharmaceuticals.

  1.  Should My Companion Have Annual Check-ups?

A great question with a load of answers. Many variables come into play here. Does the animal have a condition? Is the breed prone to having issues? Ask important questions.

  1.  Signs Of Mental Issues In Dogs

Believe it or not, dogs can be depressed, anxious, and sometimes even short-tempered. Explain some of the signs your dog might exhibit if dealing with stress.

  1.  Covid-19 And Your Pet: What To Know

Can an animal pass it to a human and vice versa? Should I keep a mask on my dog at the vet? Some simple explanations should suffice.

  1.  What Foods Are Terrible For Your Dog

Chocolate is a popular one but what a lot of people don’t realize is that giving dogs bones that have been cooked is a terrible idea.

  1.  Animal Health Myths Debunked

It’s time to put some of these falsities to rest. List the most common myths regarding domestic animals and verify or deny their legitimacy.

  1.  What Should I Expect To Pay For Pet Insurance?

Don’t let your readers overpay! Discuss what a premium usually looks like for an average policy. Throw in a variable or two to give some perspective.

  1.  Can Policies Cover Pet Daycare Or Grooming?

This is all up to the insurance provider and what their policy states. In most cases, if you’re willing to pay an extra few dollars, these visits are within terms.

  1.  Pet Liability Policies. Is That A Thing?

Hypothetically, if a dog attacks another dog does the insurance cover some sort of liability? Explain how and why this may exist as part of a policy.

  1.  High-Risk Pets

Meaning animals that are prone to health issues. Animals such as Bulldogs and their predisposition to sinus problems.

  1.  Where Do I Find Such An Agency?

Pet insurance isn’t very widely advertised and unless you look online, you may have a hard time locating an agency. Give a few examples of well-known providers.

  1.  Chips In Domestic Pets: Pros And Cons

Why would a pet owner want their companion to be chipped? Describe what the chip is and what its risks are. Give the reader information they can use.

  1.  Will Pet Insurance Cover My Puppies Papers?

This is part of the legal aspects where people may find the most confusion. Help them understand by clarifying what pet insurance does.

  1.  Animal Anxiety About The Vet: Ways To Help Them Overcome.

Like a child going to the dentist; some animals simply fear the vet office. It’s very common and there are ways to help them cope.

  1.  Losing A Best Friend: Steps To Take After A Pet Dies

This is sometimes harder than losing a human relative for some people. Help them through this difficult time by giving some suggestions on the next steps.

  1.  Doggy Meds: Can My Dog Safely Take Anxiety Medication?

Explain when a dog might need anxiety meds and assure the reader that if they were prescribed they should be perfectly safe.

  1.  What Age Should A Cat/Dog Be Spayed/Neutered?

Again, this has many variables but it can help to have a ballpark figure for those who truly have no idea of when is best.

  1.  Know The Risks Of Taking In Wild Strays

It’s all fun & games until the dog you’ve had for a decade gets bit and has rabies. This is why we take the most precaution possible in these situations.

  1.  Reasons To Adopt

The reasons to adopt far outweigh the reasons not to. Most of the animals you’ll find at shelters just want to feel at home. To Feel loved.

  1.  Policies That Cover Behavioral Training

There is a lot that may sway this answer. Nevertheless, there are answers, and your readers are hoping to find them on your blog.

  1.  White Flag: When Is The Right Time To Have A Pet Euthanized?

Similar to number 24, this should be a guide entailing the most actionable times and reasons you might put your animal to sleep. Sometimes it’s better than to let them suffer.

  1.  Are Service Animals Covered By Default?

It’s nice to think so but unfortunately not. Since they are usually licensed for one purpose or another, you may find discounts, but still, you’ll end up shopping for policies.

  1.  Best Toys For Dogs: List For 2021

This one is guaranteed to gain some traffic and is an easy one to research for. Simply reiterate the title in a search bar and copy down what you see!

  1.  Pros & Cons Of Declawing

There could be valid reasons for having your feline declawed and though it seems barbaric, it could very well keep some kitties from demolishing themselves.

  1.  Drastic Changes In Canine Behavior: What To Look For

If a disposition of aggression is being noticed out of nowhere then pay close attention. It could be a few things, and they are all scary. List the most common reasons a dog might act aggressively.

  1.  How Much Money Could Pet Insurance Circulate?

Pet insurance is no industry slouch. It crossed the marker to become a billion-dollar industry, not more than a few years ago. It’s steadily growing.

No Place Like Home: 60 Homeowners Insurance Blog Topics

  1.  How Much Home Insurance Should I Have?

Variables include the value of the home, what you need coverage for, what your expenses can handle, if you plan to invest in the home, etc.

  1.  Homeowner Umbrella Policies?

These are a blessing for those who have a lot to protect. If one of your policies lapse, if covered, the umbrella will protect the coverage for a time.

  1.  Why Flood Coverage Can Be Important

Most homeowner insurance policies do not have coverage for flood damages. Even If you’re certain you’ll never see a flood: never underestimate a broken water tower.

  1.  Home Health Insurance: Make Sense?

This means that anyone injured on your property can’t hold you liable, but it may also make sure they are compensated.

  1.  Does My Rate Go Up If My Home Value does?

Almost always. Let the readers know that an increase in the value of anything covered typically increases the policy cost. Which isn’t necessarily bad.

  1.  Homeowner Insurance F.A.Q

Discuss the basics of the homeowner insurance business and the questions most commonly asked by policyholders.

  1.  Should I keep Coverage On My Second Home?

This is for the homeowner to decide but can be affected by variables such as location, home value, intent to sell or rent, etc.

  1.  Why My Costs Seem To Increase Over Time.

With inflation comes the rising costs of everything around us. Including home insurance and (with luck) the real estate market.

  1.  Tax Exemptions For Homeowners

Newer homeowners will be most appreciative of this information. You may even teach a veteran something they didn’t know. After all, tax laws are swiftly changing!

  1.  Exactly What Is My Policy Covering?

It’s a wonder why more homeowners aren’t sure of this answer. To have too much coverage can cost an absurd amount more.

  1.  Why Work-At-Home Gigs Aren’t Covered By Home Insurance

For this to be a legitimate insured business venture the home must be insured as a business property. This is but one way to make this work.

  1.  Coverage Oddities: Strange Things Covered By Homeowners Policies

The random unexpected things that your policy likely covers. There are a dozen or more that will leave you scratching your head.

  1.  What Belongings Of Mine Are Covered?

Depending on the policy a homeowner chooses, this answer might be nothing at all. It could be personal items only. It could mean the whole family’s items.

  1.  When To Alert Your Agency Of Additions To Your Home

Just sprucing up the garden might not cause much concern. A new pool though? This is a list of what you should let the agency know about.

  1.  The Detriment Of Not Replacing Rooftops

Many policies don’t include roof leakages. This is important to know so that preventative actions can be implemented.

  1.  Renters V.S Homeowners Insurance

The differences are quite contrasting. Explain why a tenant might require renters insurance. Detail the key differences between the two policy types.

  1.  Insurance Can Pay My Mortgage?

Not everyone will find this useful, but the ones that do will thank you for the information. A definite traffic magnet for your blog.

  1.  Ensuring A Home Before Closing The Sale

Typically a homeowner is required to ensure the home for the entire value before selling it. Make a guide describing how to make that happen.

  1.  Power Outages: Covered Or Not?

This also fits under the “coverage oddities” topic. You’d be shocked at what your policy may cover in the event of an outage.

  1.  Lower My Insurance Costs

Tried and true as ever before. Give the readers a few tips on reducing the cost of their homeowners’ insurance policy. Another great topic for attracting traffic.

  1.  What Your Rate Should Look Like

What does the homeowner have coverage for? Is it a package or an umbrella policy? All these factors should help determine what they should be paying.

  1.  Decorating For The Holidays: Safety Tips

List common safety hazards that arise from holiday décor and how to avoid these hazardous circumstances.

  1.  Buying A New Home: The Guide

One of the most important decisions a person may ever make. Help those who are lost by guiding them in their path.

  1.  The Risk Of At-Home Businesses Regarding Your Home Insurance

One may flat-out cancel the other without you even realizing it. It’s vital to talk to an agent regarding such things. Stress that point.

  1.  Mistakes Commonly Made On Home Insurance Claims

The times a homeowner has to file a claim are usually stressful. It’s easy to overlook some things. This list can help readers avoid issues.

  1.  Hypothetically A Garage Fire Destroys My Boat. Is It Covered?

What type of policy did the homeowner have on the recreation vehicle? Did the policy cover vehicles on the property? Insist that they contact their agent to be certain.

  1.  Winterizing A Home

The most important thing that people forget very often is to keep their pipes from freezing. There are a few great ways to avoid this potentially costly mistake.

  1.  Mortgages Dissected: How Do They Work?

This is the stuff we wished they taught in high school. Great information to have no matter who you are or where you’re from.

  1.  Tips For Lowering Utility Bills

Another awesome topic for driving search engine traffic to your blog. As stated many other times; people love to save money.

  1.  What Is My House Worth Today?

There is a process for finding out the current market value of a home. Enlighten the reader of this process in a step-by-step guide.

  1.  Proximity To Locations That Affect Premiums

If you live within a certain distance from a local fire station your rates are likely to see a decrease, whereas the closer to a body of water you are, they’ll increase.

  1.  Locations That Multiply Premiums

Anywhere considered “high-risk” such as the Gulf Coast, California, Tornado Alley, etc are all places where you can expect a sharp increase in premiums. Explain why.

  1.  Will My Animals Cause Issues With My Policy?

Typically, they’ll discuss this with you but most animals are not even considered on a policy. However, certain dog breeds can tilt the scale on your premiums.

  1.  Are Purebred Animals More Costly To Insure?

Almost always. As with cars, the rarer it is, the more you’re going to pay for insurance as well as maintenance and upkeep.

  1.  Home-Inventories And Why They’re Vital

Keeping an up-to-date list of all the possessions in your home can be of vital use if something terrible should happen. Always keep the list current!

  1. 10 Ways to Minimize Flood Damage in Your Home

Flood damage can get expensive for insurers and homeowners fast. Provide a list of 10 ways that people can minimize their flood damage. This could include anything from double-checking appliances or updating pipes.

  1. Home Insurance 101 for New Homebuyers

New homebuyers have likely never even looked at a home insurance policy. Make them feel more comfortable with it by creating a ‘beginners’ article just for them with everything they need to know.

  1. 10 Things to Consider Before Purchasing Home Insurance

What do homeowners need to consider before they purchase home insurance? How can they make sure that they get the right coverage at the right price? Answer these questions for readers by creating a list of the top ten considerations they need to make.

  1. Tips and Tricks for Saving on Home Insurance

What are the insider secrets for getting a good deal on home insurance? Share this insight with your readers by creating an article all about it.

  1. 5 Questions to Ask Your Home Insurance Agent

When discussing home insurance with an agent, what types of questions should homeowners ask so that they get the right policy? Ask your sales team for some helpful and common questions that often arise during the home insurance buying process.

  1. 10 Practical Tips for Taking an Inventory of Your Home

Having a reliable home inventory is crucial when filing a home insurance claim. Give readers some tips for what should be included in this list, how to know the value of certain items, and where they should keep the list.

  1. 8 Ways to Lower Your Home Insurance Cost

Everyone wants to save money. Provide a list of 8 ways that homeowners can lower their home insurance cost.

  1. Renovate or Rebuild? What it means for your home insurance

Renovations and home extensions can sometimes have a huge impact on a home insurance policy. Provide readers with some practical insight on what they can expect if they renovate or add on to their home.

  1. Does Location Impact Home Insurance Cost? Everything You Need to Know

Location is a major factor when buying a house, but how does it impact the cost of home insurance? Share your insight and stats for insurance prices across your city, neighborhood, or region.

  1. Home Insurance for Beginners

First-time homebuyers will appreciate any articles that are targeted specifically to address their needs. Create an ultimate guide with everything new homeowners should know about buying home insurance.

  1. How to Choose the Right Coverage Limits for Your Home Insurance Policy

Homeowners know that they need homeowner’s insurance, but they don’t always know what the right level of coverage is. Help them out by providing a guide for how to choose the right coverage limits based on their location, value of their home, and anything else that may impact coverage.

  1. 3 Useful Home Insurance Terms You Need to Know

While you and your staff may understand insurance terminology, the average person may not. Create a list of 3-10 critical home insurance terms that may come in handy when choosing the right policy.

  1. 5 Garden Makeovers We Love

This is a great article to run during the spring. Ask your staff what their favorite garden makeovers are, and create a list with pictures to share with readers. For extra engagement, write about local garden makeovers and champion others in your community.

  1. Prepping Your Windows for Winter – Ten Tips for Energy Savings

Readers always love a helpful article that shares tips for saving money. Ahead of winter, share with them some practical energy-saving tips.

  1. Home Insurance Implications When You Inherit a Family Home

Sometimes people don’t buy a home – they inherit it. For these individuals, create an article all about how that impacts their home insurance policy.

  1. 10 Tips for Protecting Your Home While You’re Away on Vacation

The summer holiday season is a prime time for burglaries as houses are left empty for weeks. Provide readers with 10 tips for how they can ensure that their home stays safe and secure while they are away.

  1. Renovation Mistakes to Avoid in [Current Year]

Renovation disasters can have a huge impact on home value. Create a list of common renovation mistakes that you have seen over the years, and how homeowners can avoid them.

  1. Choosing the Right Home Improvement Contractor

Finding a quality contractor can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. Help your readers out by creating an article with practical tips for searching, finding, and choosing the right contractor for their project.

  1. Saving Energy at Home: 10 Tips for Homeowners this Earth Day

This is a great article to publish on Earth Day. Create a list of 10 ways that homeowners can save energy in their homes to reduce their energy bill.

  1. A Simple Guide to Home Insurance for First-time Buyers

First-time homeowners always have a ton of questions when searching for the perfect home insurance policy. Create a simple guide just for them with process outlines, FAQ’s, and common mistakes that first-time homebuyers make.

  1. 5 Tips for Insuring Your Holiday Home

Those looking to insure their holiday home have completely different needs than those looking to insure their primary resident. Help them out by providing 5 specialized tips for getting the best coverage for a holiday home.

  1. Get to Know Us: Q&A with Managing Partner, [Name]

Readers love learning more about the people behind the company. Create an article with a Q&A with one of your managing partners. This is not only a great opportunity to share a bit about your culture and story, it helps potential clients feel more comfortable with your leadership.

  1. Prepping Your House for Winter: 10 Practical Tips

This is a great article to publish right before winter. Share a few tips for how homeowners can prep their house for snow and cold temperatures in order to prevent potential weather-related damage.

  1. How Home Renovations Can Impact the Re-sale Value of Your House

Home renovations can not only impact insurance costs, they can also impact the resale value of a home. Let your readers know about this by providing insights from your support staff, partners, and sales team.

  1. What to Do if you Own an Empty House?

Sometimes people inherit empty houses, leaving them with a ton of questions. Does it need to be insured? Can they add this house to their existing insurance? What level of coverage do they need? Address any concerns they may have in an easy to read article.